John and Adam mentioned one of their radio ads — here’s a TV one.

  1. Bob says:

    I’ll bet sales are up since Obama’s election.

  2. Rick Cain says:

    Wow, that side effect list is pretty depressing.

  3. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    It is all about having a positive mental attitude. Pressure? Pressure builds diamonds. Problems? Whaaa, we all do. Not enough money? Steal from the plate! What depresses me is hearing these whiners complain.

  4. freddybobs68k says:

    #5 bobbo

    Unfortunately, I think you are on the money.

    I’m really hoping he gets the guts to do what’s right for health care reform, but right now the signs are not good at all.

  5. Alex says:

    Once again I find myself completely in agreement with Bobbo.

    Which makes me want a Cymbalta.

    Commenting on the topic at hand though: Holy crap is this the sleaziest advertisement ever! “You’re such a horrible person for being depressed! Your children hate you! Your DOG hates you! Here, have our medicine, it’ll be all better and your dog will love you again!”

  6. Thinker says:

    Hey, after the last 8 years I’ll settle for getting rid of the Cowboy!

  7. Animby says:

    Bobbo – When I was in practice, the most beautiful people used to come to push drugs at me. Both sexes. (You never know…) These people would only push a couple of drugs each. And they had seemingly memorized every damned thing ever said about those one or two drugs.

    Guilherme – was there a purpose to this? Just filling space were we? JCD got you on a quota system? gotta post gotta post gotta post gotta post…

  8. bobbo, single payer would solve this says:

    #9–Animby==well thats the biggest tease I have read in a long time. Being informed of new drugs available is a good thing. Did you ever substitute the new expensive drug over the old cheap drugs because there was no evidence they wouldn’t be better for your patients? Did you???? DID YOU!!!!

    Did your free meals ever include breakfast? DID THEY??????

    Ha, ha. I sense you are now a traveling clinic doc? No need to answer==just minimal info fill in the blocks puzzle.

  9. Stars & Bars says:

    Better stock up if you’re in the Stock Market.

    Better stock up if you have faith in Obama or Obamacare.

    Better stock up if you voted for McCain too.

  10. Lou Minatti says:

    Why don’t they just smoke a joint? People have been smoking pot for thousands of years to treat depression.

    Or so I’ve heard.

  11. And now for yet another commercial says:

    OMG you are now posting nauseating commercials for us to see that we see on TV hundreds of times a day? What are you thinking? This is a waste of my time.

  12. Larry Bud says:

    I’ll stick with alcohol and pot, I know all the side effects already.

  13. StephenColbert says:

    Waste of Time!!!

  14. Hugh Ripper says:

    Just watching this insipid crap can induce ocular bleeding.

  15. LDA says:

    Yes, very interesting. Taking this drug may cause worse side effects than the symptoms it claims to alleviate, and you would never know unless people had pushed to make it a requirement to state this on the ad.

    If you refer to the vast majority of school shootings you will find that psychotropic drug use was implicated (or a recent and even more dangerous lapse in use).

    That is interesting if you give a fuck about anyone but yourself (so maybe this is not the best forum).

  16. Bloods VS Crips says:

    The first comment is just bogus. Eight years of Bush, the Inferior and just now we’re sad? Cracker, please.

    Ask Mike Wallace or Terry Bradshaw if depression is real.

    All drugs have side effects.

    Now you know.

  17. joaoPT says:

    Better living through chemistry

  18. Weary Reaper says:


  19. Miguel says:

    Reminds me of the Abilify commercial, which even mentioned death as a possible side effect…

  20. Miguel says:

    One thing that doesn’t seem very right is that depressed people rarely look you in the eye…

  21. Trimble says:

    What is the point of this post?

    Is this an advertizement disguised as a post? Or is it just an anchor for a discussion in No Agenda?

  22. Cursor_ says:

    Why are there so many people with depression?

    The poor baby boomers are sad they can’t get it up, have trouble going pee, can’t see or make their own tears, have issues with mobility, have gray hair, no hair, loose dentures, issues with bones or joints and irregularity.

    In essence you poor depressed people are getting OLD!

    Get a helmet, aging is hard.

    As Dr. Denis Leary says, shut the eff up!


  23. AlanB says:

    The reason people feel better with Cymbalta is because if they don’t have any of the side effects their ecstatic.

  24. The more things change says:

    Or you could eat better and exercise. Naw…just take a pill that f**ks your liver and makes you suicidal. It’s a pill after all! A life solution in 5 seconds!


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