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IO2Technology: Heliodisplay/ Interactive Free-Space Display

Air comes into the device, is modified then ejected and illuminated to produce the image. Nothing is added to the air so there isn`t any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device, and nothing needs to be refilled. Operating the device will not change a room`s environment, air quality or other conditions. If a Heliodisplay were left running for a week in a hermetically sealed room, the only change to the room`s environment would be from the electricity used to run the device.

  1. Mike Voice says:

    In another web review: In small-scale production, the device costs about US$5,000, but 3Dsolar expects that if large-scale production commences the price of such devices could drop to $1,500 — still out of the reach of most consumers, but a plausible purchase for sales displays — a market specifically noted by the technology’s inventor, Patrick Levy Rosenthal. “Imagine a 3Dsolar screen displaying selected store products 5 inches away from the actual retail store window and offering the passerby the possibility to interact with the virtual objects,” said Levy Rosenthal in a recent statement.

    If they are not “adding” anything to the air, their demonstration unit may just be forming an air-curtain – like are used to keep flying pests from entering buildings or food-service areas – which the lasers can then “write” on. Which makes me wonder – how will they get this laminar-flow sheet of air to stay steady outside a store’s display window?

  2. Heliodisplay interactive technology is inveted by Chad Dyner, it looks Levy Rosental is only a business person.

    Victoria Ilieva


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