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Huh? Wha?

  1. RR1 says:

    Lets add number 13;

    53% of the population still believes that the Republicans didn’t run the country into the ground. 47% know better.

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Well….. this is VERY clever. Everyone knows a New World Order has been up and running the world since 1957 when the Bilderberg Group took over. Proof: still meets every year in secret with the worlds meglamaniacs in attendance. So–the biggest trick of the Devil is to convince you he doesn’t exist. Just add Beezlebub to any list of other impossibles and your job is 99% done.

    Where is “A vegan diet is good for you?”

    Plastics making us all more female?

    Human caused global warming?

    The possibilities are…… endless.

    • dadeo says:

      What’s the numbers on the ones that believe events and everything else is controlled by a Single Entity? This is just marketing aimed to profit from the war on crazy that we are involved in since Sandy Hook.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Well, its not a single group but rather “like minded people.” Thats why you don’t need “agreements” or conspiracies of the formal type that are provable and illegal.

        Like minded people do all kinds of things…. good and bad.

        “Its people!!”

        Ha, ha.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          HA!!==thats just what YOU said. Sorry. ((I dance like this too!))

    • deowll says:

      Girls are hitting puberty at a ridiculous age.

      Typical teen age boys have sperm counts that would have been cause to list them as border line sterile in the 40s.

      The number of males with gender confusion and messed up reproductive systems seems to have gone up.

      These issues are found in wild life and are caused by known chemicals however the FDA says humans are different just be careful what you eat. Especially avoid fish…

      • jpfitz says:

        You avoid all fish? Sure tilapia found in the supermarkets are unhealthy to eat, but other fish in moderation is healthy. If you can elaborate I’d really appreciate the info.

  3. deegee says:

    My step-father believes the moon landings were faked.

    A lot of people still believe the earth is flat.

  4. dadeo says:

    Sounds like crazy talk. Hmm..brought to you by shrink college. yeah, ok.

  5. McCullough says:

    53% of we the people think Obama is doing a good job.


    • Mr Diesel says:

      Well, 53% of the sycophants they asked anyway.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Now…. there you go again.

      Nuke the Pukes.

    • JudgeHooker says:

      What is the percentage of people who agree upon what a good job by a President actually is? Or have a clue how to DO a good job?

  6. Craig says:

    76% believe in God.

    • Sam says:

      Good for them.

      Hopefully, their God is a benevolent one. One that wants people to look out for one another and enjoy life.

      Not one that endorses violence, torture or beheadings.

    • DoDoHead says:

      That explains the conspiracy kooks. Just look at any religion and it might be hard to “believe” otherwise.

      …Then again, look at politics!

  7. Benjamin says:

    I believe fluoride is not a good thing to be adding to our water supply. We sell fluoride where I work and it is labeled as a poison. I can read a MSDS and know what chemicals that I do not want in my body.

    I do not believe that 18% of people believe the sun revolves around the earth. That is one in five people, almost, twice the number of people who believe fluoride is bad. Although to be technical, the sun and earth revolve around their common centers of mass, so the earth doesn’t really revolve around the center of the sun, but at barycentric cooridinates.: This bit of science is how we discover extra-solar planets.

    Whatever group, no matter the name, that through its actions is trying to rule the world will be thought of as the New World Order. You might call it Google for all we know.

    Osama bin Laden. No pictures of his body has surfaced. No DNA test results, sailors who witnessed his burial at sea, or anything else has been forthcoming. Why is the government covering this up? I’m not going to rule out that he is dead, but why the secrecy?

    • So What? says:

      Hell Benji if you don’t like fluoride google dihydrogen monoxide. That shit is so bad it will haunt your dreams.

      • Benjamin says:

        I know. I work in a chemical plant. We have faucets where pure deionized dihydrogen monoxide comes out. They have big vats of the stuff in the rooms where they mix chemicals.

        We go through a lot of water (I mean, dihydrogen monoxide) where I work.

    • Dallas says:

      Insert .

      If you had pictures, eye witnesses and OBL’s ear, you and um, ‘the others’ would still not be convinced. Therefore, I would do exactly what Obama did – show nothing.

      That way, Bin Laden and Elvis can fill loon blog sites for decades.

      • oldone says:

        Elvis is not dead. He also was not abducted by aliens. No, he went willingly.

    • MikeN says:

      Because Osama was a CIA agent planted to allow Bush & Co to invade the Arab world and take the oil. Obama didn’t expose it because he wanted to bask in the glow of being the one who killed Osama.

  8. spsffan says:

    Actually, not much surprising here. Most of the figures are decidedly lower than I would have thought, considering how many believe in God. Even (especially) in Oklahoma.

    And it does depend on how you phrase the question. As in “Do you believe in ufos?” verses, “Do you believe that alien lifeforms have visited the earth?”

    Well, of course. I see unidentified flying objects all the time. Just because I can’t identify them doesn’t mean they are alien spacecraft or some such. Unidentified means just that.

  9. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    It is informative to google (what americans believe) and review the various 500K hits that present.

    Issues of various import, relevancy, and objectivity. Does the USA need an Armed Revolution? Should MJ be legalized?

    Good check and balance for where our society “is” and where is should head?

  10. roberto says:

    Only 12 listed and you drag an old Beatles conspiracy into it? What percentage of people even know who Paul is? I think there is a conspiracy of old smelly hippies who try to keep the Beatles relevant a lifetime after they should have disappeared.

    • MikeN says:

      Couldn’t they have at least said Al Pacino was swapped sometime after And Justice For All or Scarface? Can you imagine modern Al doing The Godfather? He’d be standing outside that hospital with Enzo ranting and raving.

  11. Dallas says:

    This supports my theory that 30% of Teapublicans and 20% of Liberals are loons. We can argue a couple percentage points.

  12. Captain Obvious says:

    You’re posting this here? The mayhem is predictable. Like eating a burrito before sex.

  13. MikeN says:

    It doesn’t include the percentage that think 9/11 was an inside job.

    How about whether Flight 93 was shot down by W?
    The flight a week later that they declared exploded due to mechanical issues?

  14. Captain Obvious says:

    38% believe fracking might destroy the German Beer industry.

  15. Greg Allen says:

    Some other ones I hear:

    Jews run banking and media.
    The Holocaust never happened.
    Obama is a Marxist Muslim with a secret agenda to destroy America.
    911 was a false flag operation.
    Global warming is faked.
    Vaccines cause [autusm or you name it.]
    Lactose, gluten, MSG or other “intolerances”.
    Demon possession.
    “The Media” is liberal.
    “The Government” is coming after your guns.
    There is a war on religion.
    Celebreties die in threes.
    Tax cuts create revenue.
    There are “chemicals” on all our food.
    Spiritual warfare.

  16. Glenn E. says:

    These are only the theories that “they” want you to know about. I saw no mention of the Military Industrial Complex (or Cabal, as I call it), running everything in the US. And sucking in the lion’s share of US tax dollars to pay for it, and then some. Saving the world, many times over, from any and all wars, present, future, potential, and fictional. While largely neglecting to finance the recovery of wounded veterans, of past wars. Because that’s just too costly to do, compared to funding new weapons, “nobody” asked for. But clearly “somebody” dearly wants, enough to go to bat for in Congress. Yeah, those “Conspiracies Theories” that never seem to get any mention, at all. Perhaps because they aren’t theories at all. But just plain facts! So why aren’t they mentioned as often as Global Warming, and Darwin’s Evolution, if they’re just as accept as fact, too?

  17. observer says:

    “Forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years.”

  18. Bob73 says:

    Does anyone have a script that will automatically delete all of Pedro’s posts? That would be useful.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      pedro and Dallas are the designated trolls. There is also a lot of man-on-man love going on between which everyone else avoids like the clap.

  19. DoDoHead says:

    Interesting how many people will allow themselves to be so gullible. To think that anyone would believe in such nonsense is proof that there are some really crazy people out there.

    To think that anyone would accept a graphic about percentages (on a blog) as some kind of fact is proof of the pure IDIOCY!

    Remember: Without EVIDENCE it’s all just a bug pile of steaming bullshit!

  20. orchidcup says:

    The biggest conspiracy has always been the fact that there is no conspiracy.

    Nobody’s out to get you.

    Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die.

    There, you feel better now?

    — Dennis Miller

  21. Kent says:

    Interesting they don’t tell you how many believe 9/11 is an inside job. I suspect that number would be high, as would those who don’t believe in the lone gunman theory. Its a wonder there hasn’t been another revolution yet.

    • bobbo, the drooling liberal says:

      How is that interesting regardless of what the number might be?===same as every other nutball issue on the list?

      It can’t be interesting what a nutball thinks. Makes my skin crawl they are allowed to vote. THAT would be a fair point.

  22. Buzz Mega says:

    Alas, a much larger percentage of We The People (WTP) believe in a meddling Supreme Creator Guy who loves me, this I know.

    Atoms run on automatic.

    Gravity runs on automatic.

    But the SCG listens to petitions and re-arranges the Universe to fit our pleas.

    Oh, please.

  23. Everyone in Washington “lies and buys” and fails to live up to even their own ideals.
    No matter who gets elected next, they will have to barter and sell their soul piece by piece.
    That’s the way the game is set up, so no one gets everything they want.

    But the tide is turning towards the have mores, as they have intended from the start.
    The free market will soon enslave us all.


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