1. Bob73 says:

    Holy Shit!! I wonder how he lost that finger!

  2. crimsonfenix says:

    “How long has he had that mole…”

  3. Marc says:

    NOW I remember where I left my Glock!!

  4. Vinnie says:

    Pardon the Nasty Gas sir, but Pork burritos do not agree with me.

  5. Cudgel says:

    “God damn, I am so high on pills right now. I wonder if anyone can tell?”

  6. dadeo says:

    Fienstein’s Monster

  7. Nighted says:

    “Don’t eat the brown acid!”

  8. Lee Stevens says:

    “Dianne taught me simply everything I know about how you can get away with insider trading for fun and profits. It makes this in your face camera job,the Senate, where you have to pretends really hard that you like niggahs, jews women and gays tolerable.I tells ya the South shall rise again we got em armed.You hav to excuse me I have a fund raiser talk about putting Gawd back in the classroom as a way of saving Amerika,”

  9. mojo says:

    “Look at them! Filthy Humans… They must ALL be destroyed.”
    “Yes… my… Master…”