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There is something quite surreal about this.

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  1. Ashlee Vance says:

    It gets no better than that.

  2. Miguel Lopes says:

    Man, this is so great! Seems like they’ve been doing this for all their lives!!!


    Is there a version with subtitles?

    Really, this must be the funniest video of the week!!!

  3. Bård Birkeland says:

    As a norwegian I feel it is right to correct you this time. The disco lesson is in finnish, and the music is german…

  4. site admin says:

    I corrected it to Finnish. I assumed Norway since this was found on a site in Norway and seemed Norweigan. I’ve been to these countries but cannot pick up the language.

    That said Finland actually makes more sense with the outfits and the blase almost nihilistic dead-pan approach. I think a sex lesson video from the Fins would be as amusing.

    The German disco music is everywhere.

  5. Miguel Lopes says:

    Can we get subtitles then?… 😉

  6. The wonderful dance guru in the video is Åke Blomqvist, a very well known dance teacher in Finland. I actually took part in one of his courses some 15 years ago, although sadly we didn’t get as far as Disco (only tango and waltz).

    Åke is on the Web, you can book your Disco lessons at

  7. alviset says:

    Norvegian or Finnish does n’t matter…
    Indeed, some gestures in this video are very similar to M.Jackson’s dance performances and for sure you would not appreciate if they are presented by big titles as representative of your American culture and people. It’s not correct to involve (yet in the title) a whole nation or culture as you are doing here.

  8. Pat says:

    Do all Finnish male dancers wear dirty running shoes?

  9. Tim Westby says:

    A minor point, and one that I have violated in ignorance even as a Norwegian (many other Norskis may not know enough American to know it’s wrong) but the spelling is “Norwegian”.

  10. Frank Finley says:

    The guy looks like a crippled rooster at the end there.

  11. Tommy Lundsten says:

    I´m a Finn myself and it quite nice to see that so many foreigners take interest in uor own gayish dancing grandpa.
    A little more background info, the video was made in the mid-70´s which is why i hope you can excuse the weird outfits.

  12. litte says:


    Is there someone ho knows ho has make the music for the danse??
    Is it German, but i need the name for the artist?

  13. Margret says:

    A friend of mine from Finland showed me this nice video while we were living in Norway. As I come from Germany I can tell you that the group is called Dschinghis Khan, the name of the song is ‘Moskau’ (1979)….

  14. meagan says:

    iam doing a project and i need to know about the disco soo willl you help find the history of it

  15. Finn says:

    Video is ancient. And Finnish. The man -Åke Blomqwist is highly honored dance-teacher. This video is from -70’s so please forgive it. Those days there were NOT running shoes on dance floors! Take a closer look!

  16. Hermosa la cancion!.

    It´s really good the music!!!

  17. Janiice says:

    This is absolutely great!!and what about music??is there anybody who known the name of the artist?


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