Thanks Bobbo.

  1. foobar says:

    Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection – I acknowledge the Buddha within.

  2. Islandbear says:

    I left the US during the first wave of patriotic saber-rattleing about 8 years ago. (George the 2nd’s war) This was the beginning of the end for American freedom.

    Since GW’s highly suspect win of the American presidency the land I grew up in, the land where I was taught in school that every American had a set of rights that were guaranteed by the constitution and could NEVER be abridged, has become a martial-law state.

    I cannot understand how they’ve fooled so many into thinking that love of country is the same thing as loyalty to government, no matter how corrupt.

    The founding fathers taught that revolution is the responsibility of an oppressed people.

    You have the freedom to be judged by a jury of your peers, not held without charge for as long as your govt wishes, you have rights that protect you from unreasonable searches without a warrant. A simple x-ray of your bags and a metal detector is reasonable… to be irradiated and photographed nude, or to be indecently groped for refusing the nude photo are unreasonable.

    The constitution is the most important document ever written in the US. It is the cornerstone that a great country was founded on. Why are you allowing your constitution now to be used as toilet paper by your government?

  3. Lou Minatti says:

    Hope-N-Change: “Why are you guys upset by this? You were OK with it a 4 years ago.”

    Wrong. And that is quite a bit different than being sexually groped by a TSA agent.

  4. Grandpa says:

    Oh hell, quit your complaining. Wait till you see what they do when we’re in 5 wars.

  5. Grandpa says:

    #36 Hmmm, I’ve thought about that and I’m not too sure I won’t be crying after the super secure anal probe program comes out.

  6. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    If you do a whole lot of air travel, the concerns about exposure to scanning machines is “real” or at least reasonable according to this:

    Course, the real comparison is to “total lifetime risk” to others forms of transport?

    I smile remembering when scanners where first introduced and reading our government tell us they did not effect camera film and getting my treasured vacation photo’s back with a green tint. Who at KodaChrome screwed up my Photos? And how did they get into the film I hadn’t sent them?

    “Trust Us” when we say we don’t know means it is safe.

  7. Lou says:

    I’m over it.

  8. Milo says:

    Or, is this part of the rightwingnut campaign to keep the TSA from unionizing?

    Check out the story:

    After all, if she was in beauty pageants, we already know that she’s a whore!

  9. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    #30 Mike : Terrific work. I love it when someone takes the time to dig up a fair and balanced news story. There’s nothing like good, non-agenda driven reporting. And “The Exiled” certainly is nothing like good, non-agenda-driven reporting.

    You and alfie share a treehouse somewhere?

  10. Mr, Ed - the Imitation (accept no original) says:

    Does pedro know he has to be penetrated for them to touch his vagina? So THAT’S why he likes the pat-up line.

  11. jescott418 says:

    Here is a great solution for her. Don’t fly!

  12. The_Tick says:

    It’s amusing to watch how the powers that be game the people. All’s well in the US where they may muster a coulpe hundred protestors to carry signs somewhere. Interesting in the UK that since the citizens are starting to demonstrate and push back with vigor, the IRA magically re-appears.

  13. Dallas says:

    #44 Pedro, Apple coming out with iPhone 5. You might be interested in this one unless you’re still holding out for a Black Fat one.

  14. Milo says:

    # 41, Animby

    May the best agenda win!

    I’ll trust some agenda journalism over some pageant bimbot any day!

  15. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    # 49 Milo said, “I’ll trust some agenda journalism over some pageant bimbot any day!”

    There’s no competition between these two stories, Milo. In fact, no connection whatsoever.

    One is pretty young skull full of mush relating her experience in a dramatic way.

    The other is a group of communists who were so left wing even the Russians couldn’t stand them supporting unionization of the TSA – also skulls full of mush just not so pretty.

  16. B Jacobson says:

    The truth is Obama was elected because we’d hoped that he would change it. Unfortunately everything changed for the worst.
    NOBAMA 2012

  17. bobbo, Republicans are constantly LYING about EVERYTHING. says:

    #53–BJacobite==Sadly nothing changed except for half assed healthcare. No, Obama’s failure is that he became Bush Light–continuing all the failed programs/initiatives thereof. So, what we are facing in 2012 is a right of center Dumbocrat acting as a centrist Republican of 8 years ago, or a pandering to the nutjob right Party Puke like Mitt.

    Heh, heh. Sadly there are no liberal vs conservative contests anymore where honest thinking people can reasonably disagree. Instead we have too ready to cave Dumbo’s vs Asshat Pukes in service to their SuperRich Corporate Clientele.

    Surely, if we all voted our own self interests, the worst Dumbo would be far better than the “best (COUGH)” PUKE.

    I challenge anyone to set forth the argument that the Super Rich need more tax cuts while the poor, working, and middle classes need service cuts. Go ahead: make that argument.

    If not, Wake Up Fools. The Republicans want to Kill America but they can’t do it without your vote.

  18. sargasso_c says:

    A nice young lady should not have to face an impromptu gynaecological examination before air travel.

  19. Mr. Fusion says:


    The truth is Obama did give us change. The problem remained the Republican’s filibuster in the Senate. So much legislation had to be watered down in order to squeak through the Senate. Many people aren’t happy with the amount or with the degree, but they are a vast change from the lassai faire, let the country die attitude of Bush.


  20. Dallas says:

    I’m pretty satisfied with Obama’s performance. He got the nation focussed on domestic issues, got our allies to respect us again, exited Iraq and restarted the economy. Not too shabby for a rookie.

    On the negative side, he tried too hard at bipartisanship. He should have mowed down those republican motherfuckers while he had the “political capital” that Bush crowed about and then used to start his holy war.

  21. bobbo, change only comes by voter the worse of two parties OUT OF OFFICE says:

    #56–thank you Fusion==my disappointment comes from being that much farther to the left of Obama and not having to deal daily with the Perfidy of the Puke Taliban Party. And he’s still smiling. I would NOT want to walk a mile in Obama’s shoes–not at least without FBI coverage and an air cap. More death threats than all other presidents combined. Because THIS is America!!!

    Pedro–I repeat the message because it takes so long for the truth to seep thru those who are anywhere near “undecided.” The fully committed, and I am speaking medically here, are beyond help having devolved already into calling everyone a sheeple regardless of the subject. Speaking of medically committed, we also have Animby who contrary to all that is good and holy within him, thinks the Dumbos and PUKES are about the same. Imagine THAT if you will.

    No, the message has to be repeated many times to get thru. A message with a PURPOSE===kinda an alternate universe to the one you have built for yourself.

  22. bobbo, change only comes by voting the worse of two parties OUT OF OFFICE says:

    Well Pedro: exactly wrong once again.

    Ha, ha. Stupid human.

  23. skunkman62 says:

    comment, F5, , F5, F5, read, rebut, F5, F5…

    get a life

  24. Dallas says:

    Guys, we need more Trump stories here before he explodes and the sheeple move on to the next buffoon.

    Trump is a gold mine !

  25. GregAllen says:

    >> Stopher said, on April 29th, 2011 at 11:50 am
    >> Not hot? I don’t know what video. This girl is wearing no makeup, bandana, and sweats and is stil gorgeous.

    Of course she is beautiful. Very. She’s just not Miss USA.

    It illustrates how fake TV beauty is.

  26. GregAllen says:

    >> Lou Minatti said, on April 29th, 2011 at 5:07 pm
    >> Welcome to Barack Obama’s America. 2 1/2 years into his 4-year term, this is what we get.

    It is laughable and perverse, this constant effort by the Right to blame Obama for not stopping what the Right Wing cheered as Bush started.

    They want us all to forget how they called we liberals “terrorists loving America haters” when we objected to the right wingers starting this very crap.

    We warned the conservatives that it’s very hard to get back civil rights once you give them up. In response the conservatives called us troop-haters.

    Now they are blaming us for not being able to get the genie back in the bottle.

  27. GregAllen says:

    I filled out one of those TSA complaint cards, once, and got a form letter back saying I did something wrong and should complain on the web site.

    I gave up, convinced that nobody reads those things and nobody at TSA gives two carps.

    In my case, my check-on duffel bag had obviously been searched and some goof-ball agent had not taken the extra three seconds to make sure the zipper was fully closed. The bag showed up at arrivals with clothes spilling out of it.

    I had used the “non approved” style lock, which they cut off and maybe they were p.o.’d being passive aggressive because they had to do it. (I’m only speculating)

    I lost maybe a 100 bucks worth of my clothes.

  28. JimD says:

    TSA (Tittie Squeezing Agency) at work !!!

  29. arnof says:

    So now that Osama is blasted, the TSA gets eliminated, right? Everything will be as before, no groping, no full body screening, no shoes off?


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