File this under “Give me a break!” Seen recently in the Bill “I kid, I kid” Maher Show on HBO.
A true eye-roller.

  1. Maybe they meant “Huffer” or “Blooooger” or “Blobber”.

    typos do occur, even on television.

    I saw a blogger go to the doctor and said he swallowed a ghost, so what could he do now?

    The doctor said, “Write blogs for clients, pretend to be them, call it ghost blogging”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bill Maher, now there’s a guy who got burnt speaking actual truth on a day it was politically incorrect to do so. I’m not a fan of his, but I always thought his punishment was unfair for an actually correct statement made on a bad day to do so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Arianna Huffington. One must be very bored to listen or read anything she has to say. That she has a blog is almost as bad as Keith Oberman having a blog.

  4. Sound the alarm says:

    “One must be very bored ..” – true. Almost as boring as FOX and Rush.

  5. Frank Baird says:

    I don’t understand why this is an eye-roller. She does have a blog. I gave it just a glance, and it seems to be pretty conservative. Is that why it’s an eye-roller? Would a reference to this blog be an eye-roller too, seeing as how it seems pretty liberal? Surely it’s not because she doesn’t have journalistic credentials (go to the blog and click “About Arianna”).

    So what’s the problem? Is it just that John doesn’t agree with her? I don’t agree with everything John says, but I keep coming back for intelligent discussion from a different perspective.

  6. Frank Baird says:

    Ok, I read a lot more of her columns. I was wrong to say she’s conservative. She seems anti-conservative rather than liberal. Her arguments make a lot of sense. So now I’m really confused as to why this is an eye-roller.

  7. Edward Dinovo says:

    I like her work, but I agree with John on this one. Her “blog” is just her columns formatted for the web: with hyperlinks (which I like, because it leads you to her sources and further reading) and the possibility to post comments (not sure if she reads them).

  8. Er…maybe John looks askance at her Bloggery credibility because her writings, at least the one I was bored enough to gaze at, Don’t Make Much Sense.

    Her little blogoid is here:

    And the nonsensical article that I forced myself to take a gander at:

    Now in this column, she harshes the Democratic for not taking a stand on Terry Schiavo, the bulimic who was starving herself to thinness or death, then admits the Republicans look exploitive and opportunistic by rallying to keep the feeding tube in a vegetative corpse.

    She makes no sense. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, and have never shown confidence in the System by casting a feeble funny “vote”…

    …but she seems to want the Democrats to take a stand so she can harsh them for the stand she wants them to take….

    I”m sorry. It’s all too bewildering to poor Vaspers the Grate.

    Must go back to the safety and harmony of Dysfunctional Fictional Character Blogs.

    Dr. Quack is depth psyching a Talking Moose and a guy named T. Alexander.


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