Probably the same reason the US is in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why most wars occur in the first place.

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

  1. T1 says:

    The decision had nothing to do with Brown, it was the Scottish Government which made the decision.

    Now, Scotland is part of the UK and the majority of tax money from Scotland is collected by the UK government, it is the UK government that decides how much money the Scottish government gets through the Barnet formula.

    Given all that The Scottish SNP Government and the UK Labour Government hate each other, I see no reason why the SNP would help the UK government, espicelly as that Government is probably going to lose power early next year. I can see Alex Salmond not letting him go just to spite Gorden Brown.

  2. Dallas says:

    Does not surprise me at all. I’ve said for years that western governments have been subsidizing the price of oil.

    The difference here is that in addition to stationing military and fighting wars to protect oil interest, we now are selling our morals.

    Follow the money, the answer is usually there.

  3. Weary Reaper says:


  4. sargasso says:

    Full of leaks, like a sinking ship.

  5. bobbo, need more information says:

    It only makes good sense for the UK to release a prisoner in return for oil UNLESS dead people could be brought back to life. Otherwise, lets get real.

    OTOH, I don’t understand why Moammar would care about the mass murderer. What can Moammar possible get out of this. Wouldn’t he be better off asking for military spare parts, or a Rolls Royce or a Blonde?

    Anybody know?

  6. id2d says:

    AS #2 said, although the UK government might have really wanted him released, the idea they could have made it happen shows a real lack of understanding of UK politics and the relation between UK and Scotland right now. Gordon Brown and Tony Blair wouldn’t even talk to the new Scottish leader after the election:

  7. soundwash says:

    #7 – how about some salt in the wound…

    Moammar is currently laughing even harder in New Jersey. –entertaining his buddies on some property he owns their..the Mayor of the town the property is in bitching because he does not want to have to spend some $50k-$100k on a security detail to babysit him (since he is a diplomat)

    as for the bomber..well like 3/4 of most bombings, the evidence on this one pointed to him being a patzi for the CIA (or similar MI5/Mossad party). (whether he was complicit or not is the question)

    the oil tagline is just a distraction
    (and bonus)


  8. bobbo, does man or history move events says:

    #8–soundwash==if Moammar did this just for the spite/humor factor, I could almost admire him for being so quixotic. I still think he’s getting “something” out of it that no one cares to even wonder about. Any family connection? Tribal that sort of thing.

    I can’t imagine the average libyan cares about a terrorist who downs a jet. Got to be more Moammar connected??

  9. Scott says:

    Ifthere is one public figure I consider worth listening to, it is Nelson Mandela. Have a look at what he says at

    Whether Gaddafi thinks he oulled off a “deal” is of no interest to anyone. Whether Magrahi is the person who was guilty is no longer relevant either – he is dying of cancer.
    As a civilised society, we have shown our superiority over the scumbags who ordered it done. We have released a dying man from prison to be with his family.

    The libyans may have made a disgusting display over it. Everyone knew that would happen. The fact that the release still went ahead stresses the mercy being shown.

    Scotland did not do this as a favour to Gordon Brown. He is not very popular there. I suspect he was told but he doesn’t have a lot of say over the Scottish legal system. All the UK judiciary is supposed to be independent of politicians. This event proves that it is working right.

  10. Animby says:

    Seen a lot of oil wells in Afghanistan, Guilherme? Funny. I spent seven years there and can’t remember a one…

  11. Thinker says:

    Bobbo, I wonder if its Ghadaffi being able to claim victory with his people. I fought the ‘infidels’ and succeeded.

    Anyone know if the guy actually had cancer? Wonder if he’ll disappear?

  12. Greg Allen says:

    This POs me… but I understand it.

    Be honest… you understand it too.

    Keeping a dying man a few extra weeks in prison isn’t worth very much to England. Sweatheart deals on oil is worth a lot to England.

  13. Greg Allen says:


    You ask a very good question — why doe Quadaffi care?

    My guess is that even dictators need to pander to the people and this is a good way to do it — he can spin that as one-upping England and America.

    Remember, Libyans don’t view the Lockerbie bombing as an act of terrorism but, instead, revenge for America bombing of Tripoli.

  14. Box says:

    Will you guys stop posting misleading news stories straight off headlines without at least reading the article. All that happened is that it was revealed the Libyans pushed for his release under a different legal procedure, but that the British government did not comply. This demonstrates that the Libyans were pushing for his release, no more. It may be that the Gvt officially refused to trade him, whilst secretly agreeing to let him off on fake humanitarian grounds, but no evidence has surfaced to demonstrate this.

    This shows there was a motive to let him free but thats nothing new anyway.

  15. smartalix says:

    Considering we have people walking around today who but for a presidential pardon would be in a federal jail over Iran-Contra, we should be careful of pot/kettle issues.

  16. Dr Dodd says:

    This is a good argument for the swift and no nonsense punishment of mass murderers. If Scotland/Britain had the death penalty and weren’t afraid to use it, al-Megrahi would have been room temperature many years ago and this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

  17. MikeN says:

    The Blair government wouldn’t budge on this.
    There is also the possibility that they guy is innocent. He had appeals running. Perhaps the government wanted to avoid embarrassment.

  18. Dr Dodd says:

    #17-MikeN-the government wanted to avoid embarrassment.

    Avoid embarrassment? If that’s the case then I would say they failed miserably.

  19. bobbo, its good to share perspectives says:

    #10–Animby==good catch. I guess living there ((did you call it living at the time?))>>>>>no, you did not “spent time there” yea, I’ve been to a few armpits, not that long a time though. oh,- – – – spending time there sensitizes you to things Afghany. We did not go to Afghanistan for oil. Slippery when we get lazy as to causation and linkages.

    #11–Thinker==”I wonder if its Ghadaffi being able to claim victory with his people” /// Well, that does kinda look like it absent better info. I guess I’m such a Westerner I really don’t relate to people celebrating a mass murderer. I fear thats why we will lose in the coming contest of civilizations. No big insights there, just pessimism.

    #13–Greg==”Remember, Libyans don’t view the Lockerbie bombing as an act of terrorism but, instead, revenge for America bombing of Tripoli.” /// Yep, that I can see. Jets against tents in the desert, Ghadaffi got a kid or wife killed in that one? I can see Libyan patriotism being stirred up in the same way 911 is used here. At least that would re-establish the sameness of people everywhere which is a touchstone for me.

  20. bob says:

    I find this line of complaint tiresome.

    EVERY entity, whether a nation or a corporation or an individual, acts in what it considers its own interests in EVERY situation, with essentially zero exceptions.

    Why is it worth commenting on when something that is universal happens?

    It’s as if the headline was, “Gordon Brown exhaled CO2 while making an agreement”. Stupid.

  21. deowll says:

    Money talks.

  22. jeffkramerak says:

    Well, let’s face it…they let him go free through some secret favor or something…this is politics not Disneyland. “Compassion”, please!!! Give us smart folks a big break!!!


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