Medicine that spies on you. — First this, then you get chipped, then your brain erased. Great!

When one of Proteus’s pills is taken, stomach fluids activate the edible communications device it contains, which sends wireless signals through the body to another chip worn as a skin patch or embedded just under the skin. That, in turn, can upload data to a smart-phone or send it to a doctor via the internet. Thus it is easy to make sure a patient is taking his pills at the right time, to spot adverse reactions with other drugs and so on.

Found by Keith Gibson.

  1. Faxon says:

    Please please please. Make it stop!!!

  2. Speter says:


    “(Time varying back EMF pulses and fields) -cure cancer ”

    any idea where i can buy one in Australia?

    and soon… (for a relatives late stage cancer)

    ever thoughts on MMS supplements by Jim Humble (thats next on the list to try)

  3. Uncle Patso says:

    And we wonder why medicine keeps getting more expensive…


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