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I wrote a column questioning the overall concept of podcasting for PCMagazine and more than a few bloggers blasted me for not being an immediate booster. So troublemaker Chris Coulter sent me this link to a classic and typical podcast that I have trouble believing is serious. It mostly resembles a guy talking to his dog for hours on end. I still think it’s a put-on. Although there are plenty of techies out there who ramble like this. I always imagine these guys on dates going on and on with their date and and eventually out-talking her. There is some justice in that.

At least, unlike other podcasters, he’s not over-modulated and is very understandable although very adenoidal.

Link directly to the podcasting program here (mp3 stream)

  1. Philip says:

    Today, I just revealed your identity as the headless horseman on my website and it all relates to your views about the iPod and anything Apple.

    Don’t forget to look into the BLOG there too. Feel free to comment.


  2. John C. Dvorak says:

    Todd, I wasn’t trying to be mean. Just honest. Keep podcasting.

  3. "-" says:

    I’ve been reading Geek News forever. My only complaint is that I can’t use my Geek. com email anymore and don’t know why. But I agree with John when he says “keep going.” It’s a new medium. Give it a go. Keep going. And stay successful.

    URL email: “-“

  4. bradblog says:

    Heh…expectation management is required here. Podcasts are not, for the most part, professional, scripted programs. Like Desktop Publishing in the 80s the technology is now available to the masses and you’re seeing the result, audio content generated by anyone with the $ to get the gear.

    When you check out a podcast, don’t expect top-shelf production values, do expect interesting content – at the very least – interesting content that is interesting to the creator 🙂

  5. Podcasting will sort itself out. It is the content that will drive it, not the technology. Podcasting makes it easier for me to find useful stuff I would otherwise miss. Once a few broadcasters, like the BBC or Radio Netherlands start using this as a sort of TIVO for radio, I will subscribe.

    The ego-driven nonsense will go away when they see that there are more people in the studio than at home.

  6. Adrian says:

    Hey John,

    You might want to check this podcast out too…


    There’s a new one going out this evening around 9:00pm AZ time.

    With that being said, I do have a few things to say. Most podcasters don’t have production values in terms of audio quality. Most production values come by way of good gear, which costs a lot more than a lot of podcasters are willing to pay. Geek News Central has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of audio quality, and many podcasters that are serious about this will over time improve things. I’ve certainly been doing that on my podcasts, and Todd has been doing that on his as well.

    Oh yeah, not everyone out there rambles on… I certainly try to keep my rambling to a minimum. You should check it out.

  7. Podcast says:

    While there is some truth to your comments on Podcasting, it’s not very insightful to say that most podcasts are garbage. 99% of just about anything is garbage!

    If you dig deeper, you’ll find that podcasting is simple but powerful technology, and that there are already many interesting podcasts.

    Check out the Podcast Directory, or Podcast Central. You’ll find a lot of junk podcasts, but also some very good amateur and professional podcasts.


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