This mash-up is from a couple of years ago and I’d hope someone would update it. We highlight this sort of thing on the No Agenda podcast but this is the topper of toppers.

Found by Helge M. Heggli.

  1. Curtis E. Flush says:

    On the Burn Notice episode Partners in Crime, Bruce Campbell did a funny send-up of Caruso’s sunglasses/pause schtick:

  2. The Warden says:

    Not unlike the blog postings on here.

  3. Skippy says:

    They almost never do these David Caruso opening lines anymore. It’s kind of disappointing actually.

  4. Randomized says:

    Still my favorite clip..

  5. Breetai says:

    I feel vindicated having never watched a full episode of that piece of crap show. I couldn’t even finish watching the mash up.

  6. raster says:

    Ah, when it comes to Caruso, nobody can beat Joel McCale and The Soup:

  7. Chris says:

    OMG that was the worst! I’m proud to say that I’ve never seen an episode of that show…

  8. Skippy says:

    Back in 2006, CSI: Miami was named the world’s most popular TV show.

    Not sure how it ranks these days though.

  9. dwight david diddlehopper says:

    Back in the early days of HDTV I’d watch about 10 minutes of that show for the colors.

  10. joaoPT says:

    The only thing I would kill for is that software that enhances video footage so that you can read a license plate reflected on a review mirror on a car passing by an ATM security camera… UN-Fracking-Believable…

  11. bobbo, its our culture says:

    Not all cartoons use drawn figures.

  12. Universal says:

    well it looks like……

    bad acting……

    put glasses on

  13. Dallas says:

    I almost pee’d my pants laughing. That was great.

  14. mattarse says:

    I don’t know, I think I’m going to start trying to emulate the glasses move in real life.

    “And now we”
    start glasses movement
    “Must synergize”

  15. Mr Anderson says:

    These lines all sound the same,

    [put on sunglasses]

    only the words change.

  16. Sarah Palin says:

    The glasses thingy is nice idea, thanks guys!

    It would help me be taken more seriousness. Oops, I meant seriously. Duh.

    Also, it is worse or worst? Or worstest? I need to write that down on my hand. Duh

  17. JD says:

    John C, I’m glad you’re watching TV so I don’t have to.

  18. Lalas_EFO says:

    No one beats JC when doing a Caruso (no, not the guy in the white dress… the dude from Ace Ventura!)


  19. yankinwaoz says:

    #4… damn it. Now I have coffee up my nose.

    Brilliant…. I’ll code a GUI in VB to track their IP. Wow! That is one of the most retarded lines I have ever heard. Thanks.

  20. Paul Camp says:

    “Hey Ike! Do your impression of David Caruso’s career!”

    “It’s my turn now!”


  21. Greg Allen says:

    The CSI and L&O franchises are dystropian fantasies — rather than true crime.

    In the case of the CSIs, it’s technology that keeps Vandal hordes at bay. In the L&Os, it’s the human spirit.

    We don’t watch these shows for the realism or good acting — we watch them to give ourselves a fantasy of protection in a collapsing society.

    “24” on the other hand, is just torture porn. 😉

  22. RBG says:

    It’s so affected it mesmerizes. He’s the Star Trek William Shatner for this generation.

    Surprised to see Caruso playing a naiive kid-cop in the 1st Rambo movie First Blood, the other week.


  23. Palooka says:

    Stole the sunglasses from agent Smith in the Matrix and the hair from Carrot Top.

  24. Uncle Patso says:

    His is the only posture on TV that’s even weirder than Riker’s on TNG and Goren’s on L&O:CI.

  25. NelsonOH says:

    The ‘acting’ in this show is absolutely horrible. I have watched portions of several shows and I think the reason I did was analogous to the way most people look at the scene of a traffic accident even though they know it might be gruesome. I never watched ‘NYPD Blue’. Was Caruso’s acting just as bad in that show?

  26. NelsonOH says:

    Was he just as bad in ‘NYPD Blue’? I don’t know, I never watched that show but I have watched portions of several episodes of CSI: Miami and the reason I did is analogous to the way that people can’t resist looking at the scene of an accident even when they know it might be gruesome. I know the acting is horrible and I can’t resist watching it.

  27. Common_Sense says:

    If you want the REST of the show, he’s only half that bad. (He’s still NOT a great actor, but they intentionally ham this character up for those scenes.) If you “go with it” and just see the humor in it, it’s actually pretty funny.

    And yet for some reason I still like this version. But it’s not for the gritty realism (not found) in the show.

  28. Scott says:

    The funniest thing to me about the show is how the female CSI’s are walking around in muddy swamps, picking through the charred remains of fires, flipping over bloody corpses–all while wearing white pants suits that never get dirty.


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