For those who haven’t seen it, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught on microphone describing a voter as bigoted:

  1. sargasso says:

    Borat said, “Who is this angry little man?”

  2. bobbo, libertarianism fails when it becomes Dogma says:

    Well, I listened very closely hoping she was a bigot. She said a few things that could have sprung from bigotry or could have sprung from concern about taxes, services to British Citizens or all kinds of other motivations.

    Looked to me that Brown just didn’t like being photographed being disagreed with and was using “bigot” as a general catch-all negative word.

    I’d focus on his policies and not what is said in the back seat of a car.

  3. pwuk says:

    His biggest mistake was getting caught, what a donkey!

  4. ECA says:

    PERFECT reasons why WIRELESS is NOT your friend.

  5. chuck says:

    Apparently she’s “bigoted” because she mentioned that there were a million “eastern Europeans” immigrating to the UK.

    The conversation was going quite well for Brown. He was sticking to his talking points and she was obviously a supporter. It all went wrong when Brown drove off and told us what he really thinks.

    It’s a bit like Obama’s “cling to guns or religion” quote.

  6. ray says:

    fits perfectly in the humor category.

  7. John says:

    The woman was annoying and constantly interrupting him. I don’t like Brown but i can see why he was peeved off by her!

  8. Mextli says:

    What’s that guy in thebackground doing, Hook’em Horns?

  9. Skeptic of the AOBCCS says:

    Brown is a the walking, talking definition of the worst kind of politician. He was doing a good job selling his lies… until he revealed himself as an insincere, untrustworthy, smiling asshole.

  10. Holdfast says:

    I saw the clip on the news yesterday. I didn’t hear enough from the lady to know whether she is bigoted or not but I can say that a lot of people harping on about immigrants, legal and otherwise, are bigots.

    According to bigot=intolerant person. I could not give a rats @$$ about someone’s ancestry. I am interested in their character, morals and behaviour. I am intolerant of nasty behaviour, interpersonal violence and intolerance…

    The Prime Ministers’ big error was showing up as two faced and not in full control of his mouth. The first just shows he is a politician. The second part is dangerous in someone in power.
    Gordy needs to control his cakehole or stay in a cupboard until he looses his job…

  11. Imo says:

    Holdfast, she is a bigoted as she dared question the prime minister. Everything he says and stands for is true, look at how he saved the world from economic downturn and recession. LOL.

  12. Imo says:

    Aghh.. remove the “a” in “a bigoted”.

  13. jman says:

    Big deal. Obama does this all the time to our faces and it’s not hurting him……..

  14. Friendly_ear4u says:

    Good grief! Who cares – it is all the crap he said about helping people that is the real crime. Poor woman has worked all her life and what little she gets is taxed to pay for all the bums not working for their supper. England has made a dog’s breakfast of their economy and they are not going to recover from it anytime soon.

  15. Buzz says:

    Actually she is a bigot. She prejudged Brown’s reasoning before knowing anything real or true about it.

    Bigots are not the same as “Racists.” That’s an assumption made by lexicographical bigots.

    In its widest sense, any issue that is prejudged from heresay, incomplete research, no research, bullshit or out and out lies (see “Tea Party”) is a form of bigotry.


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