A great response by VC Chris Dixon to Google’s ridiculous post on the company openness:

Google makes 99% of their revenue by selling text ads for things like plane tickets, dvd players and malpractice lawyers. Many of these ads are syndicated to non-Google properties. But the anchor that gives Google their best “inventory” is the main search engine at Google.com. And the secret sauce behind Google.com is the algorithm for ranking search results. If Google is really committed to openness, it is this algorithm that they need to open source.

  1. yanikinwaoz says:


    Thanks to this, we get Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Blogger, and other FREE services.

  2. Greg Allen says:

    It’s a mixed picture with Google’s openness, isn’t it?

    While certainly not completely open, they are still a lot better than Microsoft! I appreciate the general openness of their free apps and services. Remember how restrictive free email services where before Gmail?

    Even so, I am fully expecting Google to go evil.

    If you are Chinese, they already have.

    The fact that Google would collude with the anti-freedom and anti-democracy efforts of the Chinese government tells me that Google will abandon their principles for lucre.


  3. Buzz says:

    Yeah, Google. Give it ALL AWAY! Cherman sez.

  4. bac says:

    #22 — Google has not gone evil by following the rules of the Chinese government. Do you think a business should try to strong arm a government? For example; Google tells China that Google will not provide their product to the Chinese people until the Chinese government changes its policy on censorship.

    Google is providing a product to the international market which means they have to deal with the rules of those governments.

    If Google was a non-profit company, things might be different.

    Google is not an evil company. There are a for profit company.

  5. Greg Allen says:

    >> # 24 bac said, on December 24th, 2009 at 5:39 pm
    > #22 — Google has not gone evil by following the rules of the Chinese government.

    They most certainly have, IMHO.

    Google is supplying the Chinese government with the tools to oppress their own people. That’s evil.

    IBM did the same for the Nazis.

  6. Colby Grayes says:

    The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.