Only photo in wide distribution. Where is the passenger side door to this car???

Note hand grip to passenger side door (A). See the red no parking curb (B). Note pavement (C). Does this make sense to you if she is driving?

At least one of the pictures supposedly showing Britney Spears driving around with a baby in her lap clearly show the right (passenger side) door to be open and the car likely parked or part of a Photoshop job.

This entire story appears to be created out of nothing. Only a scant few of the reports have any of the pictures. X17, the Canadian picture agency (with the photos) tells a warped story, the Britney quotes about the incident may be part of a fabrication too. The problem I have it is that the news media outlets just went with this defamation with what looks like no evidence or reporting at all.

Even the Jon Stewart Show, which is cynical about these things, ran one of the pics to ridicule the woman.

The media as a whole used the incidents to run pics of Britney.

run down of reports:
Times of India. No picture of her driving with baby. Instead this newspaper runs hot photos of her on stage.

MSNBC. No pic here either, instead a pic of her and husband in a runway stock shot

Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel — No pic whatsoever, but a nice cynical headline, “Mother of the Year.”

USA Today, no pics here either, just as pic of smiling Britney and the caption, “What was she thinking?”

Mirror (UK) — Shows a pretty pic of Britney standing around.

You can go through a hundred sites and this is the typical way of handling it. Moan and groan then run some hot pics of Britney.

Sky runs a pic of Britney and the baby, but never ntoices that something is weird about the picture.

Then there is this article in the Ledger which discusses the whole incident with X17’s owner and the photographer who took the picture George Spaly. Listen to this explanation:

Britney asked George not to take pictures of her and the baby at the Starbuck’s and he agreed. In fact, on this particular afternoon at 1 p.m., it was so quiet that another bodyguard following in a car behind Britney’s left shortly after arriving at the Starbuck’s.”


Once Britney and her bodyguards had their drinks, she reportedly switched seats with one bodyguard and drove off with Sean Preston plopped in her lap.

“She had her right hand on the wheel and her other hand apparently holding her kid. That’s when George started shooting. He kept a respectable distance.”

How does this explain the picture of her seated with the bodyguard on the phone and the door open?

Again the only picture that accompanies the artilce is a sultry stock shot of Spears.

The National Enquirer Online, normally a buyer of such photos, mentions the incident in passing and ask readers what they think of it. There is a stock photo of Britney’s smiling face.

X17 problems, MSNBC had a story about Britney’s previous run ins with X17 here.

And let’s not forget the hoax regarding this woman last February when she supposed posed nude for Playboy and did not.

There may be other more conclusive photos, but the one above is not it. And I’d be suspicious of Photoshop at work to make any of these pics look better. The message here is that running stories like this with photos that do not prove anything along with quotes from the PR machine which are massaged to death; then running the item as news with hot pics of Britney to get attention is a pathetic indictment of the newspaper business in the information age.

  1. I belive she admited to doing it, she said she was tring to excape from the photogrophers at the time.

  2. Sorry John I have to disagree here. As posted by someone on my site ( ) it appears thats just a lucky straight and level shot through the window and youre just not seeing the door. shows 3 shots. The first being the one you are commenting on, the others the angles are slightly different and you can still barely see the door. And in all 3 you can see the bodyguards head.

  3. meetsy says:

    OH MY GOD…..she’s driving a baby around with no passenger side door…that makes it even more dangerous!!!

  4. RonD says:

    It appears to me that arrow “C” points to a line that is parallel to top edge of the driver’s side door. I think that line is the top edge of the passenger side door. Below that line is the inside side panel of the passenger side door. Above that line is the pavement.

  5. I believe the the Britney Spears guide to physics could come in handy here.

  6. Pat says:


    I would have never noticed this unless John pointed it out.

    Your pictures at
    are fake. All you need to do is check out the second picture. Where did the side mirror come from. It should show up in picture #1, the one John posted.

    If you look in picture #1, there appears to be a sun roof just above the passenger handle. Though, if you look in picture #3, there is no sun roof visible. Now, go back to #1, if you look at what is visible through the “sun roof”, it is the exact same shade and consistency as what is visible through the window. Ever seen a sun roof that wasn’t tinted? What appears to be a frame above the door, is actually the top of the door with the car sitting in the shade.

    The background in #1 appears to be more out of focus then moving, but might be movement.. Now check out #2 and especially #3. The back ground is not moving! Furthermore, the background in #2 resembles #1 an awful lot. If the car was moving, why is the background the same? The background in #3 is different, BUT, because of the angle, might possibly still be be the same location.

    I’m convinced, the car didn’t move, and the photographer moved slightly.

    John, my congratulations on pointing these inconsistencies out.

  7. RTaylor says:

    John needs a white rumpled suit and a Georgia accent to present this to the jury. I spent my toddler years in the 1950’s standing beside my mother in a old Plymouth with a metal dash. She thought by throwing her arm up that she could instantly protect me from any threat. Decades later, up until she died she still had that reflex in a car. Before the younger generation screams, there was no child car seats then and nobody wore seat belts. First thing you did was buckle them and stuff them down the seat cushions. I’m not advocating that today, just old fart talk.

  8. Mike Voice says:

    I find it interesting to look at the two handles – the one on Britney’s side of the vehicle [just above her fingers], and the one on the passenger side [which John labeled “A”].

    If this were just a lucky straight and level shot through the window then the handle on Britney’s side would be level with the one labeled “A” [but “A” would appear to be smaller, due to perspective]

    Since the handle on Britney’s side appears to be higher than “A” – I get the impression the photographer took this picture from below level [looking up toward the car] – or else the top of the car was leaning away from the photographer [grin].

    Another thing to remember about photography is how a telephoto lens will give the illusion the background is closer than it really is. There is no telling how far away that red curb is from her vehicle, or if the ground is flat on the passenger side – especially if the paparazzi is using a zoom/telephoto lens.

    An example of this is in the Wiki entry for “Perspective Distortion (caused by camera to subject distance)”. They show 4 pictures of the same yellow sculpture, and the background varies with the lens used and camera distance from the subject.

    If anybody was really interested in this, they would print the picture of Britney and take it out to the nearest parked car – and determine for themselves where their head would have to be to get a similar point of view. 🙂

  9. gquaglia says:

    Who cares, She is nothing but a washed up hoe. Her career is probably over anyway. Counting the days until she does a playboy spread to revive her career.

  10. Pat says:


    I agree that her career might be finished. But what a ride, and what a good nest egg. Good management too, with investments. I couldn’t care if she ever does another tour or CD either. She just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    What I do care about is the calling her a “hoe”. Just because you don’t like her. I don’t know why you would do that. Maybe it is because you have so little self esteem that you have an overwhelming urge to denigrate others. Did you feel better after that? Do you feel better now that I’m calling you a small minded bigot? Brother, you’ll never get a date with an attitude like that.

  11. joshua says:

    she apologised today for doing it…..guess that kind of ends this debate.

  12. site admin says:

    Did you actually SEE her apologize? I wonder about that too.

  13. vortec42 says:

    Ok assuming this is not fabricated… I don’t understand the excuse “I was trying to escape the photographers” – were they trying to physically attack herself or her kid? I don’t see how getting pictures taken of you is threatening. Of course, I am not photogenic enough to take pictures of so I wouldn’t understand. (and she is?)

  14. Brent Wagner says:

    The sooner we start ignoring these people the sooner they will go away.There are more important things to talk about. Like the Bat Boy from The Weekly World News. Is it real or did someone photoshop some big hairy ears onto a pic of some unfortunately homely and rightfully angry child?

    Sometimes we cull ourselves sometimes we need to be culled.I don’t think Darwin foresaw anything like this

  15. Andrew says:

    Britney Spears: ‘I Made a Mistake’ — from MSN

    LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears has taken responsibility — well, some of it — for driving with her baby son, Sean Preston, sitting in her lap.

    “I made a mistake and so it is what it is, I guess,” Spears tells “Access Hollywood” in an interview that was to air Thursday.

    Several photos published Tuesday showed Spears driving her sport utility vehicle in Malibu, Calif., with her 4-month-old son perched on her lap rather than strapped into a car seat in the back seat.

    The 24-year-old pop star said she did it because of a “horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi.”


    So it apperas as if the door removal was photoshoped, but everything else is quite real. (minus some…err… not visible parts :P)

  16. Andrew says:

    who gives a damn, we should stop giving her attention so that she can go back to the trailer park where she belongs

  17. rob says:

    am i the only 1 who is seeing a door it is gray/silver color look @ the steering wheel it’s the same color i see a door and the mirror is just not in view due to the angle of the camera

  18. awh says:

    Maybe you should just admit you’re wrong.

  19. Peter iNova says:

    I’m stunned to see that so many very well versed observers can get this so-called visual analysis of the images so very screwed up. The shots don’t seem to have been “faked” in any way. Nothing seems to have been augmented at all. When you FAKE a picture, it’s for some Very Good Reason, not just to adjust car structure. None of the released photos show car structure inconsistencies, moving mirrors or implausible backgrounds.

    The backgrounds are consistent with shooting a vehicle that has moved far enough to bring other landscape into view, the curb placement is consistent with Malibu’s topography and the mirror positions make optical sense when the camera to car distance (not a constant) is in flux.

    What GAIN would someone get from adjusting the image? Wasn’t the kid in her lap for real? She thinks so. Geez.

  20. Crystal says:

    Man, briney does need to go back to the parks! if she thinks just gettin pregnent is gonna keep kevin, she’s got another thing comin!. if the damn basterd didnt take care of his own kids, then why did she get get ficked up? i mean damn. hello real life is here for her and she needs to realize it!

  21. victory says:

    me parece muy estupido no saber que un bebe no se puede llevar en la falda cuando estas manejando al chocar en el impacto el bebe puede dar su debil cabezita contra el volante y puede ocurrir una desgracia britney media pila

  22. Ernesto says:

    Britney Spears…. why does her records sell?
    cause i dont know of any1 who likes her… (and i bet alot of male PP user would agree with me that she only worth one
    *beep*…. thats it…. not even two) so how is she still a “star”?

  23. TOM says:

    big breast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  24. diva says:

    i think that u should all give the woman a brek and let her be…….she is trying her utmost best to be a good mother and we should trry to recognise that fact.

  25. elena says:

    she is sooo dumm how can she do that to her child and plus she is such a drunky…

  26. megan Jones says:

    Britney spear should not have her kids because she [party all the time and never stay home with her kids Kevin should take the kids away from britney she is a bad horrible mother. She shouldn’t have drive the fucking car while her baby is on her fucking lap she can go to prison for that and hurt her baby so bad hey britney what if you get in a wreck your son will die in your arm Grow the fuck up britney and be a fucking mom

  27. Ramtin says:

    i love u britney

  28. latiska says:

    whats on your mine i no u not let this shit get u down now that u then cut all your hair off now what did that do for u gril get it to togather for yur kids they come frist u think baby driving not [good] do u think befor u do kids are he best thing to have so can u just love them an stop thinking ever thing is about uuuuu get it to gather kid stop the [bs] shit happen time hard but u got u can change that keep your headup

  29. Good point… there is clearly some photo manipulation that took place here (unless she’s driving only half of a car.)
    I guess the press has free reign to manipulate images in order to produce more shock value.


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