This is sick, but Alex Jones is still kinda nutty.

  1. Rabble Rouser says:

    And they want Alex Jones to leave his tinfoil hat at home!

  2. uketommyv says:

    I dont think alex is nuts. hes just trying to help you wake up.

  3. TooManyPuppies says:

    Apparently Jones and the OP didn’t pay attention to the followup to this. When these documents and video were made public (yes, this is a real product that the DHS was actually considering using) last year, the DHS said they’d never use it after the sheeple cried Baaaaahahhhh.

  4. Breetai says:

    WOW, it’s a good thing terrorists are too stupid to oh I dunno… Take off the fucking bracelet?!

  5. FRAGaLOT says:

    I was starting to like this guy till he started talking about death panels towards the end. He lost his credibility with me right then.

    Never heard of this guy before, just a wanna-be Rush Beck?

  6. sargasso says:

    Is loud the new cool? I can see a tasered 300lb drunk Glaswegian rip this thing clean off his wrist and shove it up the cabin stewards tail pipe.

  7. BIRDDOG says:

    What happens when these incompetent fucks get the code wrong and they tase the wrong person.

  8. ECA says:

    yes, I can see someone TRYING to figure out the number of the person HE IS TRYING to tase.
    Easier to TASE ALL and knock them all out..

    AS to the lady reporter..
    WHAT? who counted the WILLING VOTES??

  9. Tom Woolf says:

    Start with Wikipedia. Then jump to his website. Look at the crapola advertised there. The guy is a nucking futjob, with the intelligence of a flea, the skittishness of a rabbit, and the volume of a bull elephant. His following seems to be those who wish to let others think for them, but fail to choose someone who can actually think.

  10. Todd Peterson says:

    Alex Jones is not the nut. He has warned about this for years, and now it is here.

  11. WinstonSmith says:

    This was reported in the Washington Times last year.

  12. me says:

    Alex Jones is a dis-info agent. Pure and simple. His purpose is to elicit some of the above responses, condition people to pretty much discredit anyone who thinks or speaks outside the box.

  13. sargasso says:

    #10. “Or the terrorists get the “Tase ALL” code, and zap everybody?” – coming soon to the iPhone App Store, iTazeU.

  14. Dale says:

    It would be just like copy protection, punishing the innocent flyers while terrorists would circumvent it. Stupid idea.

  15. sargasso says:

    #16. Thank you.

  16. brian t says:

    ‘Tase you? Not nearly enough! Make them wear necklaces with explosive inside, just like in “Battle Royale”. 😉

  17. Serrin says:

    I was appalled until I did about 5 minutes of homework on it.
    Way to spread the fear though.. good job. As if the real problems weren’t enough.

  18. Billy Bob says:

    I know a TSA consultant. Actually the general plan now is that ground operators can now take control of the autopilot, flip the plane over and render everyone unconscious, and land the plane remotely. Hijacking problem solved.

  19. jimmyzkid says:

    my girlfriend is a flight attendant for united and they got a notice that on all international flights no passenger can get up out their seats for the last hour of the flight.

  20. Animby says:

    Jones has a habit of picking up some obscure piece of info and then making it sound like it’s mainstream and the next big thing when actually it was probably just Adam Curry bloviating.

    The real problem with Jones is that there is often a grain (usually a very tiny grain) of truth behind what he says.

  21. clancys_daddy says:

    OK I can’t get up during the last hour of the flight, nor can I have anything on my lap. Simple math problem, flight is three hours, subtract one hour and thirty minutes from proposed arrival time. Blow up plane, one hour and thirty minutes into flight. Hey I work for the government where stupidity, is a general order for the day, and I can’t even begin to make this make sense. You know no one seems to attack El Al airlines, how about we take and use whatever airport security the Israelis use, because it sure seems to work.

  22. Somebody says:

    No, what they’ll do is strip-search every passenger, shrink-wrap them to a board and hang the board on a hook. It’s tough but fair.

  23. jccalhoun says:

    It sure is a good thing that airplanes are the only places people gather. It sure is a good thing that there aren’t big sporting events, or graduations, or even buses that terrorists could target. …oh wait…

  24. deowll says:

    Why is it that the highly intelligent and extremely competent people now running the government and responsible for national security are now starting to scare me as much as the terrorist?

    Um, I think it’s because I’m developing a quite confidence in their ability to make any situation worse while blithely claiming to fix the problem.

  25. Animby says:

    # 28 clancys_daddy said, “ one seems to attack El Al airlines, how about we take and use whatever airport security the Israelis use…”

    Don’t be ridiculous. Those damned Jews PROFILE!

  26. dvdchris says:

    The technology of Spock’s Brain has come to pass.

  27. amodedoma says:

    Hey, This guy just reminds me way too much of Glenn Beck to take him seriously.

  28. noname says:

    I can see it now. In the middle of a panic a flight attendant screams out tase passenger 820. OK say the crew, tazing passenger 800. The flight attendant again screams taze passenger 820. Ok, tazing passenger 800. Again pls taze passenger Eight TWO ZERO. Ok, tazing 800, oh shit hit the taze all button, sorry, my bad.


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