South Koreans may look at their mobile phones with some trepidation in the new year because prosecutors will start telling people they have been indicted via text messages, an official said Monday.

In a country where about 75 percent of the population carries mobile phones, prosecutors felt it was time to move away from sending legal notices on paper and send them electronically instead, said Lee Young-pyo, an administrative official.

Other notices that will be sent by text messages include information on fines and penalties.

It’s easier, now, isn’t it — having machines tell you what to do? Do not pass GO! Go to JAIL!

  1. Rob says:

    I actully like this idea better. Mail gets lost and it is sooooo last century anyway.

    This is one area where I can see tech doing good.

    Before the rest of you jump on me about a message not getting through or getting mixed up with someone else’s phone please remember the current mail system and how full of holes IT is.

  2. Dvorak reader says:

    North Korea just got rid of toilet paper. Actually they ran out of it, so everybody is now using North Korean money for their private business.
    North Korea is spending big money on weapons to prevent being invaded. They have a booming tourism business. It seems like a great place to visit and a lousy place to live. Bring your own toilet paper or you may be wiping your ass with your tourist map. Be sure to try the stone soup, a local favorite. It’s lo-cal.

  3. Paul R. Moore says:

    I feel this is ridiculous. I work for the U.S. Postal Service, and am very familiar with the different types of mail services. Something as serious as an indictment should not be sent via electronic messaging. Tracking services are available, and I certainly wouldn’t want a bench warrant issued for my arrest because of an electronic failure. South Korea, maybe, but if I’m ever a defendant I’d certainly like to be notified with something I can take to court that someone has hand-signed.


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