ClipShack – NewOrleans Besides the fact that this is a sentimental almost cornaball politicial anti-Bush romp, this one may catch on. This is because the collection of photos is great.

It’s a slideshow set to the tune of The Day the Music Died and New Orleans. Whatever you think of it this is one great collection of pics. Best colection so far. Since I appear to have only been the 8th person to have viewed this “movie” good luck getting connected.

Click here to access.

found by J. Matthews via Trinetizen

  1. Imafish says:

    Why oh why won’t they let us download this type of stuff so we can view it WITHOUT dropouts and jerkiness.

    Do they really think someone’s going to steal it and somehow make millions of dollars off of it?!

  2. Daniel says:

    I found that the song “The Day the Music Died” was very appropriate for this slideshow. New Orleans is known for its Jazz and now there is no music in New Orleans.

    As to the above poster, I would also like to get a copy of this but it played perfectly for me.

  3. Lou says:

    We all have our weaknesses, and mine is for incorrect citations. The song is “American Pie”, not “The day the music died”. The song is “City Of New Orleans” not just “New Orleans” (and its about a train not the city).

    And, although the Willie Nelson version of C.O.N.O. is used, the song is by Alro Guthrie, and in fact the version most popular (by far) is by Mr. Guthrie. O.K., they used a live Willie Nelson version, and not the version well known by Mr. Guthrie. If I record “A Day In The Life” and it appears on a website as background music, I hope they cite the Beatles (or Lennon/McCartney) rather than the incedental performer of the actual work.

    I agree with the message, but I always like my messenger to have a reasonable amount of integrity.

    Note: The fact that they probably used the song mainly because it has the world “levee” in it, also bothers me, but the song is about loss of life, and music, both of which are now, sadly, linked when thinking about New Orleans, so in the end I’ll allow it.

    I may agree with the message, but when the messenger gets their (other) facts wrong, I lose interest in the main thought they are promoting.

  4. Daniel says:

    The site said that the song was The Day the Music Died so that was the name I used. I do know it is American Pie because I have the song on a number of CDs that I have purchased. I just couldn’t remember the correct name when I was posting my comment and used what the site said.

  5. RTVF says:

    Just for the record, though the most popular version of “The City of New Orleans” is by Arlo, the song was actually written by Steve Goodman. This is the same Steve Goodman who wrote David Allen Coe’s famous “You Never Even Call me by my Name (The Perfect Country and Western Song)”


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