I don’t quite like him, but it looks like Glenn Beck got the last laugh.

Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s adviser on “green jobs,” resigned his post overnight, after a series of controversial comments came to light triggering withering attacks from conservatives.

  1. Jason says:

    The guy is a self avowed communist? What else is needed to be known? He should NEVER been in there. And for those that still think he should not be in there? HE IS A COMMUNIST!!!!!!!

    And next on the hit list will be the REAL crazies that are “CZARS”. The ones that espouse population control via the water supply and the forcing of a 1 child policy. As well as the maniacs that also believe strongly and have been caught on tape or in interviews stating flatly that they believe that medical efforts should be directed to those that would benefit the whole of society if they are saved. (Translated: All useless eaters are to die.) This was a cornerstone tenet of the Nazi policies regarding mass killings. People are always up in arms about the Nazis and the Jews. Well, guess what, out of 11 million people killed by the Nazi concentration camp system, only 6 million were Jews.

    And for those that are totally unaware, the Nazis were secretly killing “useless eaters” WAY before they started killing Jews. They would lie and say that they were being taken to a special hospital only to be killed with carbon monoxide.

    Don’t think it can happen here? Well it will if there are wackjob radicals like this allowed into the inner sanctum of the Obama administration.

    Goebbels was recruited from a chicken farm…

  2. jbenson2 says:

    Fox is laughing all the way to the bank with the mega-ratings Beck is pulling in.

    CNN is scratching their head, wondering what happened.

  3. jbenson2 says:

    “How did Van Jones get so close to the President?

    There are only two possible answers.

    1. The FBI failed miserably during its vetting process.
    2. The President knew how radical Van Jones really was.

    Answer #1 puts the President in danger.
    Answer #2 puts America in danger.

  4. MikeN says:

    So what did the New York Times have to say about Van Jones? So far all I see are AP and Reuters articles about his resignation, and one AP story on Friday. If you get your news from the print version of the Times, what did you actually learn?

  5. Timuchin says:

    How will Obama get revenge for losing one of his comrades? Close Fox and Drudge?

  6. Abdul LeRoy Washington, III says:

    Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all the crooks they brought with them should ALL go! The sooner the better!

  7. bac says:

    Little Bush wins with the most Czars so far. Obama has 32 czar position filled while Little Bush ha 36. In third place, you have FDR with 10 czar positions. Fourth place goes to Clinton with 7 czars and fifth place goes to Truman with 6 czars.

    The next person to be president should be ready to appoint at least 40 czar positions in order to be Supreme Ruler.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting that after all these years of pushing democracy on all other countries, USA finally becomes a dictatorship.

  8. Barovelli says:

    That’s one. How many more are in powerful positions?

    Keep up the good work Beck

  9. Ranger007 says:

    #30 The Warden said “I hope Byrd pushes this and has Obama GET RID OF ALL OF THESE RADICALS he has unlawfully brought around him”

    #1 Obama is a Democrat

    #2 Byrd is another Democrat

    #3 Byrd will do nothing that could cost him (or his party) anything.

    Not that a Republican in the same situation would.

    Term limits – term limits – term limits

  10. Toxic Asshead says:

    #39 – What if Byrd (rightly) sees that Obama’s lunacy threatens to take down the entire Democrat party?

    Meanwhile the media continues to sit around in a circle jerk and feed us puff pieces about celebrity nonsense. Hell, this blog has more real news than the networks, NYT, etc. give us. America is in huge danger here.

  11. Ranger007 says:

    #40 Toxic Asshead said “What if Byrd (rightly) sees that Obama’s lunacy threatens to take down the entire Democrat party?”

    When Slick Willy got himself caught in a wringer I sort of expected some (not all) Democrats (including Byrd) to step up to the plate (not that I wanted President Algore). But, they closed ranks and now he is a hero – a rich one, at that. So, do I expect that Byrd might do the right thing? Not really. He is a party man, pure and simple.

    But, false hope is better than no hope at all.

    term limits – term limits – term limits

  12. clancys_daddy says:

    37 what do you mean next president? its pbama for life man, game over.

  13. derspankster says:

    Slightly OT but how can any rational human being listen to Glenn Beck. He’s the phoney’s phoney. I will say this, he can make himself cry on cue (or is it some kind of tech trick, I don’t know)

    Van Jones? Who cares, he’s gone.

  14. deowll says:

    The thing that took Jones out is freedom of speech. Jones used his freedom of speech to say what he said and he did what he did and when somebody (Beck) used their freedom of speech to and went to the trouble of making people aware of what Jones had said and done was Jones was out leaving the question of why he’d ever been in unanswered.

    The problem isn’t with Beck. He did his job even if he is a nut case. The question is as others noted what happened to the rest of people that claim to be reporters and in fact act like an arm of the Radical side of the Democrat party.

    If you want to know what’s going on you have to watch Beck and Fox even if you don’t agree with them because the rest of these people won’t report the news. They filter the news and give you their edited version of it.

    To few people own to many media outlets.

  15. derspankster says:

    “If you want to know what’s going on you have to watch Beck and Fox even if you don’t agree with them because the rest of these people won’t report the news. They filter the news and give you their edited version of it.”

    deowll, I truly feel sorry for you. While I agree with you that the cable “news” outlets are biased to one view point or another, it’s absolutely ludicrous to exempt Fox (the worst offender) from that category.

    What ever happened to independant thought?

  16. Toxic Asshead says:

    #44 – Exactly. Beck and Hannity and others are over the top at times and difficult to sit through. I don;t agree with all their views and I doubt there are that many in 100% agreement.

    The point though, is these people have research staffs that dig into this stuff and find facts. You can discount their viewpoint and simply listen to the facts and decide for yourself what they mean.

    If you only deal with the MSM, you would believe there are no controversies at all. How many people on this blog even just said they never heard of Van Jones? How many had never heard of Jerehmia Wright? Integrity no longer has a place in the MSM.

  17. pedro says:

    #44 Well, I can give you names of the radical arm of the Dem party:

    Oliver Stone: Serving as PR extraordinaire for third world country’s dictators, putting down the US in the process.

    Danny Glover, Sean Penn & the likes: Doing the same thing as Stone, only a little less tracktion.

    Those are just the loudests

  18. Somebody says:

    Wow! Why wasn’t he the candidate?


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