German optician Stephanie Berndt shows off a soccer ball contact lens in Munich. The lens is paired with a German flag lens in a set that sells for $54.

By the time the World Cup comes to an end, my wife says my eyes will look this on their own.

  1. piako says:

    Does that mean you kick her eyeball? 😀 Just playing. Yeah so that’s kinda odd. Hope they are safe. :rolleyes:

  2. Dale Huber says:

    Let me say it first for all of us here in the U.S. “World Cup, yawn!”

    NBA and NHL playoffs, MLB regular season, watching paint dry, anything is better.

  3. moss says:

    Ah, yes. All those “World” championships that involve 2 countries max..

    Same old, same old.

  4. Eideard says:

    Try not to get too far OT, folks. I give John the willies often enough — when I find images like this.

  5. Dale Huber says:

    Sorry Moss, let me add Wimbledon Final same day as World Cub Final. That involves all countries.

    I never knew the NBA Finals or Stanley Cub Finals had the word World in it. The comment was directed at how most of us here don’t care. Not that we don’t understand, or haven’t tried to watch. We have and we are bored. I don’t mind a one to nil game. Just find a way so the games shots on goal aren’t one to nil as well.

    Oh, and the clock counting up thing (not to mention that the game doesn’t even end when the clock gets there), drives us crazy.

  6. moss says:

    Last Wimbledon Men’s Cup Final had a TV audience — mostly in the Western world — of 12 million.

    2005 Super Bowl audience was 93 million — 90% in the USA.

    Projection for this year’s World Cup Final is a global audience over 1 billion.

  7. moss says:

    Oh, and the first football match I went to was 1971. Didn’t even take me till the end of the match to figure out the clock.

  8. Angel H. Wong says:

    Try Aussie/NZ football, MUCH more brutal that american football but without the kevlar armor *evil grin*

  9. Eideard says:

    Actually, involvement in soccer for me started with trying to build programs for lifetime sports for schoolkids. The cost of some of the “traditional” US sports can be prohibitive per person. You want to outfit a high school football team + subs + insurance, you could build a new wing for a school. And after graduation, unless someone gets a college scholarship, they don’t play anymore.

    On the other hand, softball and soccer are team sports that keep folks involved for decades. Individual sports like tennis, swimming, golf, hiking/backpacking, racquetball/squash, keep individuals focused on allocating a portion of recreational time for fitness.

    So, fighting to change priorities to affordable and sensible, I picked up a few new sports skills I enjoyed for a few extra decades. And wandered into becoming a soccer fan mostly because of the strategy and tactics of the sport.

  10. Bret Curry says:

    I know a hell of alot of people in the US that are very excited about the World Cup. For alot of us in America soccer means as much to us as anybody else in the world and if you took more than 2 seconds to understand the athleticism and passion that goes into playing professional soccer then you would see what the world cup means. Watching baseball is a step off from watching paint dry, and if you enjoy basketball and hockey then the sport of soccer should appeal to you. Sorry that the games don’t end in 104-130 scores.

  11. James says:

    Though national teams don’t play in MLB, I think it’s reasonable to call the championship a World Series; perhaps it was not so in the past, but take a look at the multinational breakdown of players in the leagues. The best players in the world play in the MLB. They only are “US” players because that’s where the guy that pays them lives.

  12. Ignacio says:

    Here in Spain my eyes will be in that shape, too. We love the game and if some can’t undestand it try to go to a live match, then they will undestand it.

  13. Anonymous says:
  14. Paula says:

    These are the coolest contact lenses. Wish they were available online.


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