Really, is that why?

A big reason why the government is inefficient and ineffective is because Washington has outdated technology, with federal workers having better computers at home than in the office.

This startling admission came Thursday from Peter Orszag, who manages the federal bureaucracy for President Barack Obama.

The public is getting a bad return on its tax dollars because government workers are operating with outdated technologies, Orszag said in a statement that kicked off a summit between Obama and dozens of corporate CEOs.

And of course, the solution is more spending and taxes.

  1. Paul Camp says:

    Well, yes, in fact that is the solution. Do you know some way to acquire a computer without spending money?

  2. Lone Wolf says:

    This guy operantly has no clue how much a decent modern computer costs. To get a computer with Windows 7 that runs decently you’d have to spend over a thousand dollars.
    Maybe government computers should switch from windows to linux, it needs less system recourses to run fast.

  3. Grace Augustine says:

    A decent modern computer that runs Windows 7 and typical office applications can easily cost less than $500 in the quantities corporations and governments buy, especially if you don’t have to replace the monitor.
    I work in one of those large corporations and we didn’t move off NT 4.0 until it had been off maintenance for nearly a year. We live on XP SP2 now. I expect W7 sometime next decade.
    It’s the constraints on budgets that keep gov’t purchasing from implementing efficiency upgrades. Capital costs are hard to fund.
    And troll-bashing is such a waste of bandwidth … how come Cherman’s posts seem to draw out the least intelligent comments?


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