C’mon, give me bail. I can be trusted. I’m a priest.

A lawyer for a suspended Catholic priest charged in Connecticut with laundering drug money has filed a notice that his client intends to change his plea.

A hearing has been set for Monsignor Kevin Wallin next Tuesday in federal court in Hartford…

Wallin is currently being held without bail.

He was charged in January with selling methamphetamine and laundering drug proceeds through the Land of Oz, an adult entertainment store in Waterbury…

Investigators say Wallin bought methamphetamine from two Californians, Chad McCluskey, 43, of San Clemente, and Kristen Laschober, 47, of Laguna Niguel. Two Connecticut men, Kenneth DeVries, 52, of Waterbury, and Michael Nelson, 40, of Manchester, are also charged.

They have all pleaded not guilty.

He can catch up on ethics courses inside the slammer.

  1. MikeN says:

    [Comment deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  2. Uncle Patso says:

    Man, how does this guy even have time for this? All the parish priests I’ve known were much too busy to get up to such shenanigans.

    Ah, I see from the original article, in 2011

    he was granted a sabbatical for “health and personal issues.”

    Idle hands, etc.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    He needs to consider the fact that God made him do it so he can minister to the men in prison.

  4. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Hmmmm…. an anti priest post? ………… how nasty can I get it on? Ha, ha.

    Well…..I’ve gone thru various stages of grief management over the very existence of “religion” and all the dumb ass mantra repetition non think that goes with it reaching these days a kind of numb acceptance…… and I let it pass. As I copy and pasted here within the week past: “You gotta accept that other people can be quite happy in their ignorance.” Why, I mean really: WHY try to change that at all?

    Then you got your priests.

    There are at least two kinds of priests. Those who truly believe and those who don’t but assume the position anyway for a variety of reasons. I don’t know whom to despise more. The wicked can be found out, but the righteous corrupt forever.

    Its a puzzle.

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    But to the purported subject of this thread, “Not guilty” within the legal system only means the Defendant entered the Legal System with a presumption of innocense and the Not Guilty plea is a freedom guarantee requiring the State to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Supposedly, even if one enters a Guilty plea, the court is supposed to independtly determine that such evidence exists. Try to guess how often THAT happens?

    But priests and all actually honest good men do have an obligation to tell the truth. Committing a crime and entering a plea of Not Guilty does not violate that requirement.

    Does make me wonder what the conviction rate would be though if there was a plea: “Oh, I’m Guilty as Hell—but Prove it.”

    Ha, ha. A fine distraction so as not to think about criminal priests.

  6. Dallas says:

    Why do Catholoc priests continue to break the law and hate America?

  7. deowll says:

    Actually he isn’t a Priest. I suppose they should have dumped him when he took leave but they may not have had all the details and some people do sort their lives out.

    No doubt his time in prison will give him time to rethink his life. What he will decide to do will of course be up to him.

  8. Mextli says:

    Looks like an application of the “War on Drugs” to persecute the Church.

    All drugs should be legal, right? Maybe it needs to be medical methamphetamine.

  9. Dallas says:

    Selling meth and laundering money through the Land of Oz ?

    Together with raping young boys, somebody needs to look into this outfit for questionable behaviour. Who’s in charge?

  10. Guyver says:

    Wow! Lots of deleted comments of the non-liberal posters. A case of hypersensitivity?

  11. noname says:

    If I was a Catholic I would demand to know:

    Q1: What effective steps are they actively doing to stop this, now!

    Q2: What effective steps are they actively doing to prevent this, now!

    Q3: What effective changes have been made in the Catholic organization to never let this happen again!

    Q4: Is the Catholic Church a unholy Single Men’s Club or Holy Church?

  12. So What? says:

    “[Comment deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]” Haven’t seen many of those in a while.

    • noname says:

      It’s always the same fowl characters.

      This isn’t a government site, its private Enterprise doing what the Repukes really Want!

      Now that they tasted the medicine they demanded; they cry the officiating is one sided! Loosers and Hypocrites!

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        “Personal attacks on the Editors unless it represents interesting commentary” /// I thought Mickey’s comment was rather inconsequential, light hearted, and a bit funny. I did not see it as personal, nor an attack….but I can see an editor after months of the same comments growing to find it “un-interesting.”

        Like Pedro and his yawns.

        I mean c’mon guys—change it up. Bring a few more bullets to the knife fight???

        I hope it was only pure boredom. “Actually” I think such deletions should be accompanied with a short note as to why it was deleted?

        “Its the nature of man to ask: Why, why, Why?”

        Good thing, I’m used to disappointments.

  13. Number33 says:

    Hey guys! Innocent until proven guilty regardless of what he says. Thank goodness for Chimpy McBush 2.0. The sun always shines on teleprompter! Huzzah!


  14. Mike Carlson says:

    It is so sad to know a lot of Catholic priest are getting involved in different crimes. This is a big disgrace to the whole Catholic community.

  15. orchidcup says:

    I have too often found that douchebags imbed themselves into the religious communities because they find it rather easy to find sheeple victims to exploit.

  16. Ken says:

    If he had just said “I have not committed a crime” then he would not have been lying if he believed that he has not. Just because the state says something is a crime does not make it so. There was no victim of what he did, so there was no crime.


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