Before hitting the air he mumbles about this or that being “gay” while cursing. Then introduces himself.

found by Tex Ligums

  1. Tim says:

    “Fucking thing exibits a negative pressure differential.”

  2. pedro says:

    We have a new troll award: The Bobbo award

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      I already give the Bobbo Award for a completely nonsensical statement or argument made by someone other than Alfie.

      Introducing another award with the same name could only earn you a merit badge on the way to that award.

      Silly Hoomans….. every sweet mother loving one of us desiring awards. And the few who actually deserve them, do so, because they are so much more interested in other things.

      ♫..Into your mind it will creep….♫

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    Given how the FCC is more than happy to slap steep fines for every cuss word uttered, an on-air journo who is prone to foul language is a costly liability for a broadcaster regardless of any other considerations.

  4. rabid monkey says:

    So he’s a rookie. Cut him some slack. We all have been stressed-out and thus exhibited certain faux-pas in our own lifetimes. This person is human. We are human. Why demonize a fellow for being ignorant and unprofessional on his first day? It’s not like he was a reporter on some TV-news show or something. SHEESH! Get a grip people. Find something else to gripe about why don’t you. The rabid, negentropic phenomenon know only as “bronies” cpmes to mind. Is this the meta-hipster, anti-hipster movement we have been all hoping for? Only time will tell. I expect more details in tonight’s news-report.

  5. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    rapid…..I think you are the first one ever to reply to yourself until there is no more space. Thats an interesting meme if you fill in the spaces with interesting material. “Nevermind” would be difficult to make interesting.

    So is cursing for your first words READING the news a flaw or a blemish? I think its a flaw.


    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      By Next I mean next candidate for news reader, not the various other nexts the context allows for.

      I think AnonCow is right about the employer’s interest, but it goes deeper. Swearing, (for no apparent reason), in a public position like that is not a function of nerves—but character==as in he has none.

      He’s to be a guest on Morning Joe. He’ll smile and try to fluff it off but he “should be” toast. Too many people for too few jobs. Given the slot to someone with more humility.

  6. orchidcup says:

    So the guy says a couple of swear words before he realizes he has a live microphone.

    This is mild language compared to the Nixon tapes or a Papal conclave.

    Give the guy a break. He lives in North Dakota.

  7. MikeN says:

    It’s hard to out-idiot Chris Matthews,”I’m glad Hurricane Sandy happened, because it helped Obama’s reelection”.

  8. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    He was on Letterman. Not the turd I labeled him.

    More just “callow.” I was never THAT callow. I was more on the turd side of things.

    Simple projection on my part. Not more choice at the bottom of the barrel?