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We already use RPV’s to kill people, why not everybody else?

Flying robot attack ‘unstoppable’: experts

It may sound like science fiction, but the prospect that suicide bombers and hijackers could be made redundant by flying robots is a real one, according to experts.

“We are observing an increasing threat from such things as remote-controlled aircraft used as small flying bombs against soft targets,” the head of the Canadian secret services, Michel Gauthier, said at a conference in Calgary recently.

On a related note, Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV’s) have been around for a while, will we ever let them kill on their own?.

  1. ECA says:

    only problems with this is making a decent one that can carry a payload.
    Fine you can buy most of the parts, but finding a decent engine is a PAIN.
    then try to control one, and find a channel to broadcast on that ISNT overwhelmed with other traffic.
    Even if you used digital controls, putting up a static curtain can kill the reception, and isnt hard. Ask anyone with a Generator with a loose wire. Or a car without resistor protection…(that little popping noise on your radio.)
    WHy do we consider EVERYONe has the same tech we do?? its stupid.
    I knife or rock can kill someone as easy as a gun. And those we are fighting would rather be CLOSE then far away.. Look at 9/11, a few folks with razors took over airplanes, and the passengers Either didnt know, or didnt care or were to chicken to DO ANYTHING.

  2. NumLock says:

    Now lets link them all to a global supercomputer. I saw it in a movie once, everything turned out pretty good.

  3. Gary Marks says:

    Remote-controlled tiny helicopters may not be detectable by radar, but America already has a crack army of sharpshooting quail hunters to protect us. Dick Cheney can pick a tiny helicopter off at 30 yards, assuming no old man jumps in to block his shot.

  4. joshua says:

    #1….ECA…..the passengers in the first 3 planes knew they were being hijacked. Thanks to cell phones, we know that people who did try to stop them were slashed or had their throats cut. They were told to be calm, it was a hijacking and no one else would be hurt. No one on the twin towers or the pentagon planes knew anything different. But flight 93 did….they knew, thanks to cell phones what had happned to the other 3 planes and they fought back. They almost succeeded, but in a way they did succeed…..their plane didn’t hit it’s target.

  5. Brian says:

    And a suicidal flying robot is different from a missle how?


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