MSNBC – Feb. 1, 2006:

New episodes of the popular “Survivor” reality television series will be made available for download directly from CBS’s Web site for $1.99 per episode, a first in network TV, the company said Wednesday.

Its latest plans gives the television network an option to use its own online properties to distribute shows rather than relying on other companies such as Internet company Google or Apple Computer Inc.’s popular iTunes service.

Update: According to Market Watch, CBS is in talks with Apple to distribute its shows on iTunes.

  1. Scott says:

    let’s not forget google pack!

  2. david says:

    Remember: the most successful are the ones that have failed the most. Babe Ruth was the homerun king, but he was also the strikeout queen.

  3. Gregory says:

    I use Froogle to check out prices quite a lot actually. It’s very useful.

    Lost of people I know do as well. It’s perfect for “shopping around” online.

    Google Video will have it’s day, it’s just not today. They need a good UI designer working on it. Atm it’s like a programmers fun project.

  4. Incognito says:

    People always crack me up talking about google is going to make a UI. As if anything they’ve designed that actually takes effort looked beautiful and was that complicated.

    Google entered the world of business talking lots of smack about being the common man’s business and had their lax rules.

    They got their ass kicked two days back on earnings and lost a lot of money on their stock. Going from 430 to 380 once the news hit.

    Seems they have some measuring up to do.

  5. raindog says:

    My partner and I used Froogle extensively to do our xmas shopping this year. I find it invaluable now that Pricewatch has become a largely useless advertisement for no-name non-English-speaking fly-by-night outfits who’ve learned to spam Pricewatch’s search.

    Not only that, but Froogle covers non-tech products from non-tech vendors, and its price parsing is right on about 95% of the time now.

    Anyway, it wouldn’t be Web 2.0 if it didn’t say “Beta” on it…

  6. Pat says:

    Any recording exec can tell you that not every record will be a hit. Any auto maker can tell you that not every car is a hit. Any software company can tell you that not all software is a hit. Maybe Google needs some fine tuning to make a market. Maybe people just aren’t all that interested in buying last year’s Survivor Guatemala.

  7. Mike Voice says:

    Update: According to Market Watch, CBS is in talks with Apple to distribute its shows on iTunes.

    I was wondering why CBS would be wanting to invest in all the infrastructure needed to sell downloadable videos.

    Like ’em or not, Apple has been beta-testing this concept for years via their Quicktime movie trailer site, followed by the [use ta bee] free music videos on iTunes.

    Now they are selling music videos and TV shows on the iTMS.

    Why try and duplicate that effort/investment for an individual networks shows, when it is probably only profitable when a broader range of programing is offered on a given site?


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