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Huh? Wha?

  1. orchidcup says:

    The biggest conspiracy has always been the fact that there is no conspiracy.

    Nobody’s out to get you.

    Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die.

    There, you feel better now?

    — Dennis Miller

    • pedro says:

      Wow! A blog’s liberul leaning fella quoting Miller.

      Now that’s a conspiracy theory if I’ve ever seen one.

      • jpfitz says:

        Dennis Miller is funny regardless of your bent for politics. He has swung way to one side of the tree.

        • pedro says:

          Indeed, as are Colbert & Stewart (when he doesn’t have his head up his ass).

          Maher, on the other hand… Douche of all douches.

          • bobbo, Jr Macroeconomic and Tax Theorist says:

            Amuse us all Pedro==what specifically has Maher done that make him douche worthy?

            Everything I can think of make him only admirable in my view.

            He’s most famous I suppose for truthfully, accurately, and insightfully pointing out that it takes more courage to put on a suicide vest and blow yourself up for your religious mania than it does to fire a missile into a city from 300 miles away.

            Now DAMMIT Pedobreath–your stupidity already has me supporting Muslim Fundamentalists. What doesn’t your stupidity add to??????

            Ha, ha.==So–give us a list.

            I’ll bet a pile of straw for your donkey you can’t/don’t/won’t do it.

          • pedro says:

            If you have to ask that means you’re as oblivious to his douchebaggery. Understandable, since you’re douchy most of the times

          • bobbo, the drooling liberal says:

            No, I ask because unlike you I don’t form opinions without facts/analysis to back it up.

            It IS too easy to act as YOU do: form opinions (if your posts can even fairly be thought of as rising to that level as opposed to being merely verbal shit from you) without any facts at all …. so when no facts appear to support a post, I still have the analytic rigor to ask for those facts should they actually exist.

            In your cases, I ask in order to give you time to think some shit up, but you never do.

            Silly Pedo. Why do the donkeys run away??

          • pedro says:

            I’m so sorry bobbo. I was unaware that I was belittling your role model & hero. Is kinda what nobrain feels for DUhllass less the homo erotic part.

            So let this be my apology to you, Maher is a lighthouse of wisdom in this world. Nothing compares to his wit and humbleness. Kinda like you.

          • bobbo, affectionato of all things supposedly healthy for you says:

            Poor PedoBreath: careening from one extreme of no support to the other.

            You don’t like Maher. Fine. You ought to be able to identify why you don’t.

            (sarc/on): Nothing wrong with saying: “I read it on a bumper sticker and I liked the color.”

          • pedro says:

            You seem like nobrain. Care to make it more obvious that it hurt you me messing with your hero?

        • Rockspaz says:

          Maher is a douche because he laughs at his own jokes either in his monologue or in “performance”, to cue his audience as to when the punchlines are delivered.

          No other comedian that I know of, is always the 1st person in the room to laugh at his own jokes.

          Either he believes: 1. his material isn’t that funny and by laughing at his own jokes, he’s trying to help it all along (which means he’s not really putting the work into writing) or 2. he believes his audiences aren’t smart enough to know when his punchlines have been given.

          Either is a form of disrespect to his audience. Is that not douchey?

          Given time I could give you a longer list of why he’s a douche (he’s age-ist for one) but laughing at his own jokes while delivering the punchlines speaks a lot to me, as to his large/deep level of doucheyness.

          • NewformatSux says:

            I’ll give Maher some points for humor.

            “We can’t bring democracy to these places. According to the Koran…Freeedom, is just another, word for- nothing left to lose.

          • pedro says:

            Did he said that now or when Dumbya was in power? I bet he doesn’t dare saying it now.

  2. Kent says:

    Interesting they don’t tell you how many believe 9/11 is an inside job. I suspect that number would be high, as would those who don’t believe in the lone gunman theory. Its a wonder there hasn’t been another revolution yet.

    • bobbo, the drooling liberal says:

      How is that interesting regardless of what the number might be?===same as every other nutball issue on the list?

      It can’t be interesting what a nutball thinks. Makes my skin crawl they are allowed to vote. THAT would be a fair point.

  3. Buzz Mega says:

    Alas, a much larger percentage of We The People (WTP) believe in a meddling Supreme Creator Guy who loves me, this I know.

    Atoms run on automatic.

    Gravity runs on automatic.

    But the SCG listens to petitions and re-arranges the Universe to fit our pleas.

    Oh, please.

    • pedro says:

      Although you are correct regarding WTP, you are wrong about atoms & gravity. Those run on energy.

  4. Everyone in Washington “lies and buys” and fails to live up to even their own ideals.
    No matter who gets elected next, they will have to barter and sell their soul piece by piece.
    That’s the way the game is set up, so no one gets everything they want.

    But the tide is turning towards the have mores, as they have intended from the start.
    The free market will soon enslave us all.