Billions of US tax dollars in Naked Body Scanners defeated by using a simple side pocket?

  1. kmfix says:


  2. UncDon says:

    Eight billion to keep the average American safe, even if it’s only an illusion. Hmmm… makes you wonder if their is a hidden agenda somewhere. Can’t be just the money.

    • Cursor_ says:

      We have had illusions to keep us safe for thousands of years.

      This is old as mankind itself.

      Mankind will never be safe. The Earth is a perilous place. Always has been, always will be. But you are far more likely to be injured by your own stupidity or by allies than you will anyone with malevolent intent.

      The best thing to do is to keep friends as friends and make friends of your enemies.

      And as always…

      Expect the unexpected.
      Make contingency plans for all possible scenarios.
      And stamp out pessimism and optimism whenever and wherever found.

      These two states of mind are unstable and the people that ascribe to them are a danger to themselves and others.

      Reality is the ONLY state to be in.


  3. Yaknow says:

    Great, now this will create even more invasive searches by the TSA….probing!

  4. Yaknow says:

    And anal cavity searches…..oh my, now we have to get to the airport 3 hours earlier.

    • Yaknow says:

      Make it 4 hours before you flight to account for all the lonely gay men.

      • msbpodcast says:

        If you’re a good looking man or woman might as well not bother; you’ll never get out of the naked body scanner.

  5. Wrigsted the Dane says:

    Good thinking, nice video. TSA is hurting the US. in so many ways.

    • msbpodcast says:

      The solution applied by El Al, a thorough interview, couldn’t possibly work here.

      Why, because, (sorry I couldn’t resist,) it would mean that the interviewer would have to give a shit, be awake/aware and observant, not be an obviously previously unemployed minimum-wage earner who’d let some dubious passengers on just because s/he was in a “Who gives a shit…” hung-over mood that morning.

      The TSA gets a fail on so many points, not least because it too intrusive when it works, and more when it fails, and insufficiently pervasive.

      It offers a plenitude of points of evasion to create the illusion of security, and it fails on all accounts.

      The worst thing Al Qeda could do to us is not blowing up the Senate and the Congress in Washington, but instead attacking the national parks, anti-smoking campaigns, breast cancer screening centers, planned parenthood clinics, you know, what the Repubes do every four years and what the Democraps neglect between elections.

  6. Animby says:

    I have waxed long, if not eloquently, on my distaste for the high school dropout employment program called TSA. I’m sdure one of the four or five literate people they have working there will “debunk” this young man’s thesis within a few days. The sad thing is, his photo is probably hanging in every TSA briefing room now and he will never fly again without secondary and tertiary screenings.

    Or, maybe we should just welcome him to Dean Wormer’s err, Pistole’s Double Secret Extra Opaque Non-Appealable Non-Confirmable No-Fly List.

    Congratulations, my boy. You’re a terrorist now!

  7. Mac Guy says:

    For the record, it’s equally possible to fool metal detectors on a similar scale. We learned this all too well at IBM.

    Nothing new.

  8. msbpodcast says:

    Great, now they’re going to introduce an upgrade to the scanners; a turntable arrangement where you’ll be rotated like a frozen TV dinner in a microwave. (Which is more accurate that you think.)

    Maybe we’ll should make little Tyson aluminium foil badges as “shields to protect our “junk”.

    Another 10 billion dollars of your money is about to up in smoke.

  9. Ben Dover says:

    Everyone should be anesthetized at curbside, put in a personal bomb-proof container, and travel as luggage. No complaints about the long wait on the tarmac. Worst that could happen is waking up in the wrong city. At least you’d have your luggage.

  10. uteck says:

    The TSA is a conspiracy by the oil industry to get Americans to drive more. ;p

    • msbpodcast says:

      Nah, I take the bus, subway and train.

      ‘Round here having a car detracts from your mobility.

      But a few miles away, the TSA agents are hard at work at a few international airports pissing people off.(They must get bonus pay for every exasperated sigh they can elicit. 🙂 )

  11. Animby says:

    Yaknow says:”Bottom line we need airport security…”

    No, Yakoff, we really don’t. The cockpits are hardened, now, and passengers have shown an overwhelming ability to subdue trouble makers. The TSA has yet to foil a terrorist plot. Not one has succumbed to the brilliant minds of our mall … err … airport security. They’re only just starting to be able to catch their own people robbing the passengers! Here’s an idea. Put an armed air marshal on every flight. What do we have now? Six? One on every flight and the airline pays for it. Meantime, fire the 30 people at the gate who yell at you to take your belt off.

    I can honestly say since the TSA took over passenger “screening” I have not had a single good experiences. You stand in a long line only to be constantly subjected to harassment by ex-burger flippers who think they are now cops. Are you doing everything right? They still yell at you to do things you’ve already done!

    I remember with grief a couple of months ago when I had to get to the airport TWO hours early for my 30 minute flight from Phoenix to San Diego. Before TSA, you showed up thirty minutes prior to departure.

    • jpfitz says:

      Just yesterday a box cutter was found in an overhead bin. OMG another box cutter. Maybe a terrorist plot. A bit of over reacting ensued.

    • Yaknow says:

      Yakoff is my twin. People are always confusing us mixing us up. Get it?

      We need airline security. When was the last time the plane you where on was highjacked, or blew up since 9/11.

      Do I like a 20 year old kid whose I.Q. is the same as my dogs determining if I should or should not be scanned, after waiting 2 hours in a line, NO! Do I subscribe to the B.S. of politicians and the lie that if I vote to shut down the TSA, I will be paying less taxes. And how it increase my flight fare, NO. That is the Republicans talking in code about the “Hide the pickle game” exercising their ability as magicians to misdirect and screw you in the bat cave. Democrats are no better, they sit back and enjoy the private show.

      We do need airport security and it is a pain in the ass. But does some moron who doesn’t think about his actions (who I think is working for the Republican party) need to make it worse? I don’t need to wait in line for 2 hours, go though a scanner with the addition of being patted down and a finger stuck up my ass. Now making my arrival at the airport 3-4 hours earlier, just because of some yahoo exposes the “illusion” of security.

      • Yaknow says:

        Side note, I was called in for Jury Duty, the guy from Mexico (know the accent- Monterey area) was complaining about being there and only getting paid the cost to cover his parking fee. He was also complaining about the security. To the person next to him.

        My first thought was you bassackward moron. You get citizenship in this country and complain that sitting in jury selection isn’t worth the pay. Then I turned to him and said in English, “Well friend in your country doesn’t the drug cartels just cut off your head if they think your guilty of anything they don’t like? Do you think you are sitting in this room, just waste of your time, because the pay isn’t good enough? You should be proud to be hear because you country doesn’t work as well as this one. We don’t have the Federalies drag you out of your home to jail without a trial and have a corrupt judge lock you away for life.”

        Then I said, “You don’t have to worry about a skinhead or gangbanger bringing in a weapon and killing you because there is security screening process. You know the people sitting next to you, who dislike you because of what you say will not kill you. In here you are safe. Safer than being on that street. You are damn lucky to be in this country, so shut the hell up and make a contribution.” Then another person stood up saying they where from Cambodian telling the guy to essentially to shut up. Explaining what it was like living under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, and being selected for Jury Duty was a privilege and honor. How much he thought is was a good thing to do. Followed up by if he was dissatisfied having to be a Juror, then he should denounce his citizenship and go back to where he came from. The room broke out in applause.

        There is a difference about whining about something to further your personal agenda, and another in fixing something.

        • Ken says:

          I’d have told him that it was his chance to nullify an unjust law. If he could get on a jury where some poor schmuck has been harassed by a federal prosecutor or was arrested for carrying contraband (drugs, a gun, etc.) he’d have the opportunity to exercise real justice.

          Unfortunately, you folks would probably declare that disobedient and tell us “Amerka, love it or leave it!” Meanwhile, everyone in the system is getting paid, and rather well. They get short work weeks, great pensions, and the jurors barely get lunch, if they are lucky.

          • Yaknow says:

            Yea, there is some truth by that. The real issue is figuratively speaking god we do have a jury system. And you can change laws. But as far as the TSA, why make it worse? Why not just take it to the TSA or a governing agency that can make the necessary change transparently. And if they don’t do it, then go public. I don’t know anyone who does like the TSA. If you have a complaint take it to those who are responsible for us needing the airport security in the first place.

  12. Great! The next time this guy goes to the airport he’ll have more fingers stuck in him that Paris Hilton.

    • msbpodcast says:

      Paris Hilton doesn’t take off from the same class of airports as me and thee.

      She lands and takes off from Teterboro where the rich are waved through and the TSA staff wear red caps and are there to load and unload their fuckin’ luggage.

      There are no fingers stuck inside Paris Hilton that she didn’t guide in there herself.

      • jpfitz says:

        You’d think he would be smart enough to not show his face in the video. I call BS or he’s just plain stupid.

  13. BigBoyBC says:

    Well, I guess we know who the next person to be suicided. Maybe he’ll be the next contestant on “Win, Lose or Drone!”

    • jpfitz says:

      You’d think he would be smart enough to not show his face in the video. I call BS or he’s just plain stupid.

  14. Not to change the subject but did you hear? Scientists believe in God. God Particle
    They are getting ready to discover the “God Particle” at the Travolta accelerator in Batavia, IL.

  15. bobbo, always in wonderement that people hate reality so says:

    Ha, ha. Putting the “ill” in illusion. The illusion of safety. But so few are fooled by this charade, yet we put up with it as no other option exists.

    Informing to watch your own culture slowly spin out of control. Nothing individuals can do about it even when all of a single mind but the issue cannot be directly voted on. All run thru Congress where the scanner lobby pays to have its scanners required.

    And so it goes…….right down the drain.

  16. chris says:

    Very smart, but falters at the end. Just because the TSA is another form of hookup for defense contractors doesn’t mean that government shouldn’t run airport security.

    I’ve heard countless examples of military procurement programs that the military doesn’t want but congress mandates anyway because it creates jobs/payoffs.

    TSA should be focusing on building up a core of useful people rather than buying whatever useless machine purports to be the silver bullet for security.

  17. NewfornatSux says:

    You don’t like it, then don’t fly a plane. Or ride one as others fly it.

  18. So what says:

    Terrorists attacking or using using airplanes as weapons is so passe. There are easier and simpler ways to create mass chaos and death and never even get close to the TSA.

  19. Glenn E. says:

    Oh great, a 2D body scanner, in a 3D world. They must think that all terrorists come from Flatland. So they can’t hid anything at their body edges. Yeah, if they can figure out how to bring down two tall buildings, by crashing large jet planes into them. Then defeating 2D body scanners is a breeze. Especially if the agent is chubby. And therefore much thicker in the torso, than most people.

    All they have to do to fix this is update the software to generate a gray scale background. And possibly also make dense objects a bright color, instead of black. You’d think the scanner makers would have thought to test for this deception. And maybe they did. But by not counteracting this, it seems they only cared to make more money by keeping the scanners as simple as possible. I guess they were the lowest bidders.

  20. GregAllen says:

    Can this method defeat the vaginal scans Virginian conservatives are forcing on women?

  21. nobody says:

    Seriously is there any rational person out there that does not know that TSA is, and has always been a huge rip off. Yet the few who point it out are ignored, and the money pit just get bigger.

    • GregAllen says:

      I agree although I’m not sure of the fix.

      I like the idea of doing Israel-style psychological screening but I’ve heard people say that this would be impossible with America’s volume of travelers.

  22. tehbublitz says:

    Hence him saying “but I’ve heard people say that this would be impossible with America’s volume of travelers.” Hi i’m an ass.

  23. Rob Leather says:

    I walked through Manchester (UK) airports body scanner with a metal ruler in my side pocket and it didn’t detect it.

    Then I mocked shock as I pretended to find it, and handed it over, making sure ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY in the line waiting for the scanner saw me do it.

    I kept going back and saying how sorry I was and they kept trying to get me to leave quietly and not discuss it…. yeah… sure 🙂

    And were the local BBC and Newspapers interested in the story. Nope. They absolutely didn’t want to know. Which probably says more.

  24. henry says:

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