Oh, that’s right. “News” departments on MSM are now a part of the entertainment department. And she is entertaining, if you’re smart enough to realize what she’s doing.

  1. bobbo, are we devo? says:

    btw: haven’t seen Kellyann at all anywhere since Morning Joe kicked her off for constantly lying. She got ripped as much as anyone I’ve ever seen on one of those Sunday Morning review shows. Down right vicious….. aka …. the truth filter.

    …….Ha, ha……..course, T.Rump: always welcomed.

  2. And now for something you're REALLY gonna like! says:



    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      …. does get almost watchable after the lead in by Perez Hilton.

      No…..I prefer analysis.

  3. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:


    Donald Trump Casually Suggests the U.S. Should Lead the World Into a New Nuclear Arms Race


    If you were watching a news program, say, three years ago on any station, even Fox News, and a discussion about nuclear proliferation came on, and the anchor turned from his panel of guests and said “let’s bring Donald Trump in on this discussion to get his take on things,” you would have lost your mind. But here we are.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      Same with BushtheRetard.

      Republicans: Lord bless their little pointed heads.


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