Heartless racist captions on Yahoo found — Click here to see actual slides.

Yes, I seriously doubt that this gaffe was intentional. But some of these captions — such as a picture of a helpless woman who has done nothing while the caption says she is going to go loot– are unconscionable. All of these pictures are a disgrace. Someone needs to apologize for their publication. The worst part is when white folks are seen coming from a torn open store they are not looting. They are “finding.”

Found by TwelveTwo on Metafilter

UPDATE (9/4) : The “finding” slide has been removed and Yahoo mentioned this in a memo to the public. The still offensive looting pics of people with food remain as far as I can tell. Read the comments for a run-down.

  1. Steph says:

    I see that you have many photos for the “Looters” and only one for the “Finders”. It isn’t enough evidence to support your theory.

  2. Jen says:

    I know the white people… They’re homeless kids in New Orleans. My good friends actually…. They’re poor, too. haha… So many associated this picture with racism. The comments were probably just written by 2 different people or something. Who cares?

  3. BJ and The Bear says:

    The Getty/AFP photographer was a man named Chris Graythen. He had this to say about the captioning of the picture of the white finders:

    “I wrote the caption about the two people who ‘found’ the items. I believed in my opinion, that they did simply find them, and not ‘looted’ them in the definition of the word. The people were swimming in chest deep water, and there were other people in the water, both white and black. I looked for the best picture. There were a million items floating in the water were right near a grocery store that had 5+ feet of water in it. It had no doors. the water was moving, and the stuff was floating away. These people were not ducking into a store and busting down windows to get electronics. They picked up bread and cokes that were floating in the water. They would have floated away anyhow. ”

    It seems that the whites in the picture did in face find the item while the blacks in the picture were in fact seen taking items from store shelves. Just another case of liberal egalitarians having their “systemic racism” fantasies shattered by real differences in behavior between the races.

  4. tnbubba says:

    yes, blacks loot and water is wet. Big surprise.

    The white “finders”, were they also on their roofs shooting at rescue helicopters, or was that the blacks?


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