Click on Image to Start Movie — Turn Sound ON (video/quicktime Object) — This is one of the finest music videos I’ve seen foa a long time mostly becuause of the sheer number of “redneck” photos. Good work by these folks. A mesmerizing stunner!

Discovered by P. Saffo

  1. Chester says:

    I played 4 times before I stopped and emailed it immediatly to several people. YEEE HAAAAA!!!!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Wow. I had no idea one company was behind some of the funniest advertisements. I spent hours on their website tonight! How sad…

  3. Steve says:

    Does anyone know why Qucktime sucks on my system? The sound and video get WAY WAY WAY out of sync, and then the player recognizes this, so stops the audio for the video to catch up, then starts it again, and the same damn thing happens again. I generally get 5 seconds of sound, 3 seconds of silence.

    All the while the video is still playing. Makes something like this impossible to watch.

    Thx, Steve

  4. Jason says:


    The only thing I could think that would cause that is that your machine is doing too many things at once……

  5. Michael G says:

    I have no idea why that was so funny, but for some reason I am proud to be an american.

  6. A Medina says:

    Steve, sounds like somethings running and eating all your resources. Check your processes in task manager and see whats hogging your systm. If you usually need 512Mb of RAM on your systm to run XP properly. Other than that try reinstalling QuickTime. If your trying to stream video from the net then it might be your internet connection, if it lags when your running the vids off your harddrive then its probably lack of RAM. Drop me a line if it still won’t work.

  7. Ron Taylor says:

    John I know your an avid amateur photographer, but you’ve never posted any rafting photos from the Cahulawassee River. 😉

  8. Bob says:

    Steve, Quicktime sucks on your system because it’s made by Apple.

  9. Mike Voice says:


    Couldn’t watch at work since they don’t have quicktime installed.

    Trying link from home computer, and the file is not found.

    Google search shows 156 blogs have linked to the same file/server => they must have been HAMMERED. 🙂

  10. John says:

    I could not play at the link listed…. but I did email the company and they gave me the enclosed link.

  11. Mike Cannali says:

    Deer Portion Filmed in a National Park and Leavenworth Kansas

  12. Mike Cannali says:

    Deer Portion Filmed in a National Park and Leavenworth Kansas


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