If you don’t get it, read the first comment below.

  1. Cherman says:

    The “shadow” is just a darker part of the road and the guy is standing next to it.

  2. jbenson2 says:

    Darker part of the road?

    Need a proof-reader?

  3. riker17 says:

    I get it, like an oil spot or something.

  4. Farside says:

    It is not really that he’s standing above a dark spot. It is that he has no shadow of his own. skeptical.

  5. tdkyo says:

    I feel like this was photoshoped, because I don’t see his shadow….

  6. Gildersleeve says:

    Shadow? You don’t live in the perpetually cloudy parts of the country, do ya?

  7. charliehorse43 says:

    Slow news day.

  8. Greg Allen says:

    I love this new Internet based magic.

    Most of it is video but I like it all.

  9. dm says:

    His shadow looks like it’s from Super Mario 64.

  10. AdmFubar says:

    eh if you zoom in on th e pic you lose the illusion..

  11. chuck says:

    if you don’t see his shadow – 6 more weeks of winter!

  12. Thinker says:


  13. deowll says:

    2D: the reason we need 3D.

  14. Keiron says:

    Like it – at first glance looks totally genuine. I agree with the earlier comment that I’d expect to see a shadow though. It looks like other things in the image have shadows – the benches and the pushchair for example. So, maybe not entirely genuine?!

  15. Dallas says:

    Put a beard and a robe on him. He’ll be rich!

  16. jman says:

    looks like his whole body was photoshopped in over the oil spot on the road

  17. Buzz says:

    How hard is it to find a spot? Not very.
    How hard is it to find an overcast sky? Depends on the weather.

    See any shadows in that shot? Yes. Soft. Behind him. That IS a shadow, but when the sky is all a big soft cloudy glow, what’s the shape and intensity of a shadow?

    Also under the stroller at the extreme upper right.

  18. Dirk Thundernuts says:

    #2 – You know he meant dark, grammar Nazi.

  19. Nanosecond says:

    #15. Looks like he has a Beard..No robe though. Maybe he is half rich, or something?

  20. Professor Johnnycakes says:

    He soiled on the pavement… now he looks sorry. Tell him to clean it up now.


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