Oh, that’s right. “News” departments on MSM are now a part of the entertainment department. And she is entertaining, if you’re smart enough to realize what she’s doing.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    Network news used to be a “loss leader”. It was done as a public service by the networks.

    Today, the news is done for profit.

    It natural follows that the “modern news” …
    1) Is more entertainment than news.
    2) Each networks offers “safe spaces” and “bubbles” for their audience
    3) Investigative reporting? Who needs that? Let’s do pop culture.

    Trump has been big business for the news networks.

    They say there are usually 4.3 million viewers for a Spicer press conference.

    The news industry is making money hand over fist. Except they aren’t doing “the news” any more. It’s just pop culture.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      “The news is done for profit.” //// I wish that were the only rub. Lame Stream Media: yes.

      Faux Spews? =======> NO. Much more insidious. The propaganda arm for the League of Deplorables.

      Pay Attention. Small differences……….make a difference.

      • DNC Rewards Center says:

        Paying attention. Nice swipe at Fox News.

        Check is in the mail and 500 reward points have been credited to your account.

        800 more earns you a new pair of jackboots! Please specify color.

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    Uh oh, the return of Uncle Dave, angry at the election of a Republican President. Last time, he was blaming graffiti artists on George Bush, that under his economy they couldn’t possibly afford the houses they were vandalizing.

    • Hmeyers says:

      How does this fit into the mix:

      North Korean Dictator’s brother murdered in Malaysia:


      Who killed him? North Korea? Enemy of North Korea?


      • NewFormatSux says:

        Story is North Korea, because the leader doesn’t want a potential threat out there. The guy was the heir apparent, until he was arrested by the Japanese for using a fake ID. However, there is lots of fake news that gets spread about them. The guy might still be alive. There was a story reported that the leader killed his uncle by feeding him to a pack of hungry dogs, as a means of scaring the rest of the government, which is now said to be false.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    What else are they going to do, Crazed Uncle Dave? Under Obama, they fact-checked SNL skits multiple times when they dared to mock THE ONE. They’re not going to to that now.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      Thats exactly what they are doing….which is why they are getting more combative.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        The ‘they’ refers to the media, ‘that’ means factcheck.

  4. bobbo, are we devo? says:

    Welcome Back Uncle Dave.

    any interesting tales to tell???

    Why Kellyann Conway? She is officially by title “Counselor to the Orangutan”.

    the question is really how can they not?………but I quibble. She’s available and willing whereas others are not is what I suspect. I see the media outside of Faux is quite combative with her.

    Miller: so much worse “for Trump” and not a liar like Kelly as much as just a Fascist Loon.

    Reince: would be a natural but traditionally the position is too busy to make the media run.

    Bannon: not willing.

    Same with all the rest.

    Kellyann: making Ann Coulter look good……….and what happened to her what with her early and strong support? Should be another book in that?

    • DNC Rewards Center says:

      +100 points

      • bobbo, are we devo? says:

        Where’s my 800 points? You keep rewarding, but never pay up.

        How ……………… Trump.

        • DNC Rewards Center says:

          Unfortunately, our server was hacked.

          We value your service and loyalty, so please bear with us.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            I’ll take you at your word…..and that would be 10.5 D.

            but…. keep doing the great job you do: rewarding the truth.

            Let the RNC continue to pay to cover it up.

            We do have a two party system afterall.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            Crap….. three tries and I’m still reading too fast: black.

            I’d love a “….♫… boot to the head….”

          • DNC Rewards Center says:

            Black jackboots! Werewolves of London perfect.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            The song ditty is from the Culturally Edifying Firesign Theater “We’re All Bozos on this Bus”.

            It contains everything you need to know…and a good bit more.

            (Overstated, which is the point)

  5. Ah_Yea says:


    There is someone other than Perkel posting here??

    Nice video, BTW. Very interesting.

  6. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:


    Leslie Moonves can appreciate a Donald Trump candidacy.

    Not that the CBS executive chairman and CEO might vote for the Republican presidential frontrunner, but he likes the ad money Trump and his competitors are bringing to the network.

    “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” he said of the presidential race.

    Moonves called the campaign for president a “circus” full of “bomb throwing,” and he hopes it continues.

    “Most of the ads are not about issues. They’re sort of like the debates,” he said.

    “Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” he said.

    What’s good for the corporate media is not necessarily good for America. They like KellyAnne because people like watching a car crash in real time. 🙄

    • Hmeyers says:

      “What’s good for the corporate media is not necessarily good for America.”

      I agree.

      Now you need to start walking that walk.

      The globalists are in full control of Democratic Party. They would be in full control of the Republican Party, except for the “Trump problem”.

      The globalist agenda is to push trivial issues as political issues, because they do not affect the megacorp balance sheet.

      So get people talking about which bathroom to use, how it is ok for sharia law Muslims to immigrate to the United States and other pointless banter.

      These bullshit “issues” are what they use to distract you, while they take your rights away.

      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        I’m a Bernie guy. No room for me in the Democratic party right now.

        Speaking of BS issues, Trump is spewing them out right and left. This whole wall thing, the Muslim terrorist thing, are designed to distract the Trumpbots from noticing when he gives the store away to the rich… his administration is, um, I forget, let me check my tag, oh right, packed with Wall Street veterans. 🙄

        • Hmeyers says:

          No kidding.

          And I’m watching.

          Not with the eye of the gullible, I want to see what he does with H1B visas.

          If he fixes that, he’s ok.

          If he doesn’t, he is not ok.

          That’s my litmus test.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            I doubt he will. It was never part of his original proposal, the issue just wasn’t on his radar. When he was asked about it, he did get to the position of being against them, particularly after he was notified about Disney workers training their replacements. However, the people being replaced by the visas probably didn’t vote for him, and these are higher salary people, and he has used these visas in his companies. I have my doubts whether he will really crackdown. One thing I’d like to see them do is have every visa holder occupies a spot in the diversity lottery, thus reducing the overall immigration level. Many of the H1s eventually apply for green cards, so it would keep the numbers down.

    • Hmeyers says:


      You are a smart guy, why haven’t you figured these things out yet?

      • McCullough says:

        “The globalists are in full control of Democratic Party. They would be in full control of the Republican Party, except for the “Trump problem”.

        Nailed it. But keep in mind Phydeau and bobbo are globalists. So, there’s that.

  7. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    LOL, Trump is pissing off the IC (intelligence community). He better replace people fast if he wants to keep his takeover on schedule. 🙂


    • Thom says:

      The IC wants to start a new cold war with Russia, this plays right into the hands of the Wall Street, Neo Con, Neo Lib agenda. You’re a fool to laugh about this and think that in some way you are fighting the establishment. You ARE the establishment.

      Good luck with your war, chickenhawk. If you dont want to fight maybe you can sacrifice a son or a daughter.

      A smart Democrat:


      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        LOL! So confused you are, young Thom. I’m not a huge fan of the IC, in fact I’d think a lot of them are pretty well onboard with Trump. Remember the FBI making that announcement right before the election that maybe they found out something more about Clinton’s emails, whoops nope, psych! 😀

        I just think it’s funny that Trump is so bad that even the hawks in the IC are turning on him. What a clusterf*&k!

  8. Azlan says:

    The god emperor is doing his job. One day kebab will be removed!

  9. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    Here’s how a real president responds to TV programs mocking him.


    “It is part of the price of leadership of this great and free nation,” Johnson wrote, “to be the target of clever satirists. You have given the gift of laughter to our people. May we never grow so somber or self-important that we fail to appreciate the humor in our lives.”

    Your whining, complaining man-baby is a disgrace to the office. 🙄

  10. Dummy Up says:

    How is this even an issue? Could it be because there’s a big fat “R” in charge of things and you press-types don’t like the letter R or something?

    Seriously! Kellyann is not doing anything that any other political mouthpiece hasn’t done — misdirect the the press. Only now that the press is paying a little more attention, because they’re hypercritical of Republicans, does this crap make a headline.

    And you swallowed it up! You unwittingly made at least one rich asshole more money by just passing this crap along …AS SOME KIND OF NEWS!

  11. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    Ya know, it’s not really surprising to see Trump & Co cozying up to the Russians. The Republican party has a long history of conspiring with enemies of the country for their own partisan political gain.

    In 1968 the Nixon campaign conspired with the North Vietnamese (who we were actually at war with at the time) to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks, thus denying Johnson a diplomatic achievement that might have helped Humphrey.

    Then in 1980 the Reagan campaign conspired with the Iranians (who were holding a few Americans hostage, maybe you heard of it) to sabotage the hostage release talks, thus denying Carter a diplomatic achievement that might have helped him in the election.

    So why not conspire with the Russians to sabotage yet another Democratic candidate? Seems pretty natural for the Republicans. But why do they hate America so much?

    • Thom says:

      Thank you for your service, Phydeau…you’re a true patriot.

      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        Thanks Thom, Teddy Roosevelt agrees with you. 😉

        Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.

  12. NewFormatSux says:

    So now dissent is the highest form of patriotism(again)?

    • hmeyers says:

      What are the policy differences that these “dissenters” like to see changed?

      I bet none of them could answer that question.

      Therefore, it is not a dissent because it must be a dissent of something.

      “Nothing” is not political platform.

  13. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    Wow, did anyone watch that press conference Trump held? Pretty crazy…

    • Hmeyers says:

      You probably should hope the media softens way up on Trump.

      Trump is a populist. If the media treats him fairly, Trump will go soft for their attention.

      If the media goes soft, Trump could end up making a George HW Bush mistake like not honoring an important campaign promise.

      This would be the most likely way he could become a 1-term president.

      All he would have to do:

      1) Not repeal/replace Obamacare
      2) Some form of amnesty.

      Then no one would show up for him at the voting booth.

      If the press is exceeding unfair to him, he has no reason not to do to a hardcore agenda because in a … “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation, someone like Trump is always going “do”.

      A nicer press could easily get a middle of the road populist like Trump to renege on key campaign promises.

      Like how Obama was so beloved during much of his first time, he didn’t feel a need to do anything nor keep his promise of not doing the individual mandate on health insurance.

      But Obama had a lot of margin for error.

      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        Regardless of his politics, he’s a strange and frightening man. Incoherent and self-contradicting. Calling every news agency that dared disagree with him “fake news”. Obsessing over his electoral college win. Barefaced lies on several occasions.

        It’s hard not to be adversarial when he acts so unhinged. Even Republicans are starting to say WTF. If he keeps having press conferences like that, things will go bad for him even faster.

        • Dave says:

          I remember how you were laughing at everyone who had the audacity to think that Trump might actually do what he promised to do in the campaign. And now that he is doing EXACTLY what he said (at breakneck speed I might add), you and everyone who has gotten it wrong on the left are freaking out.

          “I watched President Trump’s press conference with the alleged “meltdown,” and all I saw was Trump talking the way he normally talks. The Huffington Post watched and apparently saw some other set of circumstances. This is a perfect example. Millions of Americans looked at the same press conference and half of us came away thinking we saw an entirely different movie than the other half. Many of us saw Trump talking the way he normally does, and saying the things he normally says. Other people saw a raving lunatic, melting down.

          Those are not the same movies.”

          Scott Adams


          • It's the best they can do says:

            Excellent blog. Adams has a real bead on the scorned left.

            Imagine all the Hollywood million$ flushed down the Clinton toilet! Zero ROI.

            Think of all the MSM news “experts” and celebrities who are forever locked in YouTube hell compilations of their smug election proclamations.

            Maybe a group exorcism is in order.

        • Hmeyers says:

          He’s not strange or frightening at all.

          He’s a bit of rude and quite a bit of asshole. I’ve met them in real life. They aren’t easy to deal with.

          You never truly “like” them, even when they do a great job.

          He is why he is not frightening …

          This is a guy who intensely cares what everyone thinks about him.

          People on his “team”, he cares what they think.

          People not on his “team”, he doesn’t give a shit at all.

          The media in attacking him constantly, make him stronger.

          His actual weakness is the opposite. It’s pretty obvious.

          This is why when the New Times was friendly with him about a year ago, he privately told them he wasn’t going to deport anyone because he wanted them to like him.

          That’s the real Trump.

        • Phydeau says:

          Straw man fallacy. You and Scott Adams. It’s not that he “melted down”, it’s the strange things he said, and the strange way he said them. Read my original post. This is a man way in over his head. For example there are undersecretary and deputy secretary positions in the State and Defense departments that he hasn’t even nominated anyone for yet.

          And who is surprised that he’s in way over his head? He proudly proclaimed his ignorance while campaigning, and you voted for him. And surprise surprise, he’s showing his ignorance every day.

          You can paint everyone who opposes Trump as hysterical, like Scott Adams does. But it’s just a cheap and obvious debate tactic.

  14. Ya Whatever says:

    Why Do They Keep Interviewing Kellyanne?

    Are you kidding me?!

    The answer is:


    Can I say it again?


    They” keep interviewing her because she is sensational and ENTERTAINING!!! In other words, MONEY!!!

    WTF rock have you been living under to NOT know THAT?!

    … Maybe next time when it comes to Kellyann or any more of these other silly stories, that have little or nothing to do with any real “news,” maybe then you’ll realize just what “click bait” is. (Hint: “They” are making MONEY off your dumb ass!)

  15. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    Remember when wingnuts were whining over Obama costing the country so much money with his vacations? (Reality: he didn’t vacation any more than any previous president.) Now we have a president who goes to his fancy resort in Florida, and has his wife and son living in New York City, and all the logistics of that will apparently cost American taxpayers many millions.


    Barely a month into the Trump presidency, the unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is straining the Secret Service and security officials, stirring financial and logistical concerns in several local communities, and costing far beyond what has been typical for past presidents — a price tag that, based on past assessments of presidential travel and security costs, could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term.

    Trump’s three Mar-a-Lago trips since the inauguration have probably cost the federal treasury about $10 million, based on figures used in an October government report analyzing White House travel, including money for Coast Guard units to patrol the exposed shoreline and other military, security and staffing expenses associated with moving the apparatus of the presidency.

    Palm Beach County officials plan to ask Washington to reimburse tens of thousands of dollars a day in expenses for deputies handling added security and traffic issues around the cramped Florida island whenever Trump is in town.

    In New York, the city is paying $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, according to police officials’ estimates, an amount that could reach $183 million a year.

    I expect wingnuts to volunteer to pay extra taxes to pay for their hero’s travels. Go that extra mile! 🙄

    • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

      Remember, he’s a man of the people! Well, the billionaire people actually… he didn’t actually specify that clearly, did he?


      • hmeyers says:

        Stock value has risen $2 trillion in value since Trump was elected.


        • Phydeau says:

          Yup, the rich people who own 80% of the stock expect to do quite well under Trump.

          Oh, were you saying that’s a good thing???

          • Hmeyers says:

            Stocks also fund increasing help people’s retirement funds and such.

            Like state pension funds, university endowments, retirement funds, etc.

          • It's a good thing says:

            You don’t have a 401K?

            Do you have any investments?

            Do you live off government welfare?

            Is mommy and daddy rich?

          • Know this says:

            Myopic viewpoints like yours are inspiring millions to invest, fueling stock market growth and wealth.

            Don’t ever change. You inspire the rest of us. My heartfelt thanks!

          • Phydeau says:

            The stock market has gone up up up over the past 30-35 years. Rich people have gotten richer and richer and richer. The rest of us are just struggling along. Follow the money, folks. 🙄

          • Common cents says:

            Don’t know how old you are, but if you had put some money in the stock market, you’d be a lot richer through the magic of compounding.

            On the other hand, spending money on cigarettes, lottery tickets, pot, whatever, puts you way behind the pack.

            What have you spent your money on?

            And don’t say a new wooden leg for your mother. Please.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            Ahem: “How do you get Rich in America?”

            Invest a million dollars across a broad range of stocks and watch it compound. Invest thru a silent partnership escrowed in Panama.

            Easy Peasy.

          • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:


            Reminds me of the old Texas bumper sticker: If you don’t have an oil well, then get one!

            And another joke, a cartoon of two rich-looking guys, as one laments to another: If I’d invested a million in that years ago, I’d be a rich man today. 🙄 🙄

            Hey, Lack-of-Common-Cents: It takes money to make money in the stock market. So rich people make money in the stock market, and those of us without a spare million laying around just barely keep our head above water. Capice? 🙄

          • Wonka says:

            It takes TIME to make money.

            Typical liberal. Wakes up late. Wants instant gratification.


    • NewFormatSux says:

      Actually we preferred he vacationed even more. Given the debt he racked up in office, it would have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars to save trillions.

      • Phydeau says:

        Standard wingnut boilerplate lies. The budget deficit that he inherited was huge, and the interest on it got huger, nothing he could have done about that. His annual budgets were actually very reasonable. Not that he’s a flaming liberal, just that he’s not a Republican. Republicans have had budgets with more deficits than Democrats in the past few decades.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Inherited 600-700 B, then he had deficits over 1.5 TRILLION. They turn around and tell lies and count the stimulus package as part of W’s budget to claim they lowered the deficit.
          Debt when Bill Clinton came in was about 4 trillion, repeated everywhere by Democrats and Ross Perot. Then when Obama was campaigning it was about how W had doubled the national debt and he called it unpatriotic.
          Do the math, double 4 trillion is 8 trillion.(Even less if Bill Clinton lowered the debt).
          When Obama left, deficit was(and is) 20 trillion.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            Obama inherited a CRASHING ECONOMY that had racked up….I’ll accept your figure ….. but the momentum was still down.

            I’ll assume you see the issue….. so stop posing.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            Crashing economy requires trillions of dollars in debt? Who knew!

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            Yes NoF*ckingSense: a crash takes years to stop and correct.

            Here’s just one line item: “The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $5 trillion so far…..” Probably tops the list, with the tax cut for trillions more coming in second…followed by more of the same. You know: it adds up.


            Yeah…. I know. Obama’s fault.

          • Pay it backwards says:

            Yes. Obama’s fault.

    • Dave says:

      Washington Post? Like CNN just another failing Fake News org. Why do you worship billionaires like Bezos?

      • Phydeau says:

        I see you’re inspired by the Trumpertantrums emitting from the White House, Dave. Well done. 😉

        Seriously, there are people like Dave out there who think that every news outlet in the world except Fox, Breitbart, and maybe Drudge are part of a global liberal conspiracy.

        Yup, that dang reality does have a liberal bias. Poor Dave! 🙄

  16. Sump Pump says:

    Locally we refer to the paper as “The Washington Compost”.

    Living 40 miles from DC, air quality is beginning to improve as Trump drains Foggy Bottom swamp. The old brigades who thought they had another 8-year free ride are moving out.

    Still, there are many stinky creatures holding on, but they’re being exposed as murky waters recede.

    Guess it’s tough to give up the parasitic good life.

    • Phydeau says:


      “drains Foggy Bottom swamp”???

      What a clueless fool. Trump has packed his administration with billionaires, fat cat Republicans, and Wall Street insiders. So how’s that swampy-drainy thingy working out for you, idiot? You been taken for a ride, you been conned.

      Seriously, people this clueless should not be let out in public. 🙄 🙄 🙄

      • Sump Pump says:

        You are delusional. Like old fish, NOTHING stinks like career politicians.

        Can you imagine the stench if Hillary and her old codfish husband moved back to town?

        LOL while holding my nose.

        • bobbo, are we devo? says:

          I think the encrusted AlreadyTooRich Billionaires have everyone else beat….especially when they practice politics at the same time…. creating their special legislation and gutting regulations all under one lie or another.

          You like lies ….. don’t you. don’t deny it.

          Clear and easy to see.

        • Phydeau says:

          Sump Pump, maybe you haven’t noticed… the Trump administration is packed with career politicians. Looks like you can’t smell a stink with (R) after its name. 🙄

        • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

          Yoo-hoo… sumpy pumpy… you still there, kiddo? 😉

        • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

          LOL Trump’s recent tweet… all the media are “fake news” except for Fox! In other words, anyone who criticizes him is “fake news”.

          At least we have official confirmation of Fox “News” as the official propaganda arm of the Republican Party, not that it wasn’t obvious before. 🙄

  17. bobbo, are we devo? says:

    pedro rarely understanding anything including his own posts says:
    2/18/2017 at 7:22 pm

    “I still find amazing how people reply to fido.” /// Any casual look-see will show the person who responds to Phydeaux THE MOST…….. is Pedro.

    Unaffected by irony….. he continues to mindlessly attack any and all. Like Trump: anyone who disagrees.

    ……. and Phydeaux still stoops to pat him on the head…… so gently.

  18. NewFormatSux says:

    >how’s that swampy-drainy thingy working out for you?

    Excellent. Trump has already lowered the workforce by 4,000. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars a year in savings. Granted with pensions it will take a long time to get those savings.

    • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

      How embarrassing. Such delusion. Oh dear. 🙁

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Usually reserved for bobbo, but Oh My!

        • bobbo, are we devo? says:


          ………probably true though as I assume firing employees actually keeps the swamp from being able to drain…. you know, sanitation workers and what not.

          The Swamp is maintained mostly by its designers and those benefited. Like everything else, the swamp has good and bad depending on what your interests are.

          Evil never sleeps……. and loves the swamp….. and fools.

  19. Hmeyers says:

    These are crazy times. I’ve read that there are Democratic pressure groups to try to force red state Democrats to block Gorsuch and oppose Trump on everything, otherwise they may get challenged in a primary.

    On the Republican side, Republican voters are expressing irritation with Mitch McConnell. There are number of “NeverTrumpers” in government and people like John McCain who don’t like Trump.

    I think both parties are experiencing shifts and realignments.

    I think the Demcratic is trying to copy the “Tea Party” — but I don’t think “Tea Party” was successful except in the raising money part — which was the whole purpose of it, to make money off the voters.

    The Democrats lost in midterms in 2010 not because of Tea Party, but because the economy was terrible and Obamacare was passed. That was the year the Democrats never even passed a budget.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      They haven’t passed a budget in many years. Harry Reid was protecting them from a tough vote. Surprisingly Obama’s budgets wouldn’t get any support in the House either.

  20. NewFormatSux says:

    Phydeau, you’ll feel better if you go to hillarybeattrump.org.

    • Phydeau says:

      NFS, I already feel great… I didn’t vote for the whining, crying, pouting man-baby who’s now embarrassing the United States. How about you? 😉

      • Hmeyers says:

        “whining, crying, pouting man-baby”

        Also happens to describe a fair number of people in a certain political party that lost the election.

        Nobody wins a medal for behaving like a role model.

        All that “big money” could have tried to get Biden to run (he would have been a shoe-in).

        All The Kings Horses, $1.2 billion, media support and she couldn’t beat the most unpopular candidate to ever run for President.

        She was a special kind of turd of a candidate. Even Bobbo didn’t vote for her.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Biden is fun and all, but he is senile. I shudder what Trump would have done to him.

        • Phydeau says:

          Uh, Hmeyers, we’re talking about the president of the United States being a whining, crying, pouting man-baby. Just saying “well they are too!” doesn’t help your argument. They aren’t the president of the United States. He is. So he should grow the f*ck up.

        • Phydeau says:

          And, uh, Hmeyers, she got 3 million more votes than Trump. You’re sounding like a wingnut turd there, pal. Most unpopular? Uh, no.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        You didn’t vote for Hillary?

        • bobbo, are we devo? says:

          I didn’t vote at all. Hillary got all of Californias electoral votes by a wide margine without me.

          I would have voted against Trump….in any of the other ways possible given Hillary was a given. Write in for Bernie probably….. ha, ha…. or Nader.

          Is there freedom to vote when it makes no difference? Seems rather “rigged.”

          POPULAR VOTE FOR PRES IN 2020!!!!!

          • NewFormatSux says:

            My bad, meant to be a reply to Playdeau, about not voting for the whining crying pouting manbaby.

  21. Hmeyers says:

    Here’s finally something for Bobbo that I think he’ll like

    “Red State America Acts on Climate Change–but Calls It Other Names — Surveys of Great Plains mayors show policies push “conservation,” “air quality,” “energy savings”


    Moral of the story: you can still take actions to get sensible energy policy and support renewable energy — but not turn it into a jihadi political argument.

    Say “energy savings”, “air quality”, “protect the coast”.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      thanks HM. Interesting read, first time on the subject of “subterfuge.” Its of limited value though because most of the article is about subject that really have NOTHING to do with AGW. Eg:

      “For example, Fargo, North Dakota mitigates some of its greenhouse gas emissions and created a new source of city revenue by capturing the methane from its landfill facility and selling that gas to the electricity company. The city trash is now providing renewable energy for local residents and an industrial facility.” //// Something they should do (increased revenue from a “waste resource” REGARDLESS of any other issues. Now….if capturing the methane gas were mandated even if it broke even financially, or horrors–cost a bit, THEN AGW would be being addressed .

      Its all marketing.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Jihadism is the point. None of the proposed policies would actually change the temperature of the planet by more than a few tenths of a degree, because the developing world is responsible for 2/3 of emissions while scientists are calling for a 90% cut. It’s all in the models.

  22. NewFormatSux says:

    Oh well, Trump has announced hiring of 15,000 new employees for immigration enforcement. So it won’t be until June that federal employment is down.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      i though that would amuse you when first heard yesterday.

      ala T.Rump: totally useless.

      Much better: Don’t hire anybody….turn all current agents into computer nerds and track Employer employment records. fine the sh*t out of them for hiring illegals. Illegal immigration will stop overnight…. self deportation will become the norm….. and soon, only those truly in fear of their lives will remain. And then: Amnesty for them.

      Ta………Daaaaa: The Aristocrats.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Even easier, IRS already sends out NoMatch letters to employers of illegals. Add a detail that they are to stop the hire until the paperwork works itself out.

        Or they could send ICE to arrest the employees.

        That’s right, the government already knows where lots of illegals are.

  23. Phydeau says:

    Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, I hope this politico story isn’t true.


    Apparently his campaign staff has recommendations for his current staff, including a warning not to leave him alone too long and to frequently flatter him:

    The key to keeping Trump’s Twitter habit under control, according to six former campaign officials, is to ensure that his personal media consumption includes a steady stream of praise. And when no such praise was to be found, staff would turn to friendly outlets to drum some up — and make sure it made its way to Trump’s desk.

    The in-person touch is also important to keeping Trump from running too hot. One Trump associate said it’s important to show Trump deference and offer him praise and respect, as that will lead him to more often listen. And if Trump becomes obsessed with a grudge, aides need to try and change the subject, friends say. Leaving him alone for several hours can prove damaging, because he consumes too much television and gripes to people outside the White House.

    Yes, when a child is holding a grudge, you change the subject. And you don’t leave children alone too long without supervision. And a constant stream of praise keeps a self-absorbed man-baby happy.

    Good lord. This is the president???

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

    • Hmeyers says:

      You might filter a little.

      I find some of the above a bit hard to believe.

      The only difference between the educated and a rube is that the rube is inclined to believe anything he hears that fits his viewpoint.

      In Washington D.C., there is a bit of a fog of war going on — establishment types are being put out of power.

      They are going to try to fight back — and the media is about the tool in that toolbox.

      No I’m not entirely sold on the “drain the swamp” thing — but some of these establishment types were on the record being against Trump and Trump has a list of those people.

      For sure, that part is definitely real.

      So you can believe everything printed in the Beltway during a power struggle or not, but the important thing is that there is of hot air — not necessarily of much actual significance.

      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        Yes, I find it hard to believe, but he is 70 years old, the oldest president elected, so maybe his cognitive abilities are declining. Reagan got Alzheimer’s during his administration. They stopped letting him talk without a teleprompter because he was so unhinged.

      • bobbo, are we devo? says:

        …………or……… instead of filtering which you likely doing in overdrive you can “unfilter” everything and recognize that truth/life is more complex than anything filtered.

        Truth is a mix of competing interests. OF COURSE: some people around T.Rump think/do what Phydeau posted. OF COURSE: media repeats it while other elements of broadcast propaganda fights it.

        Every “idea” has its place. DON’T FILTER: be alive to all ideas. Evaluate. Balance. Only take action/form conclusions…. when indicated/required.

        Yea, verily!

  24. Swamp Drainy Thing says:

    Trump need to stop trying to drain the swamp, put the stopper in and then napalm the shit out of it.

    • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

      Good news! Phase 1 is complete. He’s stopped trying to drain the swamp! Actually, he never started, and has hired mostly swamp things to run his administration.


  25. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

    Where are all the Trump supporters? Go ahead, tell me how wrong I am. Tell me it’s all a massive global conspiracy by everyone except Fox, Breitbart, and InfoWars.

    Tell me we don’t have a massively unqualified person occupying the Oval Office.

    Go ahead. Anyone.

    Like I said after the election… feeling that buyer’s remorse yet? You will. You will.

    • Hmeyers says:

      You focus on the negative.

      Negative is a road to nowhere.

      The Democratic Party lost the election because they are a party without any issue advocacy (except climate change).

      – Jobs? Nope. Democratic Party doesn’t care.
      – Obamacare costs a lot with high deductibles? Democratic Party doesn’t care.
      – Freedom of speech? Nope, safe spaces.
      – Take care of the workers? No, let’s do H1B visas and for the low paying jobs, let’s have lots of illegal immigrants.

      An empty bag is hard to sell.

      • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

        3 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump, who got in because of our obsolete electoral college system.

        More people liked the Democratic message, as flawed and deficient as it was, than the Republican message.

        My point is that Trump is a liar, a cheater, and a bullshitter, and most of us knew it long before the election. And look at his popularity ratings now, way below water.

        The Republican base got conned, plain and simple. And some of them are starting to realize it now. As you can see by the silence here.

        • bobbo, are we devo? says:


          HM: get off the cheerleader bus. Being negative is how you speak truth to power. T.Rump is already speaking for himself, with Spicer/KellyAnn/Coulter et al echoing it for him.

          Why another voice in support of whatever you think is a positive??????

          ………must it be pointed out P is not always negative? You know: Obama?

          Seems P might be negative when the cogent thinking on current events has very negative consequences/portents for our society.

          ……………….. take out the filter. Its plugging your swamp.

          • Hmeyers says:

            The Democratic Party abandoned its high ideal.

            Now they can’t win elections.

            They have to get back on track.

            “Hating Trump” is not a party platform.

          • bobbo, are we devo? says:

            Both comments: true.

            I suppose, if you are going to have a filter, “the truth” is …………surely ………… going to make you unpopular in most circles.

        • Hmeyers says:

          News flash!

          It’s gonna be the electoral college in 2020.
          It’s gonna be the electoral college in 2024.
          It’s gonna be the electoral college in 2028.
          It’s gonna be the electoral college in 2032.

        • Thom says:

          Have you ever been stuck on an airplane with a crying baby? Its not pleasant, there is nothing you can do except to ignore it and hope it will eventually get tired and fall sleep.

          Please fall asleep crybaby.

  26. bobbo, are we devo? says:

    btw: haven’t seen Kellyann at all anywhere since Morning Joe kicked her off for constantly lying. She got ripped as much as anyone I’ve ever seen on one of those Sunday Morning review shows. Down right vicious….. aka …. the truth filter.

    …….Ha, ha……..course, T.Rump: always welcomed.

  27. And now for something you're REALLY gonna like! says:



    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      …. does get almost watchable after the lead in by Perez Hilton.

      No…..I prefer analysis.

  28. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:


    Donald Trump Casually Suggests the U.S. Should Lead the World Into a New Nuclear Arms Race


    If you were watching a news program, say, three years ago on any station, even Fox News, and a discussion about nuclear proliferation came on, and the anchor turned from his panel of guests and said “let’s bring Donald Trump in on this discussion to get his take on things,” you would have lost your mind. But here we are.

    • bobbo, are we devo? says:

      Same with BushtheRetard.

      Republicans: Lord bless their little pointed heads.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      > “let’s bring Donald Trump in on this discussion to get his take on things,” you would have lost your mind.

      That’s what happens when the ‘respectable’ politicians take things off the table and declare them as not to be debated. Bush, Rubio, Kristol, and co declare Americans are too lazy and need to be replaced, both parties call for open borders, then Trump looks like the serious candidate.
      Yesterday, Senator Kamala Harris said,
      “It’s outrageous the administration is saying anyone who might have committed a crime qualifies for deportations.”

      • bobbo, are we devo? says:

        That is quite correct. When did our Sovereignty get turned into a presumed right to illegally cross the border or overstay a visa and get to stay here?

        The bias/filter is just incredible: Only in america.

        Course: the fact we caused most of the issue is: irrelevant.

  29. Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:



    Someone passed out Russian flags at CPAC with “TRUMP” written on them. Apparently people just took them and waved them. They’re red, white, and blue striped so apparently people assumed they were being patriotic. Too funny!

    • NewFormatSux says:

      It’s said that if you can get Trump to say his name backwards, he will go away.


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