Steve Palmer reminds us of this quote:

“This is legislation that puts our own Justice Department above the law. When National Security Letters are issued, they allow federal agents to conduct any search on any American, no matter how extensive or wide-ranging, without ever going before a judge to prove that the search is necessary.”

What we should learn from this story is that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans: their major goal is and has always been obtaining power and control over others.

  1. McCullough says:

    I’m shocked SHOCKED! that Obama would flip flop. But I’m sure it’s an anomaly…won’t happen again.

    You can take that to the bank….if it’s still open.

  2. roastedpeanuts says:

    Duh. They switched him with the Obamabot on inauguration day.

  3. Poindexter says:

    I’d vote for someone else in 2012 but we’re just as screwed either way, I bet they are laughing their asses off in DC.

  4. Thinker says:

    Well, the only way he can redeem himself is if he repeals the Patriot Act at some point.

  5. Breetai says:

    Is it me or does Obama kinda feels like a tasters choice commercial?

  6. Benjamin says:

    Apparently someone programmed his teleprompter with the “signing the bill” speech instead of the “vetoing the bill” speech. Otherwise he would have vetoed it.

  7. MikeN says:

    Plus no Senator raised an objection. It passed on a voice vote.

  8. Hmeyers says:

    Obama is like Bush, but a far better public speaker and makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

    I’ve noticed very little “change” that matters, but the rhetoric is better.

    I’ve concluded that the office of the presidency is a figure head position.

  9. freddybobs68k says:

    All in all pretty pathetic.

    Whats he going to do next?

    What is the US public going to do next?

    I’d say it was nail biting – but consistently disappointing captures it better.

  10. Rabble Rouser says:

    Rahm Emmanuel and his honchos at work. Someone must have convinced him that it was a good thing. It’s going have to be up to Congress, yeah, CONgress to repeal this Police State Act.

  11. Angel H. Wong says:

    Not related but equally funny. And this one is Safe for work.

  12. Dallas says:

    First, he signed portions of it that made sense to extend, not all of it – which he would oppose.

    Second, it’s 2010

    Isn’t there some Tea Party or something to go to?

  13. Improbus says:

    THIS is what voting gets you. So, why do it? You know what would fix this crap? We need to add a Constitutional Amendment that would give Americans a way to by pass CONgress like California’s ballet measures. Suck on that lobbyists.

  14. Micromike says:

    In my opinion; signing the patriot act after swearing to protect the Constitution is an act of high treason. It directly outlaws our protections under the Bill of Rights which politicians have tried to kill since it was ratified in the 18th century.

    I will never vote for an incumbent again.

  15. KarmaBaby says:

    I don’t blame Obama. I don’t want a all-powerful dictatorship either. Unless, of course, I get to be the dictator.

  16. Thinker says:

    #16 I agree with you. The Patriot Act is an license for facism. We had enough of that with ‘the Decider’. I only voted for him the first time. 🙁

  17. EvilPoliticians says:

    Not only did Obama flip flop, the rest of the once vocal Democratic opposition to the Patriot Act became very, very quiet.

  18. Crazy Smart says:

    #15 You do NOT want anything like California’s initiative process. Direct citizen control is a nightmare. Everyone wants stuff, no one wants to pay for it. Generic initiatives to lower/cap taxes pass easily, SO do initiatives asking for new trains,roads,parks,libraries,police,schools,etc.

    This is why Congress is so hated (22% approval rating) yet has a 98% re-election rate. Think on that. Everyone’s Congress person is corrupt and spends too much except YOURS, because the pork YOUR Congress person brings home is good. LOL

  19. Dallas says:

    #19 Not quiet. Just time consuming to keep up with Republican rhetoric! The Democrats are busy solving problems and not enough time to defuse the BS fed to the sheep.

    Rhetoric: “Sen. Obama Promised to Support Repealing PATRIOT Act, Then Voted to Extend It”

    Reality: Obama Has Consistently Said He Would Support A Patriot Act That Would Strengthen Civil Liberties Without Sacrificing The Tools That Law Enforcement Needs To Keep Us Safe

    Obama Said That the Senate Compromise on the PATRIOT Act Was “Far From Perfect” But Modestly Improved the Original Law By Strengthening Civil Liberties Without Sacrificing the Tools That Law Enforcement Needs to Keep Us Safe.

  20. Improbus says:

    Tools That Law Enforcement Needs to Keep Us SafeUnder Control.

    There, I fixed it for you Dallas.

  21. EvilPoliticians says:

    #21 – Dallas

    What part of the extension contains the “strengthening of civil liberties” in your Reality?

    You need to think more about the following quote as it pertains not just to the Patriot Act but in all aspects of politics…

    What we should learn from this story is that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans: their major goal is and has always been obtaining power and control over others.

    What what your favorite politicians does – not just says.

  22. Ah_Yea says:

    EvilPoliticians, forget Dallas.

    He’s nuts. He thinks Obama craps chocolate mousse. You would think so the way he eats it up.

    You made me go WoW with #19. You’re right. So where is the outrage? I’m still waiting to “take it to the bank”.

  23. Ah_Yea says:

    What’s even worse about Obama is that he has had plenty of time to think and review what he does. He has had YEARS to review what Bush did. He told us what he would do – and then flip flopped. It’s like he never REALLY intended to keep any of his promises at all!

    Bush on the other hand, made this stuff up as he went along.

    So who is worse, the guy who made it up as he went along, or the guy who has history on his side and still went along with it?

  24. UncDon says:

    My guess is, that when he got elected and went through the transition period, he either learned something he didn’t want to hear, or the previous administration threatened him in some way if he didn’t maintain some kind of status quo.

    Go watch the flick “Three Days of the Condor” paying particular attention to the part where Redford finally figures things out when he confronts some bozo in his home towards the end. Might there have been something planned for years and Obama’s interference would’ve undone years of work?

    Jus’ sayin’ …

  25. BobSammons says:


    Now you are sounding like Glenn Beck. He maintains that the real issue is totalitarian-republic-anarchy and that fascism and communism are merely different sides of the coin of totalitarian. You ought to watch his shows before you so frequently criticize him. You would be surprised.

    Bob in Wintr Haven, FL

  26. Animby says:

    # 17 KarmaBaby said, “Unless, of course, I get to be the dictator.”

    So, you think like George Bush! Interesting…

  27. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    #27, Beck is certifiably insane.

    Imagine, if you will, a time when Obama might have repealed significant portions of the Patriot Act. How would the Republicans and their noisemakers have responded?

    Far easier to take the heat he’s getting here than put up with that ‘soft on terror’ crap for three more years.

    Just sayin.

  28. Dallas says:


    All i provided was what you were looking for – the official response. Were you satisfied with the headline? Sometimes you have to read past the big letters!

  29. McCullough says:

    #26. I have to agree with you. And that makes the prez a puppet. Which means.. he is controlled (or even chosen) by higher forces. Is that really so hard to believe? Think people!!

    This is not new, politicians have been controlled forever. If you think Obama is “the most powerful man in the world” you are truly a fucking moron.

    I feel sorry for people like Dallas. But my sympathy has limits.

  30. soundwash says:


    -people have become so gullible.



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