Medicine that spies on you. — First this, then you get chipped, then your brain erased. Great!

When one of Proteus’s pills is taken, stomach fluids activate the edible communications device it contains, which sends wireless signals through the body to another chip worn as a skin patch or embedded just under the skin. That, in turn, can upload data to a smart-phone or send it to a doctor via the internet. Thus it is easy to make sure a patient is taking his pills at the right time, to spot adverse reactions with other drugs and so on.

Found by Keith Gibson.

  1. Faxon says:

    Please please please. Make it stop!!!

  2. soundwash says:

    Sounds like a crock -and BigPharma’s last scam and war cry before electromedicine goes mainstream for pennies on the dollar and completely tanks the pharma industry.

    -alongside the huge rollout of “free energy” devices finally being debuted everywhere the past 2 years..except in the U.S., of course)

    -seems they are rushing this stuff out before all the old research from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (gets unearthed in new studies) that empiraclly showed even microwatt range RF/EMF radiowaves causes major effects at the cellular and DNA level.

    Go unearth the wealth of health data from old radar operators. Or the huge 30,000 30 year study the Soviets produced in the 70’s..

    The flip side of course, is that they also learned you can get the brain to produce any neurotransmitter with electromagnetic pulses (or microamp current) tuned to specific frequencies, thus negating **any** need for drugs. (this fact is what validates the whole behavior control scheme claimed by HAARP “conspiracy theorists” -you can also transmit “disease” via this method. The decades old research on this is old hat and readily available on the net.

    Here’s a listing of brainwave frequencies and their effects/

    On top of that, you can also kill any single celled bug in your body with the same protocols. (Time varying back EMF pulses and fields) -cure cancer and all the other viral “headaches” they’d rather give you 10 different pills for..

    Remember kiddies.. resonance, electromagnetics and torsion physics rule the universe and everything in it, including consciousness and “time” -actually, [and more correctly] a purist would say that “consciousness” rules the universe. Once you look at the “physics” of consciousness, you’ll begin to understand why that statement is [more] valid than you could ever imagine.

    The phrase: “Reality is what you make it” will very soon, become a mainstream concept, if not outright fact.

    That lump of gray matter between your ears can be used for a lot more than just pushing the buttons on your remote control..

    -As for the chip, I agree with Dvorak, it’s just another lame RFID attempt to track you.



    HEY Dvorak, i have several audio lectures by Navy Research physicist Robert C. Beck from 1990’s, that will educate you as to the how and why behind Adam’s “claims” of electromedicine and brainwave/mind control if you interested. (otherwise where do I send Adam this stuff?)

    I have a naked directory of data/audio/video on some of Beck and Rife’s work her. (most of the audio is 45-60min) Search on “braintuner” + BT-6 or BT-7 to find research and devices based on beck’s research yourself. I also have audio on Rife as well.

    I’ve been using these devices since 2007 with outstanding results. I only use related devices from, -as Russ (the ceo) worked with Beck directly to develop them. However i have found design theory is simple enough that you can make the same devices [effective] yourself if your good with a soldiering iron and basic electronics knowledge. -for about $35 or less.


    (people, snag the flyback transformers and Yokes from old CRT/TV sets. they are quite usefull. -just learn how to ground/discharge them first 30k-50k volt shock awaits you if the unit has not been off/unplugged for at *least* 1.5weeks)


  3. Speter says:


    “(Time varying back EMF pulses and fields) -cure cancer ”

    any idea where i can buy one in Australia?

    and soon… (for a relatives late stage cancer)

    ever thoughts on MMS supplements by Jim Humble (thats next on the list to try)

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    And we wonder why medicine keeps getting more expensive…


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