Before hitting the air he mumbles about this or that being “gay” while cursing. Then introduces himself.

found by Tex Ligums

  1. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    That guy looks as stiff as Lance Hardwood. Mumbles a bit too.

    Could I have been a contender?

  2. BigBoyBC says:

    Him prompter read good…

  3. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    …………..and he got suspended for it as well:

    He is sorry he got caught though—don’t you know. Good to see he is investing a lot of himself in his new career.

  4. Mr Diesel says:

    Almost as funny as the new K-Mart Ship my Pants commercial, almost.

  5. B. Dog says:

    I believe him when he says he was trying to sound out the London Marathon winners name; Tsegaye Kebede. I get more upset with the mindless talking heads just reading the , “33 killed in someplace crap.”

  6. Dallas says:

    Looks like daddy is an executive and got that little teabagger a job at the firm.

    • Mr Diesel says:

      Teabagger on NBC, not hardly.

    • Wayne says:

      I would feel like it was punishment being sent to work in North Dakota.

      • mojo says:

        Old joke:
        “Welcome to North Dakota!”
        “Thanks. Say, when does it stop snowing?”
        “I dunno. I’ve only been here nine months.”

        • jimbo says:

          Actually, North Dakota is semi-arid, some years it doesn’t snow enough to take the snowmobiles out. It is cold, though. Disclaimer: I haven’t been there in 35 years, and looking at Google Maps leads me to believe that global warming has increased the precipitation there, being I see trees growing where no sensible person would plant them, and they needed considerable coaxing to grow when I was a kiddie.

  7. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    Well, speaking of Einstein and Oppenheimer, I haven’t followed the tv news at all so this was a nice review of how our boys got caught:

    It takes one kind of person to bomb, another to shoot, another to stab, another to strangle, and another to cook only vegan.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Hmeyers says:

      I think the guy they carjacked was an Arab American. So likely they let him live because their brainwashed dogma doesn’t believe in killing fellow Muslims.

      Quite ironic, really …

      • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

        Gee==Good Catch HMyers. My link says only that he was “a Caucasian.” Its evil to play on my bigotry like that.

        does raise a fascinating question though. NOT politically correct: how many f*cking Muslim can we let live in this country before they try to take it over? CAN AMERICA provide an environment so that the mythical moderate Muslim can rule the Islamic American faith?

        History teaches its the fanatics that rule any group of men.

        If we were “smart” we would export all Muslims now.

        Too late the lesson will be learned “again” as if it wasn’t obvious from the start.

        Silly Hoomans.

  8. Pocono Charlie says:

    Now had this been another network, say FOX, how many people would say ‘typical’?

    • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

      I think the Right Wing including Faux kinda pride themselves on not swearing.

      You see that even on this forum. Its the mad libs like myself that have the potty mouth.

      Right Wingers don’t want to distract you by anything that might turn your attention to their theft of your wealth.

      They wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouth full.

      Its the way of the World.

      • Mr Diesel says:


        • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

          Mr D—so you Bravely took one for the team?

          It don’t mean a thing. Any casual perusal of your past postings shows you are a gentleman of cards and letters.

          Ha, ha. ((PS—your ass crack is showing!))

          • dadeo says:

            Surprised you didn’t chastise him for talking with his mouth full too.

          • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

            Ha, ha. Good One! Yes, on immediate reflection I noticed there was a gold mine of lost opportunity there.

            But I like Mr D. Call me Biased. I fear he is as f*cked up as any other Right Winger, but he has learned to tolerate those he disagrees with as he does his best to screw the hell out of them.

            aka–not the worst rightwingnut in the Bunch.

            I think he did admit to having a mouth full. But it was just an analogy.

          • Mr Diesel says:

            Yeah Bobbo, that really “cracked” me up.

            Is there a test somewhere that will tell me I’m a right wing nutjob?

            I’m a lot more liberal in the true sense of the word:

            Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis) is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and private property.

          • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

            Mr D–everything you say you believe could well be true. but thats not “all” you are/believe.

            YOU responded with the “shit” posting.

            Humorous yes, but more than that, or are you changing your persona for a spin on the Comedy Wheel? Only your future posting will give us a glimpse.

            PS–saying your mouth was full of something is ALSO FUNNY. and not at all pointed. Funny thing about being funny===its a two way street.

            To your question—of course there are tests that place your responses on a political grid. They were posted here at DU a good while back but easily found with google. I test about 1/3 to the left and 1/4 in the lower half. Forget what the vertical axis was about. I think I landed right on top of Ghandi—which doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe I’ll take it again.

            All these “personality inventory tests” are fun to take. You see the questions and the answers and come to see there is a organizing principle to what we think and feel. THEN you should think about who you are and why and make decisions about whether or not to move your locus around.

            Its Science!

        • Bob73 says:

          What are you implying?

    • McCullough says:


  9. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    Someone should link to the clip of Ron Burgundy emphasizing the “man” part of being an Anchor Man. I don’t like Will Farrell/that Other Guy movies, but they do have some good lines/riffs.

    Dallas called this guy about right. I don’t think he is Anchor Man material.

  10. spsffan says:

    It’s fucking North Dakota for crying out loud. Who gives a rip?

  11. msbpodcast says:

    Hmmm… New Anchor Man = Idiot is what is known is rhetoric and logic as a tautology.

    I’m with spsffan… Who gives a crap?

    • bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

      MPod===whats up? Not the normal intelligent thing you say.

      New Anchorman = Idiot is a judgement, not a tautology.

      I can’t stress enough to all youse guys how important buying and reading a DICTIONARY is.

      Its all there=====>already written down. All you have to do is read it.

      Silly Hoomans.

  12. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    Now, the dude has been FIRED.

    Link says he says he made a “rookie mistake.” Ha, ha. The hooman ability to avoid the truth is writ large. He is a failure as a human being==not as a rookie.

    Whats the current job seeking generation called?===Seems like Gen X is at least one in the barrel?? Who are these kiddies thinking they have life experiences worthy of the scatological??? Took me years to earn the scars that make such utterances justifiable.

    No—the man has an obvious mental flaw. No idea what the details are. But he is a doofus. Getting fired is the best thing that could have happened to it. Calling it a rookie mistake means that he didn’t recognize the lesson. That is sad as he may have the building blocks of a good person in the carbonized rubble……. not without some help though that is not available and he’s not looking for it either.

    His DAD should take him by the scruff of the neck. Dallas may be too generous. Looking to me like he never had a dad. STEPdad looks more likely.

    And so the young shoot is bent.

  13. bobbo, Jr Culture critic says:

    Took 5 seconds. I think there is a better soundbite in the movie, but this sated my appetite.

  14. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    He was a brand new hire for the weekend news slot for an NBC affiliate in Bismark. The only farther down the food chain would be the mid-nite shift on the weekends.

    The good news is he can easily get a job in Minot or Williston busing tables in a restaurant. And will probably earn more than his short-lived weekend gig as a news reader.

    • msbpodcast says:

      There goes the 4 year journalism degree he borrowed so much money for.

      He could have had a head start and not wasted 4 years pretending to want to be a news anchor.

  15. sargasso_c says:

    Burger King, here he comes!

    • Mad Hater says:

      Don’t you mean, APPLE?! Seems like he’d be a perfect fit as an Apple “Genius” (rather than serving up apple pies).

      • Mad Hater says:

        …I probably would have said Microsoft support person. But I didn’t want to start any international incident with India or anything.

        It’s different when they’re all a bunch of happy drunk Scotts & Irishmen – a.k.a. Apple Employees.

        • The Monster's Lawyer says:

          You forgot those kikes, wetbakes and chinks.

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            oops. i meant wetbacks. sorry to all those wetbakes out there.

          • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

            Now Monster—-why you be hating on all those failed chefs out there.

            I’m staring to think your clientele if affecting the provision of your professional services.

            Tighten Up!

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            Thanks bo’. Consider me tightened.

  16. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    Mr Diesel says:
    4/22/2013 at 4:26 pm

    Is there a test somewhere that will tell me I’m a right wing nutjob? /// Google (political attitude test) and you will get many such tests.

    I took several and find this one worth the 10 minutes it took. Similar test years ago had me less liberal and more libertarian. seems my time here at DU is affecting my views? I would like to see world figures and their placement on the chart as well, but I wonder if they are “made up” for the pop-psyche effect?

    anyhoo, I scored: You are a left moderate social libertarian.
    Left: 6.8, Libertarian: 1.27 /// Probably just on the edge of left wing lunacy? I could go back and “fudge” my answers more towards the opposite by making other assumptions about what is being asked for but… I do test consistently.

    You should be able to “guess” the outcome as you take the test. Questions are pretty obvious. What is not obvious, is what such test results will correlate to on things you have no inkling about==like how many kiddies will you have? Will you spank your kiddies, will they use drugs and so forth. No guarantees–just correlations, but what we think affects more than what we think.


  17. I_Fart_Huckabees says:

    Well, it was 4/20.,,

  18. Mextli says:

    right moderate social authoritarian.
    Right: 4.67, Authoritarian: 1.09

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      That means you are farther right than I am left. Hmmm. I wonder how the test “works?” could you have answered all the questions the same as me but “not cared much” to them all whereas I cared strongly or somewhat to most of them? If I squint a bit with the left eye, I could say I don’t care at all about any of the questions. None really affect “me” as we make our own way in this life.

      • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

        Oops–you are NOT farther out than me. I must have freaked when I saw you were on the right side at all. Ha, ha. How our attitudes are affected by bias?

        A deep appreciation for these tests would tell us more about ourselves. What does being closer to neutral mean compared to being farther out towards an extreme? Must be just the “caring” part?

        Caring people are always more extreme.

  19. George says:


    I cannot stand this anymore. Bobbo The Self-Important Asswipe has completely hijacked this blog.

    For Christ’s sake, he leaves comments immediately after his own comments. I don’t know how anyone has time to write all that shit. He’s probably one of those 800 lb slobs that lies in his own excrement while his 72 year old mother brings him hamburgers and pizza.

    From now on, if I want to know whats up with John Dvorak, I’ll catch him on TWiT.

    Don’t bother to comment on this, Bobbo the Cumwad. I’m not going to come back and read it anyway.

    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      I feel your pain bro and quite agree except I’d go the opposite way. Too many people here don’t respond enough. Have you ever posted here except to say you are leaving?

      Ha, ha.

      Coincidentally…. this is the first thread I have ever consciously tried to hijack, or perahaps borrow just a little bit. I mean, the guy is an idiot. Thats not going to draw much discussion…. so what else to talk about?

      “How do you know what you know and how do you change your mind?” //// Personality assessments go a long was in helping to understand that question.

      Your mileage may vary.

    • 50000 watts of funk says:

      I just scroll past the bobbo comments. At one point I had a greasemonkey script that scrubbed his blathering, but haven’t updated it since the site redesign.

      Don’t feed the trolls.

  20. Tim says:

    “Fucking thing exibits a negative pressure differential.”

  21. Anonymous Coward says:

    Given how the FCC is more than happy to slap steep fines for every cuss word uttered, an on-air journo who is prone to foul language is a costly liability for a broadcaster regardless of any other considerations.

  22. rabid monkey says:

    So he’s a rookie. Cut him some slack. We all have been stressed-out and thus exhibited certain faux-pas in our own lifetimes. This person is human. We are human. Why demonize a fellow for being ignorant and unprofessional on his first day? It’s not like he was a reporter on some TV-news show or something. SHEESH! Get a grip people. Find something else to gripe about why don’t you. The rabid, negentropic phenomenon know only as “bronies” cpmes to mind. Is this the meta-hipster, anti-hipster movement we have been all hoping for? Only time will tell. I expect more details in tonight’s news-report.

  23. bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

    rapid…..I think you are the first one ever to reply to yourself until there is no more space. Thats an interesting meme if you fill in the spaces with interesting material. “Nevermind” would be difficult to make interesting.

    So is cursing for your first words READING the news a flaw or a blemish? I think its a flaw.


    • bobbo, Jr Culture/psychiatric/ethnic/social/art critic and general bonvivant says:

      By Next I mean next candidate for news reader, not the various other nexts the context allows for.

      I think AnonCow is right about the employer’s interest, but it goes deeper. Swearing, (for no apparent reason), in a public position like that is not a function of nerves—but character==as in he has none.

      He’s to be a guest on Morning Joe. He’ll smile and try to fluff it off but he “should be” toast. Too many people for too few jobs. Given the slot to someone with more humility.

  24. orchidcup says:

    So the guy says a couple of swear words before he realizes he has a live microphone.

    This is mild language compared to the Nixon tapes or a Papal conclave.

    Give the guy a break. He lives in North Dakota.

  25. MikeN says:

    It’s hard to out-idiot Chris Matthews,”I’m glad Hurricane Sandy happened, because it helped Obama’s reelection”.

  26. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    He was on Letterman. Not the turd I labeled him.

    More just “callow.” I was never THAT callow. I was more on the turd side of things.

    Simple projection on my part. Not more choice at the bottom of the barrel?



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