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  1. JT Hut says:

    Did Adam casually mention that his 2011 tax forms were 60 pages long? Probably explains why he always files for an extension.

  2. Peace and Love says:

    Adam doing his “hilarious” foreign accents. Even more fucking annoying than Leo Laporte. Of course I’m an idiot in the first place for pushing my luck by igonring the posting guidelines.. they are here:

    • Peace and Love says:

      So now the mods are re-writing our posts? And without acknowledgement?
      Very Orwellian, very Nazi. But it’s the beady eyed big nose on Fox we have to look out for apparently.
      Pushing my luck? I have been warned? Perhaps I should be reported?

  3. Peace and Love says:

    And still with the “what would be happening in Nazi Germany”? Not a bad idea if it weren’t for adam and john’s remarks last week regarding someone they could “just tell was evil” by her pointy nose and beady eyes. I think they meant big nose and rat like eyes.
    Some good irony though.

    • Glenn E. says:

      I think they may have unconsciencely been thinking of “Gru”, of Despicable Me. But if you want to pick on racist stereotypes. Don’t forget the classic movie “Wizard of Oz” (1939) and it’s portrayal of the neighbor lady Miss Gulch (aka Wicked Witch of the West). With her similar facial features.

  4. kiwini says:

    Oh No!… I gotts to keep squirting water on all dem’ fires we started back in DC. There’s not enough water in dere… I tink we’re gonna to need a bigger pool!.

    I need my chief hoser- where’s Unka Joe hidin’ out?.

  5. msbpodcast says:

    Hello Clarisse,

    Hookers on sale … hmmm…

    How much a pound?

    -Hannibal Lechter


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