Episode 19 is In the Can | this WEEK in TECH — For people who like podcasts I’m involved in the top tech news podcast (and one of the top 5 podcasts week after week amongst all of these things) called This Week in Tech (TWIT). We have an estimated 400,000 listeners and growing fast.

If you like listening to five blowhards and a weenie ramble on and on about cool stuff in the news, then this is the hour long weekly show for you. The fact is the five blowhards are knowlegeable, even the weenie. (He knows who is he is).

I’ll be addressing the entire podcast scene in an upcoming PCMag column. It’s out-of-control.


* Fighting blog spam with Typekey on Movable Type and captcha on Blogger
* Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral – they blow up his ashes
* Dvorak reminisces
* Is Microsoft at fault for the Zotob virus?
* Monad is removed from Vista
* PCMag’s video review of the Vista Beta is next week
* Would 12,000 people riot for a $50 four-year-old Dell?
* Watch the video
* John explained it all last week in Marketwatch

and there is this assetion:
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  1. R Taylor says:

    Being an ancient print follower of yours and an avid watcher of the defunct TechTV , I’ve been downloading these from the beginning. I have one observation. Your readers and listeners seem to be intelligent and informed, if not argumentative at times. Laportes fans, well quite frankly frighten me John. Please use caution when appearing around his public. He’s a nice enough sort of fellow, but he just attracts a strange following. 😉

  2. Kliend says:

    HAHA! Patrick Nortan HAHA!

  3. Ed Campbell says:

    TWIT Rules! And Leo is the only moderator in the world with .wav files of John going “humph!”

  4. Mike says:

    Dvorak, you are one in a million! Maybe a lot more!!

    I don’t know why I have read/watched/listened to you for such a long time. I’m sure it ain’t your pretty face.


  5. Hindu Bob says:

    I just listed to Episode 19 and it is all becoming clear to me now. Be warned that nothing but ruination and spam will come of your shameless self and TWIT promotion.

  6. mwb says:

    five blowhards and a weenie

    So which ones are which?

    Hey I never miss TWIT and I’ve been reading your stuff for longer than I care to admit.

  7. Dave M. says:

    If you want NO SPAM to appear in your blog, Spam Karma is the key. I ran a WP blog and was getting nailed by comment/trackback spams and Spam Karma nailed all of them. I did get a few false positives, but compared to the multitude of spams it blocked, I was very impressed.

    You might want to give it a peek. It takes very little to set up. You can set it up to send you an email every day or time period you would like.

  8. Miguel Lopes says:

    Loved TWiT, although I’ve been listening for only 2 or 3 weeks! Great show. Much better than some other podcasts where kids just READ what others have been talking about, while drinking beer because they think it seemscool… As if drinking beer made you cool!

    CONTENT makes you cool, dude!

    Give us more content – and if possible, please don’t talk all at the same time, it makes life difficult for us non native english speakers.

  9. BG says:

    TWiT is by far the best podcast!

  10. K. Zuke says:

    I really like the Twit podcasts! Makes me realize how I miss your old show Silicon Spin on TechTV. You were great to watch, and you really took your guests to task with your knowledge, skeptic nature, wit, and sarcasm.

    I like following this blog too, but it’s not the same…

    Keep it up, Mr. I-get-no-spam!!

  11. site admin says:

    A couple of notes.

    We’re more than a little aware that we’re violating all sorts of rules with 4-6 people all on at the same time. It’s not easy but it gives us such a combined knowledge that it’s hard to cut back. It’s seldom that someone doesn’t know something that nobody else knows. It’s a good balance of characters. And for the 5 blowhards and a weenie — you’ll have to guess.

    Since I coined the phrase I expect to get some blowback from it. I thought it was better to say it early in the game before the WSJ said it. A defensive ploy. When we get to a half million or so subscribers I think someone is going to go after us. This is much more popular than anyone could have predicted. Leo is the brains and real techie behind the whole thing. The rest of us are just hanging on to the wagon. It all stems from “necessity is the mother of invention”. Since Leo lost his fat salary at TechTV he’s had to actually work for a living. So he got on this podcasting thing fast seeing the opportunity. It’s genius.

  12. Hi John.

    I was quite a fan of Silicon Spin and other ZDTV programs your mug would pop up on. Having just discovered TWiT, your constant self promotion did pay off for at least one listener.

    As a fellow WP user, I thought I’d share a few things:

    I noticed that when I registered, you have the default user level set to 1. It’s not a big deal, but if youre annoyed by people submitting drafts to be posted, I’d turn it off.

    Install the wp plugin, Spam Karma 2. It is an extremely smart spam filter for your blog. Virtually no spam can get through. ‘I get no spam’.

    The name escapes me right now, but there is another plugin that will encode all email addresses into the html code (&). it will keep email links clickable, but undetected by all but the smartest robots.

    Lastly, try Partypoker.com (please dont blacklist me for that)

  13. stuball21 says:

    I just want to tell you all how much I enjoy your podcast. I just got an I-Pod Mini for my 61st birthday last week. I thought that I would listen to mostly NPR stuff at the gym where I get no reception, but I find that I enjoy the hour with your crew most of all. I am not a techie by any means. I do subscribe to PC Magazine however, but mostly to read what John has to say. I just heqrd your plea for a donation to keep the show comercial free and I will surely log on to your web site and make it.

  14. John P. says:

    Cool blog! You’re an awesome addition to twit. I love you! Don’t listen to R Taylor =|.

  15. Caneprints says:

    I think what makes TWIT so vibrant and informative is the crazy mix of personalities, ages and perspectives of the hosts. I find TWIT particularly refreshing because I have an avid interest in technology, but live and work all day with “flashing twelves.” Listening to TWIT is so refreshing, like inviting a group of like-minded friends over for coffee and a chat. I don’t know how long this crazy podcasting phenomenon will last, but I do hope you all can somehow stay together and continue doing such a stellar job of informing and entertaining us in the future.

  16. Eideard says:

    My father-in-law was visiting for a spell. He’s only 3 years older than me — and another geek like my honey and me. So, we sat him down for our weekly listen to the TWIT podcast, one evening.

    He enjoyed the hell out of it. He’s loaded iTunes onto his laptop, now — though, as ever, he wishes he could just set up the download and listen via Command Line!

    But, his response after the program was — “Doesn’t this feel just like the family sitting around and listening to the radio 50 years ago?”

    Man, is he right! You get to use your imagination along with the listening parts.

  17. Weenie Hunter says:

    Who’s the weenie?!!!

  18. Scott says:

    Since Leo never lets my comments make it to the TWIT site… John, you’ve got to be the voice of reason. Live TWIT has got to go. Coffee, booze, busrides, football, naked men and cheap audience laughs aren’t why most listeners listen to the podcast. Leave that garbage to Soccergirl and stick to your competitive advantage.

    I can’t wait until this Sunday when the audience knows to show up. More pandering to the audience coupled with shouting and people asking pointless questions just to get free plugs in for their website or blog. How many business plans now include getting a free plug on TWIT? And you’re not even getting paid for it!

    If it continues on this path, I think it’s time to drop TWIT and bring back Silicon Spin…. now that would be a decent podcast.

  19. GCRaya says:

    Where are the I get no Spam T-Shirts?
    Sign me up on that list!

  20. Wells says:

    Finding the “I Get No Spam” link on your site is ridiculously time-consuming. It should be the first hit in the search results for “spam,” but it is missing entirely. A search for “I get no spam” also fails to reveal the link. I had to use Google and exclude your site to find a link to your 2005 entry with the link to http://www.junkemailfilter.com. Unbelievable!

  21. oqvejtu says:


  22. ynxihgn says:


  23. Aleksandr says:

    I get no spam

  24. Forkbeard says:

    Hi John, in which episode of TWiT is the I get no spam song broadcast? Thanks 🙂

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