What on earth were they thinking?

  1. msbpodcast says:

    They’ve obviously had a bad/half-baked/idiotic idea, have talked themselves in to group-thinking that it could be packaged up into something acceptable by people as stupid as they are without putting them through the same group-thinking process and are carrying through with a flawed execution of a flawed idea.

    • msbpodcast says:

      And before anyone else says it, its an obvious rip-off of Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill

      • spreeuw says:

        killbill itself is a giant rip off of various films

        • msbpodcast says:

          I’m sure that Tarantino would prefer that you call it an homage. 🙂

          But you’re right, there’s nothing new under the sun.

          • Yaknow says:

            Tarantion my ass! It a Bruce Lee rip off, Tarantino ripped off Bruce Lee, Enter The Dragon.

        • Kent says:

          Figured I was the only person on the planet who didn’t like Kill Bill, and stopped watching 2/3ds of the way through.

      • Yaknow says:

        I screwed up on my last reply

        Tarantino my ass! It’s a Bruce Lee rip off, Tarantino ripped off Bruce Lee, Game of Death. The commercial takes from Game of Death and Enter The Dragon.

  2. spreeuw says:

    it costed 137 000 euro and was retracted after 3 days.
    In the meantime we’re all watching it, and it’s doing its propaganda work anyway. Could be planned this way. They use scare tactics at every big euro moment (constitution vote etc).

  3. Dallas says:

    I don’t get it regardless of who’s on there

  4. Gate Keeper says:

    Put those guys on the outside and we’ve got an excellent video supporting US border enforcement!

    Of course, there should be a single entrance that says “Welcome to the United States. Please have your ID ready.”

  5. Mac Guy says:

    Africa? That was capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial art.

    Granted, it has African origins, but still..

    Oh, and I love the text at the beginning. “It’s?”

    • Rob Leather says:

      That’s an interesting point. I’ve added an annotation to the video in response to this.


  6. Peppeddu says:

    Nah, it’s not racist.

    Europe is for exporting democracy and equal working condition, not for fighting on who makes the cheapest product using underpaid and overworked people (Foxconn anyone? Chinese prisoners working for free anyone?)

    That’s why they all sat down instead of fighintg back.

    And BTW, anyone remember the American movies before the fall of the Soviet Union? Wondering why the Russians were always the bad guys?
    If this is racist, what those movies were back then?

  7. deowll says:

    After the second viewing I don’t know what the bleep these people were thinking. Female superiority? EU domination based on population numbers? Magic? What?

    I having a feeling this was not audience tested and the thinking behind it is in some regards obscure.

  8. denacron says:

    What I got was a message of clone polygamy. Four females to a male, and breed breed breed!

  9. justme says:

    I would like to watch the second part…. does someone know when it will be available?

  10. RODEDOG says:

    Add a Jew with his finger on the “button” to the center of the circle. Then we’d have a COMMERCIAL!!!

  11. Yaknow says:


    The intro to the clip is what is racist, clearly distorting the message of peace.

    Europeans are an ancient homogenous (white) race too, just like Africa, China, etc.

    It shows women in a strong position, Europeans are represented by a woman. Aw com’on it’s International Women’s month.

    The commercial drips with Masaru Emoto’s theory and the Maharishi Effect.

    Each person is represented as a martial artist. The fact is the women is in a jump suit made famous by an Chinese American martial artist. Making an awkward connection of laymen’s perception between non-violence philosophy and martial arts. At best that perception is what is most insulting, primarily to the StarWars Franchise, Aikido, and McDojos.

    All the other commercial’s actors by being in the commercial do support the commercial’s message, and therefore, didn’t feel it was racist.

    Just put Larry The Cable Guy noodling in the commercial, and than you got racism.

  12. Rick says:

    More like “Team Europe: World Police”

  13. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Rip Off = Homage.

    FTW. Well done.

  14. NewfornatSux says:

    They took it down because they didn’t want their defense strategy revealed. If you attack them they will talk you to death.

    As for strength in numbers, that just means they are asking Europeans to please have some kids because the countries at our borders are outnumbering us big time.

  15. EnemyOfTheState says:

    Thinking? hahaha

  16. Uncle Patso says:

    Piffle. Anyone who is offended by this is too sensitive. Reality is much harsher. Most of what I call attitude adjustment advertising is worse that this, e.g., the SUV commercial with the snooty kid literally looking down on the cars they’re passing.

  17. jollycynic says:

    The truth is, Europe is desperately in need of some racism. White Europeans aren’t breeding and they are allowing white guilt to paralyze them from any act of self-preservation.
    I say this with wholehearted sincerity: Europe will only find salvation in another movement akin to Naziism.

    • NewfornatSux says:

      Unfortunately, that’s probably where things are eventually headed, with the leaders being the same people who are bashing certain parties as ‘Nazi’ for speaking ill of immigration or Islamism.

      Already, they have areas in France that are officially listed as places police won’t go. These Muslim areas are run by sharia law. Then they multiply while the rest of the country doesn’t, and these neighborhoods expand.

  18. orion3014 says:

    racism is not about race, its about culture….

  19. Rob Leather says:

    What nobody mentions is who the intended audience was meant to be. This WASN’T an advert that was going to be on European TV. It was meant to be show inside the EU Parliament. So… what’s the message they are saying to each other.

    The races in question represent the COUNTRIES and CONTINENTS that the EU considers it’s enemies. Namely, China, India and Africa (or as somebody pointed out, possible Brazil).

    If you think that having a white woman being threatened by men of ethnic races isn’t racist message, I wonder what you WOULD consider racist.

    The fact is, the true racism in the advert is the way in which the nations and continents (if it IS Africa) are represented as hostile enemies to be ganged up on and pushed into submission. THAT’S the message. Not that black men and dangerous to white women, although that is an undertone.

  20. Yaknow says:

    I want to see the prequel.

  21. observer says:

    Looks like the start of a good porno.

  22. Tom says:

    Huh? I saw nothing racist about it whatsoever. We’ve become entirely too PC and sensitive!

  23. Christopher says:

    So what they are saying is that once they surround you, they just make you disappear???

  24. Tigerjuju says:

    I can see it is debatable whether this is racist. But it clearly hints who they consider as their “enemy”. It is interesting to show such hostile mindset without bothering to cloak it under the pretense of diplomacy.

  25. Holdfast says:

    @Tigerjuju I do not see it as racist. It is not aggressive either.

    The EU has problems with different parts of the world. Unlike less civilised places, it wants to sit down and talk to them. That is what it has been about right from the start. It is a conflict prevention system. It hasn’t always worked externally but it has stopped Germany going to war with its neighbours and that was in the minds of the people who were in at the start.

    Being a bit more federated than the USA has caused problems. Every member country has its own armed forces and does its own alliances. Some, shamefully, joined in an illegal war and helped invade Iraq. It doesn’t mean that the EU method failed that time. It wasn’t allowed to succeed – insert preferred conspiracy theory here.

    Right wingers across the world dislike the EU. That is about the best recommendation anyone could ask for.

  26. jim g says:

    What was rascist ? I didnt really see anything rascist.
    I guess it’s “rascist” because someone said it was.

  27. Hmmm…now, the message is “when we stand together we can defeat common enemies.”
    The girl(s) representing “us” and the collection of meanies represent some asian, mideastern and african types.
    To make this PC, who/what would be a good stand in for the “common enemy”? Maybe some sci-fi aliens or flesh eating dinosaurs? Maybe the cast from “Desperate Housewives”? In any case, the point would have been lost.
    The PSA seems to be innocent enough.

  28. Simply unnecessary, in the middle of 21 century they still feed this medieval idea of some or all against all against one.


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