Giving contraceptives to people in developing countries could help fight climate change by slowing population growth, experts said Friday.

More than 200 million women worldwide want contraceptives, but don’t have access to them, according to an editorial published in the British medical journal, Lancet. That results in 76 million unintended pregnancies every year.

Mostly every problem could be solved by having less people, yet this seems to be some Al Gore propaganda.

  1. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    It’s also true that your rooms will look bigger if you use thinner paint.

  2. Todd Peterson says:

    Al Gore is a mad eugenicist! He is the most dangerous man on this planet.

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    Why not just kill them all?

    Oh wait!! H1N1.

  4. noname says:

    Bastard Son of Dvorak (Guilherme),

    Congratulation, I guess John has passed on his hours of painstakingly made dolly faces to you.

    John may have finally grown out of his girlly make up game phase.

    Instead of hormones, looks like John is helping to initiate you into puberty. Good luck with that!!!!

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    Oh, in case you decide to delete this, I save a copy so I can keep re-posting to my hearts content.

  5. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    Noname==what is Post #5 about? You are so deep into yourself, you have lost the rest of us.

    As long as you are saving this for pasting in the future, why not add links to each issue unless you really don’t support your own issues?

  6. noname says:

    This blog doesn’t support 8 links in a post. You will have to look at the give links on you own.

  7. bobbo, time and money is all we waste says:

    Noname–I might be encouraged to do that if I even understood what your post is aiming at.

    You can post the link info if not the links themselves.

    Nobody in their right mind is going to chase down your red herrings just as nobody in their right mind would suggest they do.

  8. Timuchin says:

    Lowering the “carbon footprint” by reducing the population can be more certainly done with nuclear weapons. That would also reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

    If that’s too gauche, how about poisoning vaccines and shipping them to third world countries. Prince Philip wishes he could be reincarnated as a virus that would cull 80% of the planet’s human population. Who knows what real evil scientists will dump upon us in the near future?

  9. Uncle Patso says:

    bobbo asks “Noname==what is Post #5 about?”

    I read it as illustrating his point that JCD seems to have handed Sr. Cherman the keys to his anti-Gore crusade. Apparently JCD was _so_ against Gore in the 2000 election that he continues to campaign against him to this day.

    The British medical journal the Lancet says: “More than 200 million women worldwide want contraceptives, but don’t have access to them.” Yet somehow this leads to the Gore-As-Clown iconograph. Apparently all it takes to invoke it is anything to do with global warming, even though Gore is not mentioned at all in the story.

  10. Though this was posted by someone who doesn’t recognize a fact when it slaps him in the face, I am glad to see this getting wide publicity.

    Yes, as you state, every problem in the world comes down to too many people. Climate change is real and is really another of the problems.

    I’m glad to hear the mainstream media reporting on this. It is time to realize that we not only need to talk about size of carbon footprints, but the number of feet as well.

    Thanks for posting this even if you don’t know enough to know reality from fiction.

    Keep drinking the ExxonMobil Kool-Aid if you like, but remember that there are plenty of reasons to go against what they say, even if you believe ExxonMobil has it right.

  11. Alfred's Mom says:

    I wish I had used birth control to combat my little shit storm.

  12. bobbo,

    I think (if I read noname’s post correctly) that he is pointing out the number of times that the stupid image of Al Gore has been used on this blog.

    It is quite surprising and offensive that the editors here use that whenever they have any post about climate change. The article does not mention Al Gore in any way. So, it’s kind of a complete nonsequitur.

    I guess though that if they want a single image of one advocating for doing something about climate change instead of waiting for it to get so bad we can’t ignore it (IMNSHO, it already has), Al Gore is almost as good a choice as James Hansen or any of the thousands of the world’s climate scientists.

    So, if I can blame all anti-climate change propaganda on ExxonMobil (since it nearly all really comes from there), they can pick a target for the other side.

    It’s just annoying because they should at least actually pick a scientist.

  13. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    #10–Unc Patso==thanks. Yea, pretty clear now that you point it out. I think I threw an embolism when I read “dolly face.”

    I confess I did give the article a second glance trying to have it make sense but I was off the mark.

    I note you have helped me a number of times to understand the other posters here even when the other posters didn’t have the ability/wish to do so.

    Keep it up if the interest continues?

    Thanks Again—although Jagmeister ((where are you? Healthy I hope)) usually does the same but ads a picture. There’s your stretch goal should you get bored.


  14. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    #13–Scott==hah, hah==you know I love you like a fellow Dysrationally==but you are wrong.

    As Pedro said “It never gets old.”

    Reread your own post and you will see you actually agree==you are just getting older and set in your ways. Surprising for someone who still communes with nature.

    I think Al Baby Gore could be quite evil the way he is behind Cap and Trade Credits. His Daddy wasn’t big oil for nothing you know.

    Plus–you can’t really make fun of a scientist. They should only be worshiped, like some kind of religion either==if one of the tenets was to disagree with everything that they say, and then try to come up with the proof.

  15. Alfred's Unintentional Father says:

    #12 Unfit Mom – Bitch! That’s why I left the coat hanger and Drano next to the cash donation on the dresser. It wasn’t for unclogging the bathroom sink (stop shaving your back hair in there btw).

  16. Alfred's Mom says:

    #16 – If you recall, you didn’t really have anything to do with it. Junior was born from an overdose of Ex-Lax. He is still our little turd and the only person we know that can open his mouth and make his head disappear.

  17. Marc Perkel says:

    I think we should consider cannibalism also as a way to combat climate change.

  18. C0mdrData says:

    I believe the stand that overpopulation is the source of most other problems has been around a long time. I first read about it as a teenager, in the writings of Isaac Asimov. I believe his position was that this planet can comfortably support between 2 and 3 billion people.
    I wholeheartedly agree.

  19. bobbo, taking the bait off a rusty hook says:

    #19–C0mdrData==Overpopulation. Yea verily. But after recognizing that issue in its fully glory, the original issue, whatever it is, remains completely intact.

    Maybe on questions like should the US Government FUND anti-sterility treatments can be fully dismissed by an appeal to Gaia==but probably a lot of chaff will be thrown up by the Every Sperm is Sacred Dyrational crowd.

    But hey. Why not say we just need more earth?

  20. MikeN says:

    So elites have decided that there are too many black and brown and yellow people in the world.

    What if one of the people who is reduced by their plans is someone who develops cheap solar electricity, like the guys who developed one made of hair?

    Or perhaps they discover a cure that saves millions of people?

    Oh wait, the elites don’t like black and brown people to be saved.

  21. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    I’m with Mike on this one. Anyone in the womb who develops cheap solar electricity should not be aborted.

    I mean geeze, let’s keep our priorities in order.

  22. MikeN says:

    I don’t refer to abortion bobbo. The basic plan is to eliminate from the developing world’s future hundreds of millions if not billions.

  23. MikeN says:

    Is it a coincidence that the solutions proposed for global warming are the same ideas that were proposed before global warming was considered a problem? Reducing population, restricting power use, recycling, less meat, smaller cars, etc.
    Use of nuclear power is verboten, as is geoengineering.

  24. Mark T. says:

    This is almost as silly as saying that we should use birth control “to save the children”! Gore is nuttier than Jimmy Carter’s turds.

    I am constantly amazed at how any left wing cause “du jour” can, and eventually will, be used as justification for whatever policy the libs want enacted. Everything they want is justified by fighting “global warming” (oops, global climate change).

    What next? We need to confiscate all handguns in order to fight global climate change and save Mother Earth from lead poisoning? Don’t laugh. Some pinko journalist out there is now trying to figure out how to spin this on MSNBC.

  25. qb says:

    Mark T said “Gore is nuttier than Jimmy Carter’s turds.” Now that’s funny. The picture of Gore is lame and old. At least pull something from South Park or his head from Futurama.

  26. echeola says:

    This is so stupid. An American uses 38 times more resources in their lifetime than a person in a developing country. We need less people here not there.

  27. deowll says:

    “Mostly every problem could be solved by having less people, yet this seems to be some Al Gore propaganda.”

    Unless you are offering to make things better by offing yourself and your loved ones I can only assume you want some or or all of us to die.


  28. Mark T. says:

    qb, I didn’t come up with the Jimmy Carter joke but I thought it was the appropriate time and place to use it. I only wish I had thought of it first.

  29. noname says:


    You seem to quite angry, or at lest overly cranky today. Anger management (imho) will help lower your blood pressure so that “embolism” doesn’t really occur.

    # 14 bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist said,

    “I think I threw an embolism”

    # 30 bobbo,

    “…really piss me off”

    # 15 bobbo,

    I think Al Baby Gore could be quite evil the way he is behind Cap and Trade Credits.

  30. bobbo, the devout evangelical anti-theist says:

    #33–nosense==angry? I guess that will have to go by definition. Maybe you’d be “angry” too if you understood whats going on, or understood it with the same impact on humanity that I do. Wouldn’t everybody actually agree with me if they understood the issues the same way? No? Heh, heh.

    Still, I’ve been thinking of changing my nick and going with a totally nurturing persona. Same motivating response to the DU Blog, same ultimate goal ((spotting the hypocrisy, the bigger hidden issue, the need to think critically)). Like Sister Mary does. She must also post under different names to keep that persona going for so long–or, she’s been in the habit for so long, its comfortable.

    Alfie===HEY ALFIE!!!!!!===how easy/hard is it to stay “in character?”

    Yea, pro’s and con’s to everything decision made and not made. Maybe I could even slow down to actually type every word I am thinking of when I post. That alone would be a different me.

    Where was I? OH Yea==nosense, you’re an idiot. Post something substantive will you?

    embolism – joke
    pisses me off – joke
    Al Baby Gore – insightful

    No, I don’t see any anger at all. Once again, you demonstrate===no sense. But go for it again. You should try being humorous ((Not the scatological musings of Mark T–raise it a notch.)) You should try being angry. Try making sense?


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