This mash-up is from a couple of years ago and I’d hope someone would update it. We highlight this sort of thing on the No Agenda podcast but this is the topper of toppers.

Found by Helge M. Heggli.

  1. NelsonOH says:

    Was he just as bad in ‘NYPD Blue’? I don’t know, I never watched that show but I have watched portions of several episodes of CSI: Miami and the reason I did is analogous to the way that people can’t resist looking at the scene of an accident even when they know it might be gruesome. I know the acting is horrible and I can’t resist watching it.

  2. pedro says:

    #30 Yes, he was just as bad.

  3. Common_Sense says:

    If you want the REST of the show, he’s only half that bad. (He’s still NOT a great actor, but they intentionally ham this character up for those scenes.) If you “go with it” and just see the humor in it, it’s actually pretty funny.

    And yet for some reason I still like this version. But it’s not for the gritty realism (not found) in the show.

  4. Scott says:

    The funniest thing to me about the show is how the female CSI’s are walking around in muddy swamps, picking through the charred remains of fires, flipping over bloody corpses–all while wearing white pants suits that never get dirty.


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