Thanks Bobbo.

  1. gmknobl says:

    Radiation levels are unacceptably high, pat downs are violations of our personal security. Our rights are being violated and this woman is not alone. There are easier ways to do this that doe not even involve profiling. Besides, considering her apparent ethnicity, she’d trip many profiling searches anyway.

    This needs to stop. All such actions need to stop. In the end, to catch Obama or any terrorist, none of this needs to happen. Besides, if you’re rich, you don’t go through this either, you just take your own plane.

    You cannot simultaneously have both security and freedom. People, choose the latter and resist any effort by our “government” to restrict our freedoms to give us unobtainable security.

    Ask Wil Wheaton.

  2. HenryG says:

    I believe when this passenger complains using all three avenues for registering her discontent, since she’s a frequent traveler, her name will likely be added to the list of passengers to be abused when going through security.


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