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Beware Monster.com – by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst — Oh shock and dismay! Tricking people to join the military. Who knew!?!

And in historical context do we think any of these techniques are actually new? Are they really much of a shock?

The next report: Some Lawyers are crooked!

Sadly, however, most students won’t notice that all those questions about students’ plans for college and career are a cover for the real questions, which are embedded near the end: “If you are considering a military career, which of the following describes your plans?” and “Which of the armed services would you prefer?”

Neither will most kids notice or care about fine print at the bottom, printed in a font size so small that few will bother trying to read it: “To learn more about what kinds of information you might receive %u2026 visit www.YourFuture.org,” which means they’ll never see the “privacy” statement, which makes very clear where their “private” information is going…

via R. Tatmuller

  1. Ima Fish says:

    I remember being harassed by a recruiter back in the early 80s. A friend of mine wanted to sign up, so I tagged along. While I was there I too filled out their test. That was a huge mistake.

    Afterwards he called me constantly. I finally had him come out to my house. I gave him completely inaccurate directions. The one hour trip probably took him three. When he finally showed up I snuck out the back. He didn’t call after that.

  2. r. tatmuller says:

    Who cares about “historical context”?
    Americans don’t know history anyway except for sports scores and beer prices.
    And what the hell does “context” mean anyway – 1984?
    The point is, this is deceptive, especially in these times of
    incredible apathy and ignorance among the young.
    You need to look at the audience, then judge the message.
    These recruiter guys are not aiming at us.

  3. gquaglia says:

    Ima Fish why didn’t u just tell him u didn’t want to enlist. Why waste his time and yours. Fortuatley there are plently of american who want to serve with honor unlike yourself.

  4. Pat says:


    I understand why you scold imafish. A military career may be a very rewarding experience.

    At the same time I also understand imafish. Some people just do not want to hear the word NO. Recruiters are salesmen. Their aim is to get your signature on the form. Deception and subterfuge is often the favorite sales pitch. If they want to play a game with you, in my mind, it is fair to play a game with them.

    The military needs warm bodies. Instead of providing decent wages though, the military would rather spend the money on toys. Many will make the military their career, but when the soldiers, sailors, and airmen see how far their money goes today, they will opt out when their enlistment is up. If the military will allow them to retire. At some point, most of us will say, “My family comes first”.

    Patriotism is a nice word. It is also very delusional. Currently we have a President who went AWOL, and a Vice-President who didn’t even join. The Secretary of Defense, almost all of the Cabinet and the other Political appointees that wanted war, HAVE NO MILITARY SERVICE. Ya, the same bunch that want you to give YOUR life or your KID’S life for your country. The same group that is set to gain from profiteering from Iraq.

    So will you go to war for them? Your country doesn’t want you to die. Your country doesn’t want you to be in harm’s way. But the Bushits do. So they need to revert to deception in order to get you to sign.

  5. Ima Fish says:

    Gquaglia, I told him that TIME AND TIME AGAIN! That’s what I meant when I said he was HARASSING me! Do you know what harrasing means? If not, go right now, find a dictionary, and look it up!.

    He’d call, I’d say no. He’d call again. I’d say no. It got to the point where I was hanging up on him immediately, But he’d call RIGHT back. He was the offensive person, not me.

    Furthermore, I had no problem serving my country, if needed. If drafted I would have went. But I was in school at the time and I wasn’t going to give that up merely to please a psycho recruiter.


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