This is the guy who predicted the Housing bubble, the financial meltdown, and now he’s saying this.

  1. Uncle Patso says:

    # 33 chris:
    “A lower dollar would help the US make products with our industries and sell those products overseas.”

    “…our industries…”? Do we have any left?

    The only thing that will strengthen the dollar is to increase the income of the treasury. Sorry folks, but that means raising taxes. I’m amazed President Obama and Congress haven’t already repealed Bush’s tax cuts.

    I think a 50% top rate would be a good start. I don’t recommend LBJ’s strategy of a 10% surtax. Yet.

    You may commence screaming now.

  2. Bahram says:

    World is a going to be a much safer place when the bully is finally “dead”.


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