The Sun reports:

A British woman on a break in Dubai went to police after being raped – but SHE was arrested for having illegal sex. The 23-year-old Londoner was attacked by a waiter in a hotel toilet after celebrating her engagement to her boyfriend with drinks.

But after she admitted boozing and sharing a hotel room with her fiancé, cops in the strict Islamic state arrested her for “illegal drinking” outside licensed premises and having sex outside marriage.

Her 44-year-old fiancé, also from London, was charged with the same offences. And both were thrown in police cells by officers who paid little heed to the rape.

The devastated couple were last night understood to be on bail awaiting trial and have had their passports confiscated. They could be jailed for up to six years if found guilty of the illicit sex charge.

It amazes me that such a cool city can be that socially conservative.

  1. GetReal says:

    Above all, we must be careful to avoid hurting the cultural sensitivities of our “friends” in the middle east.

    We see, hear and read; but refuse to believe the facts.

  2. sargasso says:

    The waiter is connected, and I don’t mean in any lewd way.

  3. Milo says:

    Dubai, and all the gulf states, can build all the skyscrapers they want but they’re still a bunch of savages.

  4. DXB walker says:

    It would be different if she would be Christian. But for fellow Muslim lady local police has no excuse.

  5. Sweet Zombie Nixon says:

    It amazes me that Dubai continues to attract tourists, given its reputation.

  6. RBG says:

    “It amazes me that such a cool city can be that socially conservative.”

    Being publicly called to prayer 4 times a day tends to do that.

    3 Milo Dubai, and all the gulf states, can build all the skyscrapers they want but they’re still a bunch of savages.

    Unlike the USA with nearly 6 times the murder rate.


  7. rffreq says:

    What gets me is Dubai has areas (hotels)for tourist with different laws than the rest of the country. Last year wasn’t there a couple that got arrested for sex on the beach but that would have been fine if they were in a hotel. I’ve lived overseas and its different there. Learn the local laws or pay the price.

  8. Milo says:

    Here’s a good rule of thumb:

    Stay away from countries that still have laws against witchcraft!

  9. Father says:

    I wonder how the great apes would act if they were given knives and guns and taught how to use them?

  10. RBG says:

    9 Milo. Or maybe even stay away from countries where they still have laws in support of witchcraft.

    In 1985, the Federal government recognized Wicca as a legitimate religion.


  11. Bob64 says:

    Alright well I’ll just scratch India off my places to visit. Looks like they’re not just all about terrible tech support. They’re idiots too!

    Two Words
    Fuck India.

  12. bobbo, follow the money says:

    “It amazes me that such a cool city can be that socially conservative.” /// “Mr” Cherman: how do you define “cool?”

    On the information at hand, you appear to be easily led by the nose by anyone with money?==or is it the shiny glass and mirrors?????

    You have some growing up to do. Get busy.

  13. Greensaab says:

    The new tourist advertisement. “Come visit Dubai but no sex or drinking.” Good luck.

  14. Lou Minatti says:

    “It amazes me that such a cool city can”

    There is nothing cool about Dubai and there never has been. Dubai is simply the greatest real estate bubble of all time and has snookered shit-stupid Europeans into thinking that westerners will want to live in a hellhole run by Sharia law fanatics. Anyone stupid enough to invest in Dubai gets what they deserve.

  15. india says:

    @Bob64: thank you, please remove India from your list. Never, ever add it again. I hear the UAE is nice to visit though…

  16. chuck says:

    #14 – idiot. try a map. Dubai is not in India.

  17. chuck says:

    #17 – idiot. (me) that was directed at #12

  18. Serious says:

    bobbo you have a serious dislike for Cherman. why not just avoid anything he posts? I don’t think Cherman’s comment was out of line – Dubai has some really “cool” things.. world’s largest indoor skiing center, world’s tallest building, world’s fastest growth in terms of buildings, the highest collection of construction cranes in the world, the most bizarre architectural programs, the most insane man-made islands, the world’s most expensive hotels, the world’s highest hotels.. all in the middle of nowhere. Even if it is glass and mirrors, it can still be “cool”. Why the heck buy a porsche/ferrari if it’s not to be cool? you can’t drive it above the speed limit anyway.. 99% of the population buy something because it is “cool”. Just chill yeah? Don’t have to get personal on absolutely everything that he posts. =P

  19. Greg Allen says:

    >> Sweet Zombie Nixon said, on January 12th, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    >> It amazes me that Dubai continues to attract tourists, given its reputation.

    You guys really need to go to Dubai — you seem to have so many misconceptions about it.

    You are not REQUIRED to pray five times a day in Dubai any more than your are required to in New York. It’s an option, even if you are a Muslim.

    Most of the laws are perfectly reasonable — and the very same as in the west. The main laws that are primitive have to do with religion.

    For example, there is a ban on non-Muslim proselytizing while Muslim proselytizing is encouraged. Likewize, you are encouraged to convert _to_ Islam but it is illegal to convert away from it.

    There are laws against blaspheming anyone’s religion (or so it was explained to me) although it seems to be enforced only when it comes to Islam.

    A Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman (it’s even encouraged) but visa versa is strictly against the law.

    There is no freedom of the press, mostly regarding issues that might “offend” Muslims but also might encourage democracy.

    Immigration laws in Dubai have almost no parallel in the west. Basically, you have no hope of becoming a citizen, even if you are born in Dubai and lived and work there legally for decades.

    Another huge problem is for guest workers from developing countries — it can almost be like slavery. There are some real horror stories about female household help and I personally knew people who ran a kind of underground railroad to help these poor abused girls escape.

    I could actually write a much longer list BUT, that being said, Dubai is MUCH better than many other countries in the region and Asia, Muslim or not.

    The police tend to be disciplined — I saw absolutely no police brutality in contrast with India, Nepal, or Pakistan where I saw a lot of it. I was never asked for a bribe, ever. Again, in stark contrast with those other countries and Egypt where I’ve also spend some time.

    My wife spent a lot of time in the UAE prisons and found them generally decent. Compare this to HELL HOLE of some American prisons.

    As a tourist, you are far less likely to have problems in Dubai than, let’s say, Mexico where I also have spend some time.

  20. Ron Larson says:

    My father-in-law flew Emerites from Italy to Australia. It stops in Dubai, its hub. He brought a nice bottle of Italian wine with him to bring home to Oz.

    They confiscated and destroyed his wine, even though he was just transiting. He said he was surrounded by armed guards who acted like he had just tried to smuggle in 100 kilos of heroin.

    They need to seriously lighten up if they want westerners as customers, either for their airlines or as tourist.

  21. zorkor says:

    Why are you guys painting the whole city black due to a single incident? Cities like Dubai are the safest cities in the world. I swear i leave my mobile phone, or my car running or even a laptop in my car and come back and find everything there as it is. You can go out at night without the fear of getting robbed or killed by some hooligan.

    There is something really fishy in this news, I have lived all my life in this region and they are much much safer than compared to any American or European city.

  22. Waltersobchack says:

    Dubai-er Beware!

  23. ChristianManWithValues says:

    As a Christian Man With Values, I can respect what the police did. This is a Christian Nation here, yet our police and laws do not enforce the Biblical rules. If we did, there would be a lot less pre-marital sex and abortions. You are right, they are savages, and that shows us what is wrong here at home in the US of A: they work to control hedonism, we promote it. Let’s get some BibleCops on the road.


  24. deowll says:

    “It amazes me that such a cool city can be that socially conservative.”

    It amazes me that people go traipsing off to places without a clue what the locals are like. Their reaction is about what anyone who knows jack about the local culture would have expected. That these people didn’t suggests they are nincompoops and I’m sorry but the universe is not kind to such.

    When they get out of prison they should be better informed. As for all the people being made aware of what happens in this situation. Get a clue.

  25. canamrotax says:

    The whole thing just cements my resolve to never go to any of these countries.

  26. Improbus says:

    Dubai … the un-Las Vegas.

  27. Zbinks says:

    And why on earth would anyone want to go to Dubai???
    It is Disneyland on steroids in sand dunes, run by ignorant tyrants for G…’s sake!

  28. EdB says:

    “It amazes me that such a cool city can be that socially conservative.”

    You’re kidding, right???

  29. amodedoma says:

    I’m actually kind of looking forward to watching them fall. Having oil reserves turned them from Bedouin nomads into the Beverly Hillbillies. Oil’s gone, money’s gone, doesn’t look like they’ll have much of a tourist trade, pretty soon maybe they’ll go back to being dirt poor Bedouin nomads. I’ll bet the guy that recommended all that construction to the Emir still hasn’t stopped running, slicker en that Mr. Drysdale down at the bank.

  30. bobbo, how many points form a continuum or an opinion says:

    #19–Serious==not at all. I support Guilleherme quite often on this blog.

    What I DO HATE


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