CBC News – Toronto – Toronto police use Taser on wayward deer.

A wayward deer that wandered through downtown Toronto before stopping to rest near a busy intersection has been stunned and captured.

They could have let the deer go on its merry way, but noooo.

Found by Robb Murray.

  1. bobbo, running out of energy himself says:

    #28–One==seen too many of them. Kind of a blur now. Nun chucks, baseball bats == all quite damaging/fatal even in the hands of a novice.

    This blog demonstrates daily that effective communication is much more difficult a task than using a taser. We should all welcome our new electric overlords.

  2. Steve Canuck says:

    I live in Toronto. Where this deer was is akin to being next to Times Square in New York.

    How it got there no-one knows, but the likelyhood of it leaving without becoming a hood ornament is minimal.

    Tranqualizing it was necessary. However, tasering it is questionable. Maybe its a cop thing – “Took it moves. Taser it”

    Or maybe it sounded Polish. Canadians will know what that means.

  3. Lou says:

    The deer got into town. The deer would have got out of town on It’s own. Taz a deer. Get your act together.

  4. canucklehead says:

    #32 the Mounties have a thing for Poles. This was T.O. cops. Probably spoke with a Patois.

  5. deowll says:

    “They could have let the deer go on its merry way, but noooo.”

    They could have let it get hit by a car.

  6. Buffet says:

    ALL pigs are cowards! Most are attempting to compensate for being bullied as a child. Once grown up the sissies can’t run home crying to their mommy anymore. I loathe the insecure, impotent homos, hiding behind a badge and a gun!

  7. torontodude says:

    Just thought I’d give a little background on the story. As a previous poster said the dear was in an extremely populated part of the downtown core and no one had any idea how it could have possibly got there. The cops, including animal control tried to get the dear under control pretty much all morning until they finally tranquilized the the thing. Problem with doing that is that it become scared and started bolting so the police had to taser it before it could run into the middle of traffic and hit a car or a bus or something. FYI the dear was alive and well and was released into a large park.

  8. Mr. Fusion says:

    #33, Lou,

    The deer got into town. The deer would have got out of town on It’s own.

    Actually no. There is no way the deer could have accidentally wandered into the downtown area. It is at least three miles from any ravine capable of letting the deer into the core area. I am unaware of any reports of any deer sightings. The two closest ravines do not have deer. Plenty of raccoons and squirrels, but no deer.

    The deer would still have had to come at least 20 miles through built up areas. Not likely.
    I surmise the deer was dropped off as a prank.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to stun guns, numb chucks (a.k.a. night sticks), and simple mace or pepper spray?

    What pre-requisite is required in order to BE a cop anyway? Does it require above average desire for sato-masochism and low intelligence? Or what?!

    I mean, tasering a deer! What’s the matter Mister Officer? Loose the number for Animal Control? It’s probably on the side of your own cruiser! Weren’t there any J-walkers, speeders or senior citizens (a.k.a. PEOPLE) to drag down and taser instead?

  10. Buzz says:

    A friend asked me to go bear-tasering. What should I do? -Undecided

  11. Nobody says:

    How else do you plan on dealing with a dear in a city?
    The normal procedure is to shoot it (same with bears/cougars here). That’s a little dangerous with people around – especially if you don’t kill it first shot, which with a handgun you probably wouldn’t.
    Picture a wounded buck running through a crowd of people – even in Toronto some of them would be innocent bystanders.

    Deer are a nuisance in most Canadian cities but are tricky to deal with. Most municipalities don’t allow you to shoot deer with rifles from your car in downtown. Apparently it’s dangerous to pedestrians (!).
    In the case of Toronto – taking off and nuking it from orbit is the only way to be sure.

  12. Frank says:

    The deer was totally out of control and was handling a stapler in a threatening manner, putting the officers in grave danger.


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