1. rus62 says:

    I noticed the steering wheel on the cars are opposite one another or was the little one really driving? Great video.

  2. Puttanun says:


  3. Jim says:

    Does anyone else think this is a British video?

    -Look at “Cheif Wiggum”
    -The steering wheel on the right side of “Marge’s” car (I know “Homer” is on the left side, but it could be a reverse angle)
    – The countryside “Marge” and “Maggie” are driving in
    – The single lane road “Marge” and “Maggie” are driving on
    – The buildings “Bart” skateboards in front of
    – The school building looks a lot more like a boarding school
    – The license plates of the cars

  4. Gregory says:

    IT could be british, but speaking as a brit – the school building looks likea lot of US schools I’ve seen as well.

    However the rest is a good point. Of course it could also be an international effort… you never know.

  5. Joe says:

    Sources (Brits on other forums) have said this is a British-made intro to promote the Simpsons airing in Britain. It’s a great little clip; I think they got the music teacher dead-on.

  6. Jason says:

    There a few other things that should be noted as well that makes this a very lousey real life version:

    1) Homer has a lot of hair on him!
    2) Marge’s hair isn’t blue and standing straight up
    3) You don’t see the error message when Maggie is registered through the cash register
    4) You don’t see Bart catching the glowing rod while he’s skating down the road
    5) Maggie was cut scene edited in to the couch, in a very obvious way!

    Very weak if this really took over a year as some suggested.

  7. david says:

    Talking about how “real” this video was, I came across an episode of The Simpson’s that was one of my two favorite I’ve ever seen (the other one was when Bart’s sister did a class project of growing something in a cup and it evolved into a high-tech society that finally was able to invent a machine to fly out of their cup world and greet their creator with reverence and humility). Anyway that episode was a 3-D version of the cartoon. If I remember correctly, Homer Simpson had gone through his living room wall to enter into another dimension…

    There is genius behind that show.

  8. NumLock says:

    It was a commerical for new Simpsons episodes in England, I believe.

  9. GregAllen says:

    >>It was a commerical for new Simpsons episodes in England, I believe.

    it had to be something like that because the production values are way-too-high to be a home-spun video blog.


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