A great media distraction. I still find it weird that what the Heenes did is illegal. They’re still idiots.

  1. echeola says:

    You think it’s weird that’s it’s illegal to make a false report to the police and F.A.A.? Then why don’t we all do it? The police, fire, and rescue need to be available to respond to genuine emergencies. That is why it is illegal to make a false report.

  2. Jmrouse says:

    Of course it’s against the law. It’s like making a fake 911 call but even worse, because they wasted a lot of police and other people who went to try and rescue the kid’s time. They also wasted a lot of vehicle fuel. They should be forced to pay all the wasted time and money back.

  3. Faxon says:

    Wasted time? How about all the news anchor people sitting there trying to sound intelligent while a stupid mylar balloon floats around?

    Wasted time? How about hundreds of thousands of collective hours spent by dumb Americans watching the above mentioned anchor people explaining why some balloons float, and the idiots who actually imagined a real kid would actually be lofted by that toy balloon?

    Wasted time? How about the time I am typing this drivel?

  4. Troublemaker says:

    Yeah, it’s strange that lying to the police about an incident is a crime.

    Go yell fire in a movie theater… and see what happens.


  5. deowll says:

    I wouldn’t put them both in jail at the same time and 30 days is plenty. This was non violent. They are going to get stuck with fines. You can bet your last penny they aren’t going to do this again.

  6. Animby says:

    And, I’ll bet it’s not over for them. Soon they will be hit with the bills for the rescue effort. They’ll be lucky if this stunt doesn’t bankrupt them. Interesting the judge didn’t (couldn’t?) forbid them from profiting from this in the future. They may get their reality show, after all.

  7. Cursor_ says:

    Good decision for greedy people.

    Protip: Want a reality TV series? Add on either 100 pounds of fat or muscle, get bad hair cuts and more tattoos than brain cells, then get a job that involves things no one wants to do.

    Like collecting old junk no one wants.

    Yeah Sanford and Son would have been a reality TV series if it was today.

    I hope they don’t do that!


  8. Ah_Yea says:

    Cursor –

    Sanford and Son IS a reality TV series!


  9. chris says:

    How about this reality TV show: JAIL!

  10. Tom Woolf says:

    Yeah! Why should it be illegal to send emergency response personnel on a wild goose chase, leaving people who might really need their help vulnerable?!?

    Mr. Dvorak – you seem to have a track record of thinking before you type. Some believe your thinking is proper, others wonder what you were thinking about. Either way, there is that track record of thinking before typing. Don’t blow your rep by making silly-assed statements like “I still find it weird that what the Heenes did is illegal.” 😉

  11. bobbo, talking about premature gesticulation says:

    You know Mr Woof (#10)–THE POINT of these threads by Mr. Cherman is to allow his avid reader base to heap scorn on him and his immature self centered half ass thought through opinions==just like this one.

    It ruins the mood when you attribute this persona to Mr. Dvorak who is on a totally different and almost opposite trip.

    I look forward to your future barking.

  12. stopher2475 says:

    He’s gonna be on a reality show alright. The next season of ‘Lockup’.

  13. FRAGaLOT says:

    meh.. this is bullshit. the sentences are weak, they should have started their jail time NOW, not delay it for the holidays. Also I didn’t hear if they are paying any fines. More US tax dollars going towards this asshole to keep him in jail for a couple of pointless months.

  14. On the bright side, dad won’t make a noise anymore when he farts.

  15. FRAGaLOT says:

    #10- Tom Woolf

    Cherman wrote this article.. not Dvorak.

    Please read bylines before you accuse of someone having some sort of “track record” when you’re not even keeping track on who’s posing.

  16. balloon pop says:

    Bet he escapes like on the old “A Team” show.
    Hair dryers heating air in trash bags, so they can float over the walls. I pity da fool.


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