Received this by email just now. I really like Moore’s movies, even when I don’t agree with him.

  1. Todd Peterson says:

    Moore is not interesting anymore. Too fat and rich.

    Alex Jones is the way to go now.

  2. chuck says:

    Interesting. I really don’t like Michael Moore’s movies – even if I do agree with him.

    If he could just do a movie that doesn’t have him in every single scene, then maybe it would be watchable.

  3. ridin the short bus says:

    I tried to listen to Alex Jones…but I got tired of the world is gonna end and stock up with dried goods commercials… chicken little…

    I too like his movies… thay are thought provoking and interesting, Sicko was a good example….

  4. Alex says:

    I am big fan of this blog, but since a couple of weeks this guy Guilherme Cherman has been trolling posts on a daily basis. I have googled him and discovered that is a brazilian teenager who has a site promoting a electronic book called “Ganhe Dinheiro Com Seu Blog – Guilherme Cherman” translated: make money with your blog, and is an idiotic manual of dirty tricks to catch clicks and make money with publicity. Please Mr Dvorak or Uncle Dave stop this nonsense spam.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Michael Moore is Goebbels. I can’t stand him. He went to Cuba and only filmed the hospitals where party officials went. He didn’t film the hospitals where the rest of the people go that have to bring their own blankets and bandages.

    Also Michael Moore is a Big Fat Idiot. (Al Franken said the same thing about Rush, so it is fair game to call Michael Moron the same thing.) If he is against capitalism he should move to a communist country.

  6. Breetai says:

    Wow, what a complete moron. The US is capitalist?! Har!

    Funny, my brother’s a hardcore creationist he showed me a few of thier movies. I was surprised creationists are actually about as good as Michal Moore when it comes to spinning the obvious truth around and lying to your face.

  7. Jägermeister says:

    LOL – Republicans and their demons.

  8. tom says:

    Sorry folks, I love Moore’s films even if I don’t always agree with him. I find them entertaining, amusing, and thoroughly thought provoking. I’ll definitely see this one as well.

  9. Dale says:

    I agree with Alex (#5) above. Reading here it’s hard to tell if this is a forum thread posted by a troll or a blog post with comments I wish Guilherme Cherman would go back to his brazilian sandbox with his trolling posts. They don’t make you think, just emote. Is there an ignore button for the editors? Guilherme Cherman needs to go.

  10. ScotterOtter says:

    I think a lot of people are going to see this as an anti-capitalism movie. To me, it looks pro-capitalism and how we have lost our way.

  11. Cronjob says:

    “Alex Jones is the way to go now.”


  12. ECA says:

    “Capitalism gives you freedom to choose where you WORK.” ????????$@$@%#$%#^$%^????????

    Im going to add something to all this. And I hope NONE of you agree.

    There was NO MONEY in the first place.
    It was all in the computer, VIRTUAL money.
    The money being used, hadnt been printed yet and wouldnt be printed for another 10-20 years.

    This is NOW a 2 party system. US and THEM.
    IF US’ wishes NOT to sign a contract or wishes to change a point or 2, WE HAVE NO RIGHTS to do such. IF THEM wishes to augment a contract, both sides discuss it and make a better one.
    WHO in their right MINDS would sign a contract that takes 50% of your wages for 10 years, THEN balloons to 75%. But you HAD to sign the contract to get a/the house. NOT THEM(they SOLD the houses). No money invested, as it was a FULL DEAL..they bought PLOTS of land and sold each house(about 100 of them) and they didnt need to pay for the first 5 years. ANd they SOLD them for 2-3 times as they COST to build.

    Moore is no worse/better then the REST of them. He SHOWS HIS story. NOT the whole story. and Neither does ANYONE ELSE. politician, bankers, Insurance, ALL of them SHOW only what they WISH you to see. Al you see in ADVERTS from mexico, are the TOURIST TRAPS. you dont see the Poverty they cause.

  13. KMFIX says:

    That was some funny stuff.. Looking forward to the movie..

  14. The only one who matters says:

    Michael Moore is a God.

    Everyone who doesn’t agree with him is a Nazi. Alfred1 is a worthless bag of dung.

  15. Awake says:

    Wait a minute… I don’t understand what is going on… all the “conservatives” are having “tea parties” opposing the giveaways by Obama to corporations to keep them alive, yet they are utterly opposed to anything Michael Moors does, even when he makes a movie asking for the same money back.

    So what is it “teabagggers”… do you support or oppose TARP and other public programs to support private corporations? If you oppose them, then Michael Moore should be one of your heroes!

    I look forward to Rush and Beck explaining why Michael Moore is wrong, even though he espouses exactly what they scream out.

  16. Hugh Ripper says:

    I read a few pages of one of his books and gagged on the patronising tone. He has some valid points but illustrates them to death.

  17. m.c. in l.v. says:

    #5 Alex and #11 Dale, Agreed wholeheartedly!

  18. Rick Cain says:

    Capitalism is a predatory economic system, where the powerful gobble up the weak.

    Americans have been brainwashed from early childhood that it is actually companies competing fairly against each other and the consumer wihs, which is untrue.

    What really happens is stronger company beats weaker company through unethical and illegal practices, then buys out weaker company to eliminate competition altogether, then raises prices.

  19. ECA says:

    RICK, you are close.
    1 company opens 4 more to do the same things..
    #1 sells HIGH END to rich people
    #1, sells to the next level what WASNT sold in #1.
    #3 sells are reasonable price, the same goods as before.
    #4 is whats left after the first 3 have sold all the good stuff.

    THEN the OWNER see’s a startup, try to jump in the middle. and he PAYS THEM BUNCHES OF MONEY, and buys the company, and raises prices in the store chain to cover it…THEN he kills it.
    Standard MS kill for ALL corps.

  20. ECA says:

    A person in india, told me how corrupt his nation was.
    I suggested to him, that the USA wasnt much different.
    we just TAX it, License it, regulated it, and make it legal.

  21. popo says:

    I don’t always agree with his perspective, but I give him props for his fat hairy balls.

  22. Weary Reaper says:


  23. Matt says:

    It’s so easy for you all to sit in your house, on your computer and yell about how you hate capitalism. How you hate the rich and think that they should give their money to you. Here’s a new concept. Go to work, start a business, make money. Your own money. I did it and so can you.

  24. Riker17 says:

    Michael is good for a laugh. I just wonder why he doesn’t tackle the Obama birth certificate issue?

  25. brian says:

    This fat fuck is suppose to be for poor Americans? I used to like his movies and wanted to see it until I see his fat a must of paid a boatload to have his faggot butt buddy movie czars upload a bunch of fake torrents and have the real ones taken down. WTF this rich fat faggot can have his new movie(the real one) nowhere on the net, even the biggest movie studios cant do that.either he is a real tight wad and is spending more too have is movie blocks so poor Americans who cant afford the movies cant see it, or there are a lot of fagots out there who want to eat his cock to be doing it for free and willfully being pussy’s not putting the movie up. Fuck that fat rich cock sucker. I will spit in his fat face and fuck his mother. Get that fat ass my email I will fight him for charity, see if the pussy will do something real


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