What on earth were they thinking?

  1. observer says:

    Looks like the start of a good porno.

  2. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    Its not racist, everyone is too sensitive to the issue. It uses metaphor, strong competitors represented by strong men of different ethnicity than the majority.

    The tyranny of the minority is thus manifested in the adverse claim that was racist.

  3. Tom says:

    Huh? I saw nothing racist about it whatsoever. We’ve become entirely too PC and sensitive!

  4. Christopher says:

    So what they are saying is that once they surround you, they just make you disappear???

  5. Tigerjuju says:

    I can see it is debatable whether this is racist. But it clearly hints who they consider as their “enemy”. It is interesting to show such hostile mindset without bothering to cloak it under the pretense of diplomacy.

  6. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    That was masterful how “honeyman” misdirected everyone’s racism hunting eyes to Europe, while he basks in his degenerate glory…

    “honeyman” = “sugar daddy” = “1%” who are the true honkey in the wood pile to any innocent black woman at times square after dark, loitering for want of a job “honeyman” won’t give her.

    She’s the victim of sugar daddy’s everywhere…there’s even a web site…its despicable…

  7. Holdfast says:

    @Tigerjuju I do not see it as racist. It is not aggressive either.

    The EU has problems with different parts of the world. Unlike less civilised places, it wants to sit down and talk to them. That is what it has been about right from the start. It is a conflict prevention system. It hasn’t always worked externally but it has stopped Germany going to war with its neighbours and that was in the minds of the people who were in at the start.

    Being a bit more federated than the USA has caused problems. Every member country has its own armed forces and does its own alliances. Some, shamefully, joined in an illegal war and helped invade Iraq. It doesn’t mean that the EU method failed that time. It wasn’t allowed to succeed – insert preferred conspiracy theory here.

    Right wingers across the world dislike the EU. That is about the best recommendation anyone could ask for.

    • pedro says:

      So many distorted reality points you have put there is no wonder one concludes you’re a lefty loon.

      I guess that European “Diplomacy” worked very well in Libya. As a plus, that one was illegal too

      Idiots be bred.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Pedro–Bravo==you “almost” got substantive there.

        Please list the points you think are distorted and explain?

        The only point that is arguable to me is whether or not the war against Iraq was illegal. A point for the irrelevant at best?

        You aren’t being irrelevant are you Pedro?

        • pedro says:

          So you’re finally off your depression phase and going slowly into the manic one?

          • bobbo, posting as a left wing douchebag partisan with no humor at all says:

            Sticking with irrelevant. Good man. You won’t get many points by being so constantly irrelevant, but maybe thats your goal.

      • Holdfast says:

        Name calling. not very adult there. “One” can conclude what one likes. Please identify your reasons for this conclusion. It is quite possible that my opinions are well left of yours. That doesn’t make them left wing. I am not a member of any political party left or right. I am somewhere in between. I was probably a conservative in my youth/teens but have drifted to the middle with hopefully increasing knowledge and lifelong education.

        The thing that made what was done in Libya right – and Afghanistan for that matter, is that there were diplomatic processes.

        The USA and others pulled out of the UN discussion on Iraq before a vote could be taken – possibly because they knew what the result might have been. The maths were fairly plain.

        I do not know what the reasons for the US wanting to go in. We all hear plenty conspiracy theories. Is one of them right, or is it something else nobody has thought of? My only belief is that *big* money was something to do with your country and mine infuriating a billion Arabs and dishonouring our military personnel.

        There was a UN resolution about Afghanistan. People based there had committed a vile crime seemingly with the co-operation of the nearest thing there was to a government who would not allow these people to be brought to justice. There was no question that this was the right thing to do.

        Iraq was invaded against international law, public opinion everywhere and against common sense.
        The pretext was those “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Remember that story? It was untrue. Did the spooks even believe in it?

        Iraq will be probably/hopefully a better country for it one day. Nobody feels sorry for Saddam and his like. Regime change of unfriendly nasty scumbags is still illegal

        A few decades ago, I was in the British Army. When I put the uniform on, I knew I was one of “the good guys”. Previous generations had fought the Nazis and others. At that time, we were standing up against the Russians and just about to win.
        I support the military but I do not support what they were led into.

  8. jim g says:

    What was rascist ? I didnt really see anything rascist.
    I guess it’s “rascist” because someone said it was.

  9. Hmmm…now, the message is “when we stand together we can defeat common enemies.”
    The girl(s) representing “us” and the collection of meanies represent some asian, mideastern and african types.
    To make this PC, who/what would be a good stand in for the “common enemy”? Maybe some sci-fi aliens or flesh eating dinosaurs? Maybe the cast from “Desperate Housewives”? In any case, the point would have been lost.
    The PSA seems to be innocent enough.

  10. bobbo, posting as a left wing douchebag partisan with no humor at all says:

    “the more we are…
    the stronger we are.”

    And the image is of some cloned unarmed woman representing all of “us?”

    Who doens’t think any ONE of the armed men could easily defeat these KIll Bill Uma Thurman Brunette rip-offs?

    Seems to me we are all allowed to project our own prejudices into this fubar of an ad. Why not sexism? Its all women (who are all the same) vs men who are actually showing diversity in race and weapons?

    Or it could be religious==anti warfare and weapons in favor of some zen Buddhist mind control trick?

    But I say, when in doubt, or there are multiple possibilities, follow the money. What we got here is the EU “Art” Mafia buying up/paying for the creation of art that no one wants. Rather than buy up and destroy this garbage, the EU actually buys warehouses to store this stuff for future ages of appreciation.

    You really can’t get more stupid than that===showing that socialism and a strong safety net has its pro’s and con’s too.

    A valuable video for us all to watch many times over and thank god it will take the USA a decade or more to start wasting money in like manner.

  11. Simply unnecessary, in the middle of 21 century they still feed this medieval idea of some or all against all against one.