Billions of US tax dollars in Naked Body Scanners defeated by using a simple side pocket?

  1. GregAllen says:

    Can this method defeat the vaginal scans Virginian conservatives are forcing on women?

  2. nobody says:

    Seriously is there any rational person out there that does not know that TSA is, and has always been a huge rip off. Yet the few who point it out are ignored, and the money pit just get bigger.

    • GregAllen says:

      I agree although I’m not sure of the fix.

      I like the idea of doing Israel-style psychological screening but I’ve heard people say that this would be impossible with America’s volume of travelers.

      • pedro says:

        Talking thru your ass. The Israeli method is a bigger nightmare than the TSA. Let me know when you spend 2 hours waiting to be allowed in. Or when you wait 1 hour in a huge communal line to get your bags checked before you can go into the airline’s check-in to get out.

        Ignorant people like to hear the sound of their own farts.

  3. tehbublitz says:

    Hence him saying “but I’ve heard people say that this would be impossible with America’s volume of travelers.” Hi i’m an ass.

  4. Rob Leather says:

    I walked through Manchester (UK) airports body scanner with a metal ruler in my side pocket and it didn’t detect it.

    Then I mocked shock as I pretended to find it, and handed it over, making sure ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY in the line waiting for the scanner saw me do it.

    I kept going back and saying how sorry I was and they kept trying to get me to leave quietly and not discuss it…. yeah… sure :-)

    And were the local BBC and Newspapers interested in the story. Nope. They absolutely didn’t want to know. Which probably says more.

  5. henry says:

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