1. noname says:

    # 29 bill

    “Go back there if you love it so much.”

    We interesting your thinking ability. Never lived there.

    But, as everyone know, clear thinking isn’t a RePUCKaTon forte, is it. Your bother Alfred1 is a classic example of paranoid schizophrenia.

  2. Traaxx says:

    Diane Edith Watson is just another piece of racist trash looking to push her NAZI Agenda down our throats, I’ve never here such scum trying to sound intelligent and yet still sound like what she is Demoncrat/Commie trash.

    Any chance we could find out her net worth, I bet it’s in the top 5%. I’ve gone to school with so many of the type, they always got passed on their BS and prejudice behavior on the part teacher. At least if LA ends up back in Mexico, she’ll be their problem and we know the Mexicans are not the type to be rejudiced, hee ha ha.


  3. noname says:

    # 37 pedro,

    “Typical lefty loon example of a good thing. Puerto Ricans have it better, why not use it as an example? Because your lefty loon masters told you not to.”

    Have to ask who is your rightly loon master and why is Satan telling you Haiti is not a good example.

  4. bobbo, everything actually is relative says:

    #37–Pedro==actually what is your beef? Chris said: “If you look at the living standards in Cuba vs. the rest of the Caribbean you’d likely conclude that the average Cuban doesn’t have it that bad.” /// Isn’t that true???

    And isn’t the notion that the USA is even better just completely irrelevant unless you consider the USA part of the Caribbean?

    I’ve been all over the Caribbean, but as a tourist/private sailor its hard to tell what the average life is like. Jamaica for instance has some very nice areas but then there’s Freeport. Only place in the world I have been menaced by blacks for being white. Got to go with all those national statistics.

  5. soundwash says:

    Castro was a lawyer??! HA! that explains everything..

    i’d bet a days pay that if lawyers were forbidden to occupy a government seat, this country would be better off for it.

    as for maxine waters, i would expect nothing less from the likes of her.

    (you should listen to her grill people on c-span sometime. -great entertainment)


  6. Rick Cain says:

    Well the wealthy have always had our best interests in mind when they manipulate markets…

  7. Stars & Bars says:

    #3 MF. Fusion

    You confuse SHIT for BRAINS…as usual.

    and yes, MF. not Mr.


  8. Stars & Bars says:

    Re: “Looks like me”

    Using race kills your credibility not the argument. BTW BITCH!!!, he looks like me, not you.

  9. Hugh Ripper says:

    #47 Pedro

    Thanks for the ad hominem and the article in Spanish that I cant read. Excellent support for you’re argument.

    Last time I looked Cuba had the highest literacy rate of any country. Their performance in health care seems to have slipped (according to the WHO) and is now ranked just below the USA. Of course, health care is free there, unlike the USA. Not bad for a country that has been consistently bullied, vilified and embargoed by the US.

    The only failure that I can see here is your failure to adequately support your argument without carrying on like a rabid animal.

  10. Jeff Little says:

    #2 are you that stupid.. did you even read #1’s answer???

    He didn’t say anything about the most productive he said the wealthy. And that’s usually not the same.

  11. noname says:

    # 42 pedro,
    # 52 Thomas

    Have you ever been to Hati. I would say Cuba is heads over heels better then Hati.

    Why the difference, why do Cubans live longer??

  12. Hugh Ripper says:

    #51 Thomas

    “Their health care is free? Really. People just volunteer to work and do research for absolutely nothing? The first rule of economics is that there are no free lunches. There is always a cost. Their health care is not free. It is paid out of their tax money.”

    No shit! Pedantic economics 101. Perhaps I’ll rephrase it as ‘cheap’ rather then free.

    “Would you be willing to live in squalor in order to have health care costs entirely covered by the government?”

    In my country, my healthcare costs are subsidised by the government, or entirely covered in some circumstances, and I have a pretty decent standard of living.

    “Cuba also has a heinous record when it comes to people living in squalor and lack of freedom.”

    Funny you should say that because America has a rather heinous record when it comes to people living in squalor and lack of healthcare. Unless you’re rich, of course.

  13. Raúl Castro says:

    Clearly our Marxist friend’s eyes have been cleared by the glorious light of our revolution.

    I will gladly accept her into our leadership as long as she bring our good friend Michael Moore (our Minister of Health didn’t survive his last trip to Fidel “Memorial” Hospital).


  14. bobbo, the google just gets better and better says:

    FYI–its easy to paste Pedro’s url into Google translate and get a perfect translation.

    Doing so, you find that surprisingly Pedro has misstated the situation in Cuba. Not starvation, but rather vitamin deficiency. Close, but skewed. Both are bad but lets be accurate?

    There is quite a lot of argumentation that comes down to noting something is not perfect. That may be true and accurate, but its not even relevant.

    Like everything else man can conceive of, it could be better, and it could be worse. A bit of sophistry to be mindful of when considering life’s challenges.

  15. bobbo, just waiting and waiting to give a real apology says:

    #57–Now Pedro==I know I was all excited about finding google translator for an entire url and I might have misread. So I was preparing to give you kudo’s and an apology. I wondered if I had misread you or maybe read a post from someone else and confused the posters.

    I think what I was refering to was in your post #47 third para where you say: “The strange illness? turned out to be plain old malnourishment. Not enough food.”

    You did say malnourishment and it was totally unjustified and unlettered of me to think that “Not enough food” had anything to do with starvation. For that I apologize.

    I won’t apologize though for your continuing rant on me supporting the commie dictator or his government. I hate commies more than cracker crumbs in bed, more than a power failure at fourth down and short yardage, more than re-reading my own posts and thinking I didn’t make any sense==always a typo, or series of typos, or nothing but typo’s I assure you. Boy what a burn—know what I mean???

    No, I’ll never apologize for THAT!!

  16. Hugh Ripper says:

    #51 Pedro

    Noted how you dispute the source (Wikipedia) but not the specific content. I would love for you to show me the error of my ways, but you seem incapable or unwilling. Why is that, now?

    No posting any supporting links that are in Ukrainian or Swahili, please. Like Spanish, I have not yet mastered those languages and, unlike Bobbo, I wouldn’t know if Google translator provided a perfect translation or had just set me up to look like a right pillock.

    I always find it hilarious that when it comes to commies, nazi’s and the very fashionable muslims, that the hysterical commentator consistently writes that absolutely nothing is good about these societies. Nothing. Nada. Its like they are completely EVIL and devoid of any redeeming features. So much so that I feel compelled to play devil’s advocate and point out the shortcomings of such a simplistic and reactionary view of things.

  17. The Country is in deep trouble says:

    If this is what we have helping run the country we are in deep crap. She is a stupid racist. Her mother must be so proud she raised such an idiot. Vote her out! Vote her out!

  18. Terry says:

    This broad is an idiot

  19. bobbo, I've been one upped, maybe, says:

    Pedro–just keep posting those good links, we’ll figure out google exists one day, and then your paramount expertise will be self evident. Kinda gets lost in translation a little bit sometimes I fear.

  20. Common_Sense says:

    Terry —

    Some days, I think you’re right, except I think it’s strange to imply this entire message board is a single entity.

    Oh, wait, you wrote “broad”–not “board”. Hmm. I missed that.*

    * – No, I didn’t. 😉

  21. Hugh Ripper says:

    #60 Pedro

    “…I suggest you stop heralding the good of something you don’t even speak the language off. Cubans speak & write spanish. They dispise English and use it only for propaganda.”

    Do you speak German? Do you have an opinion on Nazi Germany? Can you see where I’m going with this?

    Your fizzer of an argument really wasn’t worth the price of admission.

  22. Hugh Ripper says:

    #68 Pedro

    Uhuh. I think your point, if there ever was one, was lost way back. Let me summarise for you.

    You say I cant read Spanish, therefore I cant have an opinion on Cuba, everything I’ve said is wrong and I’m an idiot.

    Yet…your evidence of my apparent stupidity is in a language I cant read, you dismiss anything I say without any comment other than ad hominem, you pretend you speak German (poorly I might add), and you have the gall to point out my ‘lame’ shortcomings.

    Just because you call someone an idiot over and over again doesn’t make it true. I may have worked for Bush with ‘fuzzy logic’ but it aint working for you.

    Try adding some substance to your arguments in future. You never know, you might actually blog something worthwhile.

  23. Hugh Ripper says:

    #70 Ha. I said they have an impressive health and educational record (which they do) and suddenly their my heroes. I crown thee King of the Hyperbole.

    “Those are the reasons you’re a big fail. But hey, I’m enjoying putting you down. Keep it up.”

    You know what they say about people that enjoy putting other people down. They are known round my way as arseholes. Congratulations.

  24. Hugh Ripper says:

    #72 Pedro

    Hey doesn’t worry me much. If you enjoy being an ignorant arsehole, then good luck to you. Perhaps you should join one of the major political parties.


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